The Best Mailboxes for Curb Appeal

A mailbox is one of the first things visitors and passersby see, so it makes good sense to choose one that securely holds important mail and adds a bit of appeal to your property. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

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Because they’re most often located on the curb or even attached to the front of a house, mailboxes should complement a home’s style—not detract from it. Depending on the amount of mail you receive, someone who sells products or receives mailed payments may need a large locking mailbox, whereas someone who gets a little snail mail now and then might prefer a small but decorative mailbox. The best mailbox is one that’s secure, durable, and boosts your home’s curb appeal.

The following eight mailboxes meet our strict standards, and one is sure to be the right pick for your home.

Our Top Picks

Classic black is the most common color for mailboxes, but don’t be afraid to opt for one featuring a pop of color to match or accent the house trim or front door. Consider how the mailbox will function once you install it—a dainty little mailbox might catch your eye, but if it holds nothing more substantial than #9 envelopes, you may still have to make frequent trips to the Post Office to pick up larger envelopes or parcels.

Best Mailbox MailBoss


BEST OVERALL: Mail Boss Locking Security Mailbox

To securely retrieve your mail from a curbside box—without needing to step into traffic to do so—consider the Mail Boss Locking Security Mailbox that allows you to retrieve your mail through a secure locking door at the back of the box. Mail is deposited via a drop-down flap in the front of the box (similar to a commercial mailbox) and is suitable for inserting letters, magazines, and even small packages.

This USPS-approved mailbox features a powder-coated, galvanized steel, and can be mounted on a standard mailbox pole. The box, itself, measures 21.48 inches long, 10.83 inches wide, and is 11.06 inches high.

Best Mailbox Gibraltar


BEST VALUE: Gibraltar Mailboxes Post-Mount Mailbox

You don’t have to spend a lot to get a great mailbox. The Gibraltar Mailboxes Post-Mount Mailbox features durable molded plastic with UV inhibitors so it won’t yellow, fade, or become brittle in the hot sun. This medium-sized mailbox can be installed on a standard mailbox post, or you can install it on a Gibraltar post (sold separately) for a great matching look.

The mailbox measures 7.6 inches wide, is 9.58 inches tall, and is 19.39 inches long, making it an ideal size for letters, magazines, phone books, and small packages. For the easiest access for both you and the postal worker, the installed mailbox height should be approximately 41 to 46 inches high.

Best Mailbox Jssmst


BEST SECURITY: Jssmst Locking Mailbox

If mail is delivered right to your door, check out the Jssmst Locking Mailbox. This model features a large capacity interior and comes with a magazine or newspaper cylinder located at the bottom of the box. Made from galvanized steel for strength and durability, the Jssmst mailbox is 4.7 inches deep, 10.6 inches high, and 12 inches wide.

Mail is deposited in a slot under a flap at the top of the box but can only be retrieved by unlocking the front panel with a key, so your mail will stay securely in the box until you take it out.

Best Mailbox Architectural


BEST LARGE CAPACITY: Architectural Mailboxes Large Mailbox

If you regularly get a large amount of mail or multiple packages, you’ll appreciate the oversized Architectural Mailboxes Large Mailbox. This USPS-approved mailbox comes in either white or black, and it measures 18 inches deep, 15 inches high, and 11.5 inches wide, making it spacious enough to hold letters, magazines, and multiple small packages.

The fold-down delivery door and the locking retrieval door both feature rubber seals to keep the rain out and keep the mail dry. You can mount this large-capacity mailbox to the top of a column or pilaster. Additionally, you can mount it to a standard 4-inch-by-4-inch post by using an adapter plate (sold separately).

Best Mailbox Outback


BEST DOUBLE DOOR: Gibraltar Mailboxes Large Capacity Mailbox

If you receive a good number of small parcels or large envelopes, check out the Gibraltar Mailboxes Large Capacity Mailbox. This model can be installed right at the curb—and you need not step into the street to retrieve the mail. This standard-style mailbox is made from rust-resistant galvanized steel and features a red aluminum outgoing mail flag and doors on both the front (for delivery) and the backside (for retrieval).

The mailbox measures 21.33 inches long, 8.53 inches wide, and 10.65 inches high, making it large enough to hold a host of letters, magazines, and even small- to medium-size packages. Both the rear and front doors are reinforced for durability and feature magnetic closures to keep the doors in the shut position.

Best Mailbox PolarAurora


ALSO CONSIDER: Polar Aurora Decorative Post Mailbox

If you don’t have an existing post for installation purposes, consider a mailbox/post combination that comes with everything you need for a great looking and secure mailbox. The Polar Aurora Decorative Post Mailbox is made of cast aluminum for durability and strength, and it features classic motifs on the door and sides. It comes with the standard pull-open door and a red metal flag to signal the postal worker you have mail you’d like picked up.

It’s not a locking mailbox, though, so it’s best installed in a safe neighborhood. The top of the decorative post stands 62.2 inches tall, and the post box dimensions are 18.3 inches by 8.3 inches by 9 inches. It’s available in black, bronze, or white to complement your home’s design.

Best Mailbox Polar Aurora


ALSO CONSIDER: Polar Aurora Cast Aluminum Postal Box

For both security and design, you won’t go wrong with the Polar Aurora Cast Aluminum Postal Box made from durable cast aluminum and displays historical figures on the sides. You can drop the mail in the slot at the top front of the box, but you can only retrieve it via the locking door on the backside.

This attractive mailbox measures 16.5 inches wide, is equally as deep, and stands 46 inches high. The metal base should be bolted to a concrete pad for stability and security. As with many of today’s newer style mailboxes, the Polar Aurora is designed for receiving mail only—it doesn’t come with a red outgoing-mail flag that signals the delivery person to pick up mail. Install the mailbox at the curb or position it alongside your front sidewalk near your home’s entry. Where you place the mailbox depends on where or how your mail is typically delivered either by walking or driving postal workers.