The Best Ottoman to Add to Your Living Room

The right ottoman has the potential to complement your living space, offer a comfortable spot to rest your feet, and enhance the overall functionality of your room.

Best Overall

The Best Ottoman Options Simplihome

SIMPLIHOME Harrison 36 inch Wide Square Coffee Table

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Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Ottoman Options Seville

Seville Classics Foldable Storage Footrest Toy Box

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Best Leather

The Best Ottoman Options Knight

Christopher Knight Home Alexandria Bonded Leather

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Ottomans can add both style and function to a living space. In addition to offering a spot to sit or allowing individuals to elevate their feet, many ottomans double as a coffee table, providing additional storage space. Some can even convert into a bed for sleeping. Ottomans come in different styles, sizes, fabrics, and color options, allowing them to complement a variety of decor.

One downside to the numerous styles and design options is that it can feel overwhelming trying to select the best ottoman for your needs and your space. Use this guide to learn more about which features you should prioritize during your search and discover our top picks for the best ottomans currently on the market.

  1. BEST OVERALL: SIMPLIHOME Harrison 36 inch Wide Square Coffee Table
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Seville Classics Foldable Storage Footrest Toy Box
  3. BEST LEATHER: Christopher Knight Home Alexandria Bonded Leather
  4. BEST ROUND: HomePop Large Button Tufted Round Storage Ottoman
  5. BEST MODERN: Ornavo Home Modern Round Velvet Storage Ottoman
  6. BEST CONVERTIBLE: Vonanda Sofa Bed, Convertible Chair 4-in-1
  7. BEST BENCH STYLE: BELLEZE 48″ Rectangular Faux Leather Storage Ottoman
The Best Ottoman Options

Features to Look for in the Best Ottoman

As you shop for the best ottoman, keep these key considerations in mind. Determining what is most important to you before purchasing an ottoman can help ensure you’ll be satisfied with the product you select.


Whether you’re looking to purchase a new ottoman or create a DIY ottoman, it’s important to make sure that it’s appropriately sized for your living space. Determine where you plan to place the ottoman and how much available space there is.

If you’re purchasing an ottoman for a couch, the general rule is to choose one that’s at least half as wide as the couch. This will allow for multiple individuals to elevate their feet while providing a more balanced look in the room. Alternatively, you may opt to purchase two smaller ottomans for your couch rather than one long one.


The primary use of an ottoman is to provide a comfortable spot for individuals to elevate and rest their feet. If an ottoman is too tall for the furniture piece it’s paired with, it can be uncomfortable for one’s legs. Likewise, if an ottoman is too short, individuals won’t be able to properly elevate their feet. Ideally, an ottoman should be about one inch lower than the height of the seat on the sectional sofa, reading chair, or other furniture pieces it’s paired with. This way, your guests will be able to sit comfortably.


As we shared above, knowing the available space you have for the ottoman as well as the dimensions of the piece of furniture it will be paired with is important. This can help ensure the ottoman you purchase is the right size for your needs.

Before purchasing an ottoman, determine exactly where you’d like to place it and measure the space available. Be sure to include walking space and additional room between the ottoman and the sofa or chair.

Color and Upholstery 

Choose an ottoman in a color that matches or coordinates with your space. Since there’s a large selection of colors to choose from, you should be able to find an ottoman with a color that looks like it belongs with the other furniture and decor pieces in your living room. Alternatively, some individuals purposely choose an entirely different hue for their ottoman than the room’s other furniture. This can make the ottoman more of a focal point or help to add a pop of color to the space.

The upholstery on an ottoman can also impact how well it coordinates with the other pieces in your space. There are a few common upholstery choices to choose from:

  • Leather is a durable material that can look nice in both casual or more formal spaces. However, leather is more expensive and may be easily stained or damaged by pets or children.
  • Vinyl is a less expensive alternative to leather. It offers a similar look and feel to leather but is easier to clean. Vinyl is also durable and won’t show any signs of wear and tear.
  • Microfiber is a durable and easy-to-clean fabric. It’s plush and comfortable.


