Ocoopa H01 PD Pro: Is It Worth It? We Tested it to Find Out!

Durable, powerful, and hot, the Ocoopa H01 PD Pro is our favorite rechargeable hand warmer of 2023.
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Ocoopa Hand Warmer Review

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Being outdoors in frigid weather can be much more comfortable with a rechargeable hand warmer, and few companies are as conspicuous as Ocoopa when it comes to these accessories. The brand makes dozens of different models, most varying slightly—and sometimes significantly—in terms of design, battery size, and functionality. Recently, Ocoopa released the H01 PD Pro, a 10,000mAh handwarmer plus power bank that the company bills as its most powerful yet.

I spent 3 winter months testing the H01 PD Pro to see if it truly stands up to the company’s claims. I used the H01 PD Pro to warm my hands while hunting and skiing in freezing temperatures, as well as to charge devices during a few weeks of travel. I also subjected it to rigorous at-home testing, including stuffing it in the freezer for several hours while regularly measuring its temperature with an infrared thermometer. The results were impressive—so much so that the H01 PD Pro earned the top spot in our ranking of the best rechargeable hand warmers on the market.

Ocoopa H01 PD Pro Rechargeable Hand Warmer: At a Glance

Ocoopa Hand Warmer Review
Photo: Chase Brush

Rating: 9/10


  • Large battery ensures long hours of warmth as well as power for charging external devices
  • Three settings provide enough heat for activities in very cold weather
  • Added features such as water resistance and USB-C fast charging make it an ideal travel companion


  • Can be uncomfortable to hold with bare hands on higher heat settings
  • Oval shape isn’t uniformly heated, so some spots get hotter than others
  • Design is somewhat bulky compared to similar hand warmers

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What is the Ocoopa H01 PD Pro?

The Ocoopa H01 PD Pro is a multifunctional rechargeable hand warmer that can both heat itself and power external devices. It has a 10,000mAh battery that can last up to 15 hours on the lowest of three heat settings, which range from 95 degrees to 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Equipped with both USB-A and USB-C ports, the H01 PD Pro also boasts fast-charging features like Quick Charge 3.0 and Power Delivery technology, which makes charging both the warmer itself as well as other devices quick and easy.

From what I could gather, the H01 PD Pro is Ocoopa’s newest and most powerful offering, trumping more popular, though smaller, models like the 5,200mAh Ocoopa Classic 118S. It’s also a step up from the H01 PD, featuring the same long battery life and fast-charging features but adding to them an IP45 waterproof rating.

The H01 PD Pro doesn’t only one-up its own siblings, however. When stacked up against some of the best rechargeable hand warmers across the market, this Ocoopa stood out as well, often running longer and hotter during our at-home tests. In fact, the H01 PD Pro was one of the few models tested whose performance met or exceeded its manufacturer’s claims, fluctuating between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit in the freezer over 6 hours on the medium setting.

Ocoopa Hand Warmer Review
Photo: Chase Brush

Is the Ocoopa H01 PD Pro easy to use?

Most rechargeable hand warmers feature a fairly straightforward design, and the Ocoopa H01 PD Pro is no exception. The oval-like shape consists of two heated sides, each covered in smooth silicone and separated by a black rubberized edge. The USB-A and USB-C charging ports are located at the top and covered by a flexible piece of black rubber that protects them from dust and water. There is also a single power button, with three LED lights indicating the heat setting.

Operating the Ocoopa H01 PD Pro is as easy as pressing the power button and cycling through its heat settings. A red light indicates that the device is heating, while blue lights mean it’s providing power to connected devices. Using the device as a power bank is similarly straightforward: Just plug in a charging cable. Unlike some other hand warmers, there are no separate settings to activate in order to power external devices.

In practice, the H01 PD Pro is a joy to use. The device’s rubberized edges make it easy to grip, and the smooth silicone pads on either side conduct heat quickly and easily. It can feel a little heavy compared with other hand warmer models, but that’s mainly because of the large, long-lasting 10,000mAh battery. It also comes with its own soft carry case as well as a USB-C charging cable.

How hot does the Ocoopa H01 PD Pro get?

Perhaps the most important performance metric when it comes to rechargeable hand warmers is heat; after all, a hand warmer is hardly any good if it doesn’t get warm. Most hand warmers in my experience fall short in this area, often struggling to reach the manufacturer’s advertised temperature. Thankfully, the Ocoopa H01 PD Pro proved to be literally hot stuff. Tested inside, it reached an initial 95 degrees Fahrenheit in around a minute, and it took even less time to obtain advertised temperatures at higher settings. Afterward, in the freezer, it fluctuated between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit on the medium setting, which is hotter than any other model tested, and right in line with the manufacturer’s claims.

I also used the H01 PD Pro during various outdoor activities, including fending off the -30-degree-Fahrenheit cold while hunting in the woods one morning. On a few ski trips, I relied on the device to help heat my fingers while on the lift up the mountain. In each instance the H01 PD Pro provided enough warmth—and then some—to keep my hands comfortable.

That’s not to say the H01 PD Pro isn’t without its quirks, however. While I never wished for more heat out of the device, when carrying it in ungloved hands on its highest setting, it was almost too hot to the touch. Also, I noticed the temperature had a tendency to fluctuate, or spike, especially on lower heat settings. And because the two main heating elements are located in the center, the surface temperature isn’t uniform throughout the device. Still, given the choice between these drawbacks and the lukewarm performance of many other models, I definitely prefer the H01 PD Pro.

Ocoopa Hand Warmer Review
Photo: Chase Brush

Does the Ocoopa H01 PD Pro work as a power bank?

