The Best Heated Socks of 2023

When the temperature dips, the best heated socks keep your feet cozy and warm. Use them in winter for skiing, hiking, camping, and working outdoors as well as to relieve symptoms of arthritis and Raynaud’s syndrome.

By Carol Benton | Updated Nov 7, 2023 10:13 AM

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A person using a remote to adjust the best heated socks while their foot is in a ski boot.


Outdoor activities in cold weather pose challenges for both safety and comfort. That’s why it’s imperative to wear optimal clothing. Heated socks contain battery-powered heating wires in the instep, forefoot, and toe areas to keep feet warm in frigid conditions, unlike regular socks.

They’re ideal for winter sports such as skiing, hiking, ice fishing, and more. Additionally, heated socks meet the cold-weather needs of those who work on farms and ranches, construction jobs, and other outdoor areas. People who experience pain and stiffness from arthritis or chronically cold extremities due to circulation problems also benefit from wearing heated socks. The best heated socks provide relief from the effects of Raynaud’s syndrome as well.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Snow Deer Rechargeable  Electric Heated Socks
  2. RUNNER-UP: Sun Will Heated Socks
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Black Squid Rechargeable Heated Socks
  4. BEST FOR SKIING AND HIKING: Dr.warm Wireless Heated Socks
  5. MOST COMFORTABLE: Savior Heat Heated Socks
  6. BEST BATTERY LIFE: Gobi Heat Tread Heated Socks
  7. BEST REMOTE-CONTROL: Velazzio Heated Socks
  8. BEST COMPRESSION-FIT: Day Wolf Heated Socks With Rechargeable Battery
A person taking their foot out of a ski boot in a snowy setting while wearing Gobi heat tread heated socks.


How We Chose the Best Heated Socks

After consulting numerous expert sources online and carefully perusing the product descriptions for multiple options, we assembled our list of recommendations for the best electric heated socks to complement any current heated jackets, vests, and gloves. We focused on the best rechargeable heated socks, as the convenience of rechargeable batteries contributes to the value of the heating socks. Battery life and remote-control features came to the forefront of our investigation as well.

Additionally, we considered the materials that go into the battery-heated socks for cold feet. We gave preference to products made from stretchy, breathable, and moisture-wicking materials, as these qualities contribute to comfort. We also considered the durability of electric socks with extra built-in padding, as these provide comfort for the wearer over longer periods of time.

Our Top Picks

Considering high-quality materials and desirable features for heated socks made by reliable manufacturers, we assembled our list of top picks. Read on to discover our recommendations for those with cold feet.

Best Overall

The Snow Deer Rechargeable Electric Heated Socks on a white background.

Time spent outdoors in cold weather is more pleasant with these heated socks from Snow Deer. They’re ideal for winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, hunting, cycling, fishing, hiking, camping, and more. The infrared heating elements cover the entire front area of the foot to provide warmth and stimulate circulation.

Choose your desired heating level from among three heat settings: high, middle, and low. The 7.4-volt lithium-ion polymer batteries on these Snow Deer heated socks last from 2.5 hours up to 6 hours. You can recharge the batteries in 3 to 4 hours.

These Snow Deer heated socks are suitable for both men and women; select from four size options: small, medium, large, and extra large. Additionally, the breathable fabric is absorbent and quick drying. Extra padding is included in the heel and the toe for durability and comfort.

Product Specs

  • Materials: 55 percent CoolMax (polyester), 25 percent elastic, and 20 percent spandex
  • Battery type: Rechargeable 7.4-volt 2200-milliamp-hour lithium-ion polymer
  • Maximum temperature: 130 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Rechargeable batteries get back to full power in just a few hours
  • Moisture-wicking, breathable material that stays comfortable during activity
  • 3 heat settings match changing body temperature and weather conditions
  • Reinforced and padded heel and toe provide all-day comfort


  • Does not feature remote-control operation
  • Battery life is not as long as some other options

Get the Snow Deer heated socks at Amazon.


