The Best Home Builders in Texas

Those thinking about taking up residence in a new home in the Lone Star State will want to take a look at some of the best home builders in Texas.

Best Overall

The Best Home Builders in Texas Option Taylor Morrison

Taylor Morrison

Sustainable Pick

The Best Home Builders in Texas Option Meritage Homes

Meritage Homes

Best Custom Homes

The Best Home Builders in Texas Option Jauregui Architect

Jauregui Architect

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With its low taxes, range of job prospects, and affordable cost of living, many folks are choosing to build homes in Texas. Whether they’re leaving their states for the Lone Star State or simply outgrowing their current Texas digs, people are getting excited about building new homes. But going with just any Texas home builder simply won’t do—a home is a massive investment, after all.

This guide will help homeowners who are looking for the best home builders in Texas. We looked at company reputations, the types of homes each company builds, and other factors to determine that the following builders are some of the premier companies in the state.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Taylor Morrison
  2. SUSTAINABLE PICK: Meritage Homes
  3. BEST CUSTOM HOMES: Jauregui Architect
  5. BEST FOR MODULAR HOMES: Clayton Homes
The Best Home Builders in Texas Options

What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Home Builders in Texas

Choosing from among the best home builders in Texas takes more than a simple internet search. There’s a lot to know about these pros, such as where they work and what they can offer. The following are some of the most important considerations to keep in mind when choosing a home-building company in Texas.

Service Area

Before falling in love with a company’s portfolio, home shoppers need to know if the builder works within the area they wish to move to. This is called a service area, and companies’ service areas vary. For instance, one company might only work within 50 miles or so of their home workshop. However, some companies (typically the largest home builders in Texas) may cover an entire state.

Another point to consider is that some builders only work in certain developments or communities. This allows them to maximize their production and efficiency, so working outside of those communities may be off the table.

Price Range

Price range is one of the top considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a home builder in Texas. Texas homes can range from relatively modest and affordable to lavish with a premium sticker price.

Generally speaking, home builders who work in the affordable realm (anything below the median price of around $260,000 to $280,000) build smaller or modular-style homes. Mid-market homes might be larger modular or custom stick-built homes. Those in the luxury price range are generally large, custom, stick-built homes. Each builder will specialize in one or two of these ranges, so shoppers will want to find a builder that fits their budget.

Architectural Style

Texas has one of the widest ranges of architectural styles around. Homes may feature traditional ranch-style architecture, but they might also be styled in Greek Revival, Mediterranean, Spanish Mission, Italianate, or Craftsman architecture. This wide range allows prospective home buyers to shop for almost any design they’d like.

While the possibilities are endless, home shoppers do have to find a contractor that builds homes that fit their style preferences. Not every pro is capable of building ornate Italianate or Spanish Eclectic homes. Customers seeking a particular style will want to use that to start their search for a home builder. For example, those looking for a modern or contemporary home will want to focus their searches on modern home builders in Texas.

Custom vs. Production Homes

There are essentially two types of homes that shoppers can choose when looking for the best home builder: custom and production. There are pros and cons to each, and some builders may even offer both.

Custom-style homes are generally designed from scratch. The shopper tells the contractor or designer what they want, and they work together to create the perfect home. Custom homes are usually stick-built and generally more expensive per square foot than production homes, but they’re the best way for home shoppers to ensure they’re getting exactly what they want.

Production homes come with much less flexibility. These homes usually start as a set of plans, and the homeowner can usually only adjust the layout a bit and choose fixtures and finishes. They’re faster to build (some are even constructed by modular home builders in factories) and cost less per square foot. However, the lack of flexibility in floor plan and design might not thrill some shoppers.

Energy Efficiency

Texas gets very hot, and energy efficiency is one of the top priorities for many folks in the Lone Star State. Texas home builders that know how to design, insulate, and choose utilities that are energy efficient are usually in high demand, and home buyers may consider searching for these pros specifically.

When searching for a builder with energy-efficiency chops, home buyers will want to consider looking for two labels: the HERS index and the ENERGY STAR Residential New Construction certification. HERS index scores of 60 to 70 are considered energy efficient, and lower scores are better. The presence of these labels ensures a company is building energy-efficient homes with green building practices, helping homeowners lower their utility bills and carbon usage for years of ownership.


Whether it’s a small, affordable home or a large, lavish mansion, home buyers will want to protect their investment by finding a home builder that provides a warranty with their work. These warranties generally cover workmanship and materials for a certain length of time, which can vary based on the contractor.

For instance, some contractors may provide up to 10 years of warranty coverage for the homes they construct. Others may provide just a year or two of coverage, after which the homeowner will be responsible for any issues or repairs. Some might offer warranties of various lengths depending on the coverage, such as 10 years for structural issues, 2 or 3 years for mechanical systems, and 1 year for materials coverage. It’s important for buyers to ask about these warranty terms before signing a contract.

Our Top Picks

With that background in choosing the best Texas home builders, it’s time to start checking out the candidates. The following are some of the best builders in Texas a home buyer could choose from.