While plenty of hand warmers on the market double as power banks, few incorporate the kind of features that might make users ditch their dedicated battery pack entirely. In addition to having enough capacity to charge all devices, a good power bank should be able to do the job quickly and easily, which requires having the right ports—including, today, USB-C.

Again, the H01 PD Pro is a rare exception in this category. It comes complete with both USB-A and USB-C ports, with the former boasting Quick Charge 3.0 and the latter Power Delivery technology for charging external devices. In practice, that means the H01 PD Pro can charge itself in as few as 3.5 hours and a smartphone in as little as an hour. Thanks to the ample 15-hour capacity of the 10,000mAh battery, I was even able to squeeze half an extra charge into my Google Pixel 7 Pro.

The only caveat here is that the H01 PD Pro is not able to charge and heat simultaneously, which would be nice during outdoor events and other occasions where people are outside for long periods. Still, that is also a rare feature on most hand warmers, and the H01 PD Pro already offers enough unique advantages to make up for it.

How long does the Ocoopa H01 PD Pro last?

The H01 PD Pro contains a 10,000mAh battery that Ocoopa claims can last up to 15 hours on its lowest setting. In my tests and daily use, I found that to be mostly accurate, though it’s worth noting that, like most batteries, the H01 PD Pro’s performance can be greatly affected by outside temperature.

For example, Ocoopa claims the device can last up to 8 hours on high, but in my freezer test, it died after only 6 hours on medium. Still, that’s longer than many of the other devices tested, and it didn’t struggle to reach its advertised temperature like the others, either. In slightly less extreme temperatures, such as skiing in 40-degree weather, the H01 PD Pro lasted for a whole day of intermittent use on its highest setting.

The H01 PD Pro’s large battery is also convenient when powering other devices, offering at least a full charge for a Google Pixel 7 Pro in my tests. Smaller devices may even be able to get two or three charges out of it.

How durable is the Ocoopa H01 PD Pro?

Ocoopa released the H01 PD Pro as a more ruggedized version of its H01 PD, with a waterproof and dustproof design that makes it more suitable for outdoor activities. Specifically, the H01 PD Pro incorporates a rubber strip that shields the device’s two ports from the elements. That extra protection is enough to earn the device an IP45 rating, meaning it’s protected from dust and small objects and can withstand low-pressure water.

I really put the H01 PD Pro’s durability rating to the test while skiing, hunting, and traveling over a few months. During those adventures, the device was subjected to dirt and dead leaves, a few light drizzles of rain, and even a heaping of wet snow. It continued to work flawlessly throughout. I also dropped it numerous times onto hard ground from a height of about 6 feet, and found it mostly unscathed aside from a few surface scratches.

In fact, although many hand warmers claim to be waterproof and dustproof, the H01 PD Pro is one of the few models tested that specifically boasted an IP rating. While perhaps not an essential feature for most users, the added durability may bring peace of mind to anyone taking their hand warmer camping, hiking, or on other outdoor adventures.

Ocoopa Hand Warmer Review
Photo: Chase Brush

Is the Ocoopa H01 PD Pro worth the money?

Rechargeable hand warmers can vary widely in price. In my research, models with very basic designs and functionality can run as low as $15 to $30, while those with more features can cost as much as $60 to $100. Rechargeable hand warmers with large batteries that double as power banks will usually land on the higher end of this range.

The H01 PD Pro falls somewhere in the middle, with a list price of $59.99 and a frequent sales price of $42.99. While that may seem like a lot for a hand warmer, it’s worth remembering that the H01 PD Pro works just as well as a dedicated power bank. Given that fact, plus its outstanding performance when compared with other hand warmers of its kind, I consider the H01 PD Pro to be a great value.

Should you buy the Ocoopa H01 PD Pro?

Given its unique combination of price, performance, and functionality, I deem the H01 PD Pro to be an outstanding hand warmer. In fact, in our buyer’s guide to the top rechargeable hand warmers, we awarded it the best overall hand warmer money can buy.

Of course, in a market awash with affordable rechargeable hand warmers, the H01 PD Pro has plenty of competition—which is why our testing compared the H01 PD Pro to dozens of other popular models, vetting each on metrics such as size, power, and value. Another top contender is the Zippo HeatBank 9s, which boasts almost as much heat and an even more ergonomic design than the H01 PD Pro, though it doesn’t have as much battery life.

When it comes to other hand warmers that work well as power banks, the Innopaw Split-Magnetic Rechargeable Hand Warmer also proved to be a top model. It boasts an innovative two-in-one design, has two USB-C ports, and is the only hand warmer tested that can simultaneously heat itself and charge other devices. Unfortunately, it didn’t get nearly as hot as the H01 PD Pro in testing nor last as long.

Ocoopa also offers several other hand warmers similar to the H01 PD Pro. As mentioned earlier, there’s the H01 PD, which shares many of the same features as the Pro but does not have an IP rating. Ocoopa’s popular 5,200mAh hand warmer—more portable and affordable while still offering the same high heat—also proved impressive in testing.

Still, for users looking for the ideal mix of features, performance, and price, it’s hard to beat the H01 PD Pro. While not everyone may take the device hiking, hunting, or skiing, it’s still nice to have the added durability. It’s also convenient to have the added battery capacity and fast-charging USB-C port, which makes it a great model for traveling. And considering that the H01 PD Pro costs only slightly more—and sometimes less—than the other models mentioned here, its value is obvious.

Where to Buy the Ocoopa H01 PD Pro Rechargeable Hand Warmer

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