The Sun Will Heated Socks on a white background with illustrated red, orange, and yellow arrows pointing up to signify radiating heat.

For a top pick that is reliable enough to last for years to come, rely on the Sun Will heated socks. These magical foot friends are made with a 7.4-volt rechargeable battery pack that provides plenty of warmth with an infrared heating element for camping, skiing, hockey, hunting, and other outdoor activities. Coming in four sizes, these socks are made with 80 percent cotton, 12 percent polyester, and 8 percent elastane material and can also be used for increased circulation, Raynaud’s syndrome, arthritis, and stiff joints.

The socks should be able to keep feet warm for 3 to 8 hours after a 3- to 4-hour charge, heating up in just 30 seconds. Plus, these quick-drying battery-heated socks have a controller LED light that glows red when in a high temperature setting, white for a medium temperature setting, and blue for a low temperature feel. Finally, this top pick has a battery pack protection pocket to prevent it from getting damaged or wet.

Product Specs

  • Materials: Cotton, polyester, and elastane
  • Battery type: Rechargeable 7.4-volt 2,200-milliamp-hour lithium-ion
  • Maximum temperature: 130 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Quickly heats up in just 30 seconds and has 3 different temperature settings
  • Comes in 4 sizes to accommodate multiple users; also works for foot and ankle ailments
  • Can keep feet warm for 3 to 8 hours for skiing, hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities
  • LED light alerts the wearer to the temperature setting currently in use


  • Cotton material is not as water-resistant as other materials

Get the Sun Will heated socks at Amazon.

Best Bang For The Buck

A box and pair of Black Squid Rechargeable Heated Socks with red, yellow, and orange arrows pointing up to signify heat

Those on a budget will want to take a look at the Black Squid rechargeable heated socks. The cost-effective socks have three heat settings (low, medium, and high) for keeping feet warm at temperatures ranging from 104 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. These upgraded battery-heated socks are made to last for 4 to 9 hours of runtime after a 4-hour charge, which is plenty of time for hockey, skiing, camping, and hiking.

Plus, these socks are made with soft cotton and spandex for a breathable feel, have an integrated pocket for the battery pack, and both can be charged simultaneously with a single USB charger.

Product Specs

  • Materials: Cotton and spandex
  • Battery type: Rechargeable 4,000-milliamp-hour lithium-ion
  • Maximum temperature: 140 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Comes with 3 integrated heat settings with temperatures ranging from 104 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Last for 4 to 9 hours of use; only take 4 hours to fully charge
  • Light cotton and spandex texture is ideal for those who want a breathable feel
  • Both socks can be charged simultaneously with a single USB charger


  • Some users have found these socks unreliable at times

Get the Black Squid heated socks at Amazon.

Best for Skiing and Hiking

The Dr.warm Wireless Heated Socks with an illustration of flames and a remote.

Dr.warm heated socks work well under ski boots and other boots intended for winter work and play in cold temperatures. The thickness of the fabric (almost 0.125 inch) contributes to their comfort while helping to retain the heat. Additionally, the tall height of the socks facilitates wearing them with boots.

After a 4-hour charging time, the lithium batteries will deliver warmth for 3.5 to 11 hours. Use the remote control to select from low-, medium-, and high-heat settings ranging from 113 degrees to 167 degrees Fahrenheit.

The heating membrane wraps around the foot’s instep and toes to deliver soothing warmth where needed. In addition to their usefulness for skiing, hiking, fishing, hunting, and working outdoors, Dr.warm heated socks benefit people with arthritic joints and Raynaud’s syndrome.