Best Overall

Taylor Morrison


  • Price range: Affordable, mid-market, and upscale
  • Custom vs. production homes: Production homes with personalization options
  • Warranty: Not specified


  • 7-time winner of America’s Most Trusted Home Builder award
  • Online, self-guided home tour options
  • Easy-to-use property listing search feature
  • Convenient virtual home-design platform
  • Temporary housing accommodations available


  • Warranty information not readily available

Why It Made the Cut: Taylor Morrison’s long history of dependability, a wide range of house styles and price points, and standout customer service make it our top choice. Taylor Morrison has a lot to offer just about any home buyer in Texas. This home builder produces all types of production homes, including affordable, mid-market, and upscale homes, allowing shoppers to choose their floor plan and customize certain aspects to meet their tastes. It’s a seven-time winner of America’s Most Trusted Home Builder, which signifies high levels of expertise and industry respect. The Taylor Morrison website provides a high-tech shopping experience. Users can use the online, self-guided tour options to see Taylor Morrison’s home offerings without having to visit the company in person, which can save busy home buyers valuable time. There is also an easy-to-use property listing search feature on the website that allows the user to choose property in a specific area, see which floor plans will work with the property, and get an idea of what pricing will be. Taylor Morrison’s customer service is top-tier as well. Although the company’s ongoing warranty information isn’t readily available, it does help organize accommodations for families whose homes sell before their new homes are ready, indicating a commitment to customer satisfaction through all stages of the home building and buying process.  

Sustainable Pick

Meritage Homes


  • Price range: Affordable, mid-market, and upscale
  • Custom vs. production homes: Production homes with personalization options
  • Warranty: 10-year structural warranty, 2-year mechanical systems warranty, 1-year functional warranty



  • Buyer resources can be somewhat difficult to navigate

Why It Made the Cut: Meritage has a history of sustainable building practices that make it an excellent choice for home buyers wanting to invest in a more eco-friendly new home. Home shoppers looking for a company that knows a thing or two about sustainable construction will want to consider Meritage Homes. Meritage Homes builds climate-sealed houses that have water-saving features, UV-blocking windows, and earn a relatively low average HERS score of 61. Shoppers can choose from affordable, mid-market, and upscale personalized production homes, each of which comes with a lengthy warranty. And Meritage builds in some of the most popular and in-demand areas in Texas, including Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. The buyer resources can be somewhat challenging to navigate through, so shoppers with any questions can reach out to the company for a consultation. Meritage also enjoys a strong reputation in the industry. This company is a several-time recipient of the ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award. It’s also the first national builder to become EPA Indoor airPLUS qualified, signaling higher quality of indoor air. These levels of recognition only come as a result of a company’s dedication to eco-friendly practices and design.  

Best Custom Homes

Jauregui Architect

Why It Made the Cut:

Jauregui Architect’s history of building quality high-end homes in the Texas area makes it our top pick for those seeking a truly custom home.

When it comes to building large, custom homes, Jauregui Architect is one of the top luxury home builders in Texas. This custom home builder specializes in large-scale designs, working with home buyers to create their perfect dream homes, from the building itself to the landscaping and features around it.

Jauregui has a comprehensive home building and design process that takes the home from building all the way to move-in ready interior design. There is an extensive portfolio of completed projects and in-progress projects on the company’s website as well, so shoppers can see the full extent of what the firm is capable of. Customers with questions about Jauregui’s process or warranty information can reach out directly to schedule a consultation.



  • Price range: Upscale
  • Custom vs. production homes: Custom
  • Warranty: Not specified


  • Comprehensive home building and design process
  • Extensive portfolio of completed and in-progress homes
  • Wide range of architectural styles showcased


  • Warranty information not readily available

Best for First-Time Buyers

KB Home

Why It Made the Cut:

KB Home specializes in affordable homes with upgrades and customizations to appeal to first-time home buyers.

Many first-time buyers want to keep it simple but still want a reliable builder, and that’s what KB Home offers. This company specializes in affordable production homes, allowing first-time home buyers to purchase and build their starter homes without a tremendous expense. And despite being affordable, these homes come with 10-year structural, 2-year limited mechanical, and 1-year labor and materials warranties.

KB Home offers several floor plans to choose from. Each of the designs also has a list of available upgrades that home buyers can choose from, and these upgrades don’t come at extortionate prices. While the upgrade and customization options are somewhat limited, buyers do have the flexibility to customize their plans to better fit their needs. It’s also worth noting that the average KB Home HERS score is a relatively low 50, meaning the company is dedicated to energy efficiency, which can help save homeowners money on energy bills in the long run.



  • Price range: Affordable
  • Custom vs. production homes: Production homes with personalization options
  • Warranty: 10-year limited structural warranty, 2-year limited mechanical systems warranty, 1-year limited labor and materials warranty


  • Relatively affordable home purchase prices
  • Relatively affordable base floor-plan upgrades
  • Relatively low average HERS score of 50


  • Somewhat limited upgrade and customization options

Best for Modular Homes

Clayton Homes

Why It Made the Cut:

Clayton Homes offers a wide selection of modular and manufactured homes in Texas and can help home buyers find land to put them on.