Product Specs

  • Materials: Cotton, acrylic, nylon, and spandex
  • Battery type: Rechargeable 7.4-volt 2,600-milliamp-hour lithium-ion
  • Maximum temperature: 167 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Remote control for easy adjustment without fussing to get under layers of clothing
  • Extra-thick material adds to comfort with ample softness and insulation
  • Machine washable for easy care; includes remote control to adjust heat settings
  • Maximum temperature is higher than other options, reaching up to 167 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Battery life is not as long as some other options; requires more frequent charging

Get the Dr.warm heated socks at Amazon or My Cooling Store.

Most Comfortable

The Savior Heat Heated Socks with an illustration of flame-like arrows pointing up to mimic heat.

Utilizing a fabric blend of CoolMax polyester, elastic, and spandex, these socks from Savior Heat stay in place without slipping. Moreover, the company recently increased the softness of the electrical wires by 10 percent to ensure a comfortable wearing experience.

It takes only 4 hours to recharge the batteries in these heated socks. Then, the infrared-fiber heating elements will begin to deliver soothing heat in just a few seconds. Choose a low-, medium-, or high-heat setting to enjoy warmth ranging from 95 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

These long socks extend up over the calf area, making them ideal to wear with winter boots. Use them for cold-weather outdoor sports or simply when walking the dog. Savior Heat socks are especially helpful for people with poor circulation or arthritis.

Product Specs

  • Materials: 80 percent cotton, 12 percent polyester, 8 percent CoolMax elastane
  • Battery type: Rechargeable 7.4-volt 2,200-milliamp-hour lithium-ion
  • Maximum temperature: 150 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Padded and reinforced heel and toe increase durability
  • Battery recharging takes 4 hours with dual charger to charge both socks at once
  • Nonslip fabric keeps socks from bunching at the heel or around the ankle
  • Soft electrical wires increase wearing comfort


  • Does not feature remote-control operation

Get the Savior Heat heated socks at Amazon, Walmart, or Savior Gloves.

Best Battery Life

The Gobi Heat Tread Heated Socks on a white background.

Whether for long days working outdoors or hitting the ski slopes, the batteries in Gobi Heat heated socks will deliver heat for up to 12 hours. Alternatively, they provide overnight warmth for winter campers or for people with poor circulation or arthritis.

Use the wireless remote control to select from among low-, medium-, and high-heat settings. The steel fibers embedded in the 100 percent cotton socks deliver heat in just 30 seconds. In addition to the breathable cotton fabric, these socks feature mesh areas for enhanced breathability. They’re available in three attractive color combinations.

The rechargeable lithium-ion polymer batteries feature an ultra-slim, compact design and recharge in 3 to 4 hours.

Product Specs

  • Materials: 100 percent cotton
  • Battery type: Rechargeable 2,400 milliamp-hour lithium-ion polymer
  • Maximum temperature: 140 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Wireless remote control operation makes for easy temperature adjustments
  • Breathable material stays dry even on sweaty feet
  • Embedded steel fiber technology delivers heat in only 30 seconds


  • More expensive than other heated sock options

Get the Gobi Heat heated socks at Gobi Heat or Amazon.

Best Remote-Control

The Velazzio Heated Socks with red arrows pointing up to mimic heat as well as a remote and carrying case.

Pair the batteries with the remote to moderate the temperature of Velazzio heated socks using the compact remote control. Lights on the remote device indicate the temperature settings. The red light indicates a high-heat output (up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit), the green light indicates medium heat (up to 135 degrees Fahrenheit), and the blue light indicates low heat (up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit).

The polyester material in these heated socks wicks moisture away from the body. Additionally, the fabric dries quickly if the socks become wet.

Two heating areas in the Velazzio socks surround the instep, the forefoot, and the toes with warmth. Heating is detected within 30 seconds after activating the batteries. On low heat, the batteries last up to 7.5 hours. The medium setting ensures battery operation for up to 6 hours, and when operating on the high-heat setting, the batteries will last up to 4.5 hours.

Product Specs

  • Materials: Polyester
  • Battery type: Rechargeable 3.7-volt 4,000-milliamp-hour lithium-ion
  • Maximum temperature: 150 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Wireless remote operation moderates temperature without effort
  • Heat-indicator lights on the remote provide quick reference for setting
  • Moisture-wicking fabric dries quickly if socks become wet
  • Heating areas surround the forefoot and the instep areas


  • Battery life is not as long as some other options

Get the Velazzio heated socks at Amazon.

Best Compression-Fit

The Day Wolf Heated Socks With Rechargeable Battery with yellow and orange arrows signifying heat.

Day Wolf heated socks offer a compression fit for muscle support and comfort during cold-weather activities. Additionally, they stimulate blood circulation and provide relief for stiff and painful joints.

The polyester elastane material creates a stretchy quality that allows freedom of movement. Moreover, the breathable fabric wicks moisture away from the body. As an added bonus, the socks feature ergonomically knitted padding for the heels and toes.

The infrared heating elements cover the entire forefoot area of these socks. Therefore, both the sole of the foot and the toes receive soothing warmth from the hidden wires that are sewn into the fabric. For extended use, the rechargeable batteries last up to 13 hours when fully charged.

Product Specs

  • Materials: 92 percent polyester and 8 percent elastane
  • Battery type: Rechargeable 7.4-volt 2,200-milliamp-hour lithium-ion
  • Maximum temperature: 131 degrees Fahrenheit


  • Moisture-wicking material helps keep feet dry
  • Extra padding for the heels and toes adds to comfort during all-day wear
  • Long battery life provides double the wear time of several other options
  • Hidden heating wires cover the forefoot area to warm both the sole and toes


  • Does not feature remote-control operation

Get the Day Wolf heated socks at Amazon or Day Wolf.

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What to Consider When Choosing Heated Socks

Heated socks fill the need for warming people’s feet in a variety of situations. However, shoppers searching for the best heated socks as they prepare for winter skiing, hunting, or working outdoors—or for soothing arthritic joints—may agree on a list of commonly desirable features. These features focus on several considerations, including the materials, comfort, fit, and intended use for the electric socks. Additionally, you might consider battery life and the remote-control capabilities that make heated socks functional and convenient to wear.

Material and Warmth

Wool socks and thick, insulated socks constitute reliable footwear for cold weather. But heated socks go a step beyond regular socks in producing warmth. They radiate heat by way of battery-powered heating elements sewn into the socks.

Generally, the heating wires surround the instep, the forefoot, and the toe areas of heated socks. They are powered by small, slender batteries placed in pockets near the tops of the socks. When they’re connected to the heating wires and activated, the batteries power the radiant heating process.

Manufacturers use a variety of blended materials to produce soft and warm socks that conform to the foot, ankle, and lower leg without slipping down. These materials include cotton, wool, polyester, elastane, spandex, and nylon.

Comfort and Fit

Heated socks for women and men are available in a range of sizes. Shoppers might look for heated socks that stretch to achieve the most desirable fit. These socks include elastic, elastane, and spandex blended with other materials such as cotton, wool, and polyester. The stretchy socks will enhance the fit by conforming to the contours of the user’s feet, ankles, and lower legs.

For comfort, many heated socks include extra padding in the heel and toe areas. Additionally, the thick socks hold in the heat for comfort in cold weather.

Breathability and moisture wicking are additional features that add to the comfort of heated socks. For controlling foot perspiration during use, the material in some heated socks wicks moisture away from the body. Additionally, materials designated as “breathable” allow moisture to escape during wear.

Activity and Intended Use 

Like gloves, heated socks provide warmth for users engaged in a plethora of cold-weather activities. These include winter sports such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, fishing, and hunting. When the mercury dips, heated socks are also useful for simple activities such as shoveling snow or walking the dog.

On the other hand, heated socks are an ideal choice for anyone engaged in cold-weather outdoor work. Examples include ranching, farming, construction, logging, and landscaping to name a few. For those who work outdoors for hours in frigid temperatures, heated socks provide comfort and protection.