Home buyers who’d prefer to go the route of modular or manufactured homes will want to consider Clayton Homes, as these are the home types that Clayton has specialized in for years. The company allows home buyers to personalize their floor plans, to a degree, in order to better fit their needs and tastes. All of Clayton’s plans are also affordable, though they only come with 1-year limited warranties (5- and 10-year plans are available for purchase). For folks who have yet to find a place to build their home, Clayton has them covered as well. The company has a convenient online search tool that helps buyers locate not only homes that are built or under construction but also empty plots that are prime for building.



  • Price range: Affordable
  • Custom vs. production homes: Production homes with personalization options
  • Warranty: 1-year limited warranty; 5-year and 10-year warranties available for purchase


  • Builders specialize in modular and manufactured homes
  • Easy-to-use online tool to search for land for sale


  • Relatively limited base warranty of 1 year

Our Verdict

In our opinion, Taylor Morrison’s ability to fit the needs of most any home buyer as well as make the virtual home-shopping process easier earns it the top spot on our list. Folks who are seeking a company that specializes in green building practices will want to consider Meritage Homes.

How We Chose the Best Home Builders in Texas

We know how much goes into building a new home, and we wanted to make sure our Texas readers had the information necessary to choose their home builder wisely. We came up with stringent criteria that home builders would have to pass to be selected for our list of the best home builders in Texas. Once we knew what to look for, we performed extensive research to come up with a list of home builders we felt could meet our criteria. We compared their prices, reputations, warranties, home styles, and more to ensure that each pro offered enough value to our readers. Those that didn’t were eliminated, while those that did meet our criteria were given awards based on their strengths.

Before You Work With One of the Best Home Builders in Texas

It’s important to note that building a new home isn’t always the best solution. The Texas real estate market sometimes has interesting homes in great communities in all sorts of styles. Homeowners considering moving to Texas will want to check real estate listings first to see if their dream home is already on the market. Buying is often faster and less expensive than building a new home.

Also, when choosing a home builder, buyers will want to ask for references from past clients. Home buyers will want to know what working with a particular home builder is like before signing the contract. If projects a home builder completed for past clients were over budget or way behind on the timeline, it might be worth looking elsewhere.

Cost of Working With One of the Best Home Builders in Texas

The cost of building a home in Texas can range from under $50,000 to well over $800,000. This depends on the type of home, the builder, the area, and the home’s size and finishings. On average, however, the median price to build a home in Texas is between $260,000 and $280,000. Homes in the Austin and Dallas areas are some of the most expensive in the state due to the concentrations of high-paying jobs. Folks in these areas can expect to pay well over the average price for a relatively average home.

The Advantages of Working With One of the Best Home Builders in Texas

Texas’s laws on contractor licensing are a bit laid back in some ways. Builders aren’t necessarily required to carry a license, which means the barrier to entry is relatively low. However, top home builders in Texas maintain high standards of quality and safety to ensure their clients are satisfied.

Additionally, Texas has some harsh weather conditions. Extremely hot summers can make homes uncomfortable or drive up energy bills. The best home builders in Texas are aware of these challenges and know how to build homes that can handle the elements.

There are lots of folks moving to Texas, so the high number of home buyers makes for competition, and finding the perfect house can be hit or miss. Working with the best home builders ensures that home buyers get the home they want that fits their needs.

  • The best home builders are sure to know what they’re doing despite licensing laws being lax.
  • The best new home builders in Texas know how to build homes that meet the demands of harsh Texas weather.
  • Building a home ensures that the homeowner gets exactly what they want rather than having to choose from what’s available in the real estate market.


Even with all of that background on home builders in Texas, there could be some additional questions that need to have the answers nailed down. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about Texas home builders and moving into the state.

Q. How much do home builders in Texas charge by the hour on average?

Home builders do not generally charge by the hour to construct a home. However, if a homeowner is hiring someone to work on their home, homeowners can expect to pay a general contractor between $300 and $500 each day.

Q. What is the best area to build a house in Texas?

According to Policygenius, the best cities for building a home in Texas are Waco, Garland, Brownsville, Grand Prairie, and Dallas.

Q. How much money do I need to build a family house in Texas?

The median cost of building a home in Texas is between $260,000 and $280,000. A shopper’s down payment and financing should cover at least this amount to be sure they end up with the home they want. For folks who don’t mind thinking outside the box, a tiny home from one of the best tiny home builders could be even cheaper.

Q. How long does it take for home builders in Texas to build a house?

Texas summers are very hot, but the lack of a long, cold winter allows Texas builders to continue working year-round. As a result, most contractors can build a home in Texas in 6 to 8 months.

Q. Do home builders in Texas obtain permits for building or do I need to obtain them?

Unless you’re building your own home, you should not have to obtain your own permits. Home builders that build on your land in Texas will generally obtain permits for their projects. They have the engineered plans and information necessary to complete the permit paperwork.

Q. Do home builders in Texas require up-front payment?

Most builders in Texas require some payment up front, but not the total payment. They’ll generally require a builder’s deposit, which is usually about 10 percent of the total project cost. This is different from the mortgage down payment, so homeowners need to be aware that they may need more money when they finance the finished project.

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