People who experience poor circulation in their lower extremities find relief with heated socks. They soothe the pain and stiffness of arthritis and Raynaud’s syndrome, a disorder in which blood supply to the extremities is limited. Users might wear heated socks during the day, but they’re also useful when worn in bed for a comfortable night’s sleep.

Battery Life

Manufacturers include batteries with their heated socks. In most cases, these are rechargeable lithium ion–type batteries. Heating elements in the socks will produce warmth as long as the batteries continue to operate. When a battery’s charge fades, the heating function subsides.

Heated socks differ in their projected battery life, as various manufacturers offer different types of batteries. In general, batteries may last up to 12 hours when operated on a low-heat setting and only 3.5 hours when working at a high-heat capacity. Shoppers might take note of the battery life advertised for individual heated-sock options.

When heated socks operate on low-heat settings, their batteries demonstrate maximum battery life. Alternatively, the use of medium- and high-heat settings results in a commensurately shorter battery life.

Temperature Control

Users will need to control the heat output of heated socks, making adjustments in response to temperature changes and their own comfort needs. Most heated socks offer three temperature settings: high, medium, and low. The maximum heat output ranges from approximately 122 to 149 degrees Fahrenheit.

In some heated socks, the temperature controls are located on the tops of the batteries. Users place the batteries in pockets near the tops of the socks to allow connection with the heating wires. Handy indicator lights on the batteries show that high-, medium-, or low-heat settings are engaged.

On the other hand, some heated socks feature remote control of the temperature output. The remote resembles a small key fob. It may be placed in your pocket or attached to a key chain. Furthermore, a few heated socks available today offer remote control via an app on your phone.

Safety Tips for Using the Best Heated Socks 

It’s wise to consider safety when using any electric-powered products. Therefore, people may wonder if it’s safe to wear heated socks that are battery-powered.

Heated socks are designed to be worn safely, even when wet. A waterproof membrane separates the heating-element wires, making them safe to wear while damp. However, the socks should never be submerged in water while in operation.

Always remove the batteries before laundering heated socks. Some manufacturers indicate that their heated socks are machine washable and others recommend the socks be washed by hand.

When recharging the batteries for heated socks, always use the charger that came with the product. The lithium-ion batteries could overheat, melt, or ignite if they are charged with a charger other than the one included by the manufacturer with the purchase of the socks.

  • Do not submerge the socks in water while they’re operating.
  • Always remove the batteries before laundering the socks.
  • Use the charger that came with the socks.


For many people, heated socks fill a need for warming the feet. Whether it’s for cold-weather sports participation, working outdoors in winter, or providing relief from the discomfort of circulation problems, heated socks may be the answer. Read on for frequently asked questions about the use and care of heated socks.

Q. How do you wash heated socks?

Always remove the batteries before laundering heated socks. Some manufacturers say their heated socks can be machine washed. Hand-washing prevents possible damage to the heating wires. Use mild detergent and cool water.

Q. Can heated socks go in the dryer?

After washing, place heated socks on a flat surface to dry. Or, hang them over a drying rack. Do not tumble dry heated socks in an electric dryer.

Q. Should you wear socks under heated socks?

Many users recommend wearing a thin pair of socks (sock liners) underneath heated socks. However, this is optional.

Q. How long do heated socks stay warm?

Heating duration depends on the life of the batteries in the socks. When operating on a low-temperature output, the batteries will last longer than when they operate on a high setting.

Q. What type of socks are best for cold feet?

Wool socks and padded, insulated socks help to hold in body heat. Battery-powered heated socks offer the additional advantage of radiant heat produced by heating elements sewn into the forefoot and toe areas of the socks.

Q. Can heated socks get wet?

Heated socks may become damp during wear, but you should never submerge heated socks in water while in operation. Remove the batteries before washing the socks.

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