Consider whether finding an ottoman that offers additional storage space is important to you. Many ottomans feature a hinged top that opens up to reveal a hollow interior with storage space for linens, toys, and other items.

Storage ottomans can be especially beneficial for those living in a small space. Since storage ottomans close up and hide the items you have inside, they offer a quick fix for decluttering before guests arrive.


Ottomans come in a variety of styles from casual to more formal living spaces. Choosing an ottoman that matches the decor style of the room where it will be placed is important to ensure it complements the living space. For example, some ottomans may feature a tufted look for more visual appeal.

Ottomans also come in a variety of shapes including square, rectangular, and round. In addition to being a better physical fit for some locations, you may also decide that some shapes will be more aesthetically appealing in your space than others.

Our Top Picks

The ottomans featured below represent some of the best products on the market. Each of these products features quality craftsmanship and can help add style and functionality to a living room.

Best Overall

SIMPLIHOME Harrison 36 inch Wide Square Coffee Table

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The SimpliHome Harrison ottoman features hand construction for quality and durability. Solid and engineered wood create the sturdy frame of the ottoman, which is padded and upholstered. Thirteen different fabric and color choices are available, including distressed black faux leather, crimson red faux leather, mink brown tweet fabric, and platinum tweed fabric.

The ottoman is a 36-inch square that’s 16.5 inches high. In addition to serving as an ottoman, this product also opens up to offer interior storage space to hold linens, books, toys, and more. The ottoman’s flat surface allows it to function as a coffee table. This model also features a split lift top design where half of the lid can be raised and locked into place to serve as a small table for individuals sitting on a sofa.

Best Bang For The Buck

Seville Classics Foldable Storage Footrest Toy Box

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Those looking for a budget-friendly pick should consider the Seville Classics foldable storage ottoman. This 15.7-inch cube is appropriately sized to function as a footrest or a stool in a living space. The ottoman features durable construction, allowing it to support up to 400 pounds.

This ottoman also offers storage space to keep an individual’s belongings organized and out of sight. When not in use, the ottoman can also be collapsed and folded to clear up space in the room. The top of the ottoman is padded to offer comfort for those sitting on it or resting their feet on it. Choose from either gray or light gray tweed synthetic fabric upholstery options. The synthetic fabric is easy to clean using a damp cloth with soap and water.

Best Leather

Christopher Knight Home Alexandria Bonded Leather

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The Alexandria ottoman from Christopher Knight Home boasts brown bonded leather upholstery with a tufted finish to add style and sophistication to any space. The ottoman features four short wooden legs with a durable wood frame. The wood frame is stained a dark brown to coordinate with the color of the leather.

This ottoman is a 31-inch square that’s 18.6 inches high. The top opens smoothly with the gas shock hinges to reveal a generously sized storage area to hold linens, games, books, or other belongings.

Best Round

HomePop Large Button Tufted Round Storage Ottoman

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This round ottoman from HomePop features a classic tufted button design to add style and dimension to a living room. The ottoman has wood legs and a durable frame that allows it to support up to 250 pounds. Seven different fabric upholstery and wood stain combinations are available to coordinate with different styles, including berry velvet fabric with a cherry finish, dark gray woven fabric with a dark walnut finish, and brown and teal paisley fabric with a cherry finish, among others.

The ottoman’s lid lifts off to reveal a spacious area to store throw blankets, pillows, books, and more. It measures 25 inches in diameter and is 15 inches tall. The larger size also allows this ottoman to serve as a coffee table.

Best Modern

Ornavo Home Modern Round Velvet Storage Ottoman

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This round storage ottoman from Ornavo Home is an ideal choice for a modern living space. The ottoman adds a contemporary touch with its clean lines and smooth round shape. The ottoman features velvet upholstery for added durability and comfort. Eight color choices are available: black, blush, cream, dusty blue, emerald green, gray, silver, and teal.

The top of the ottoman is removable to allow access to an interior storage compartment that can hold a variety of belongings to keep them organized or hidden from sight. Additionally, the lid can be flipped over to turn the ottoman into a coffee table. The underside of the lid is a solid wood serving tray, giving users a flat surface to safely place drinks, food, and more.

Best Convertible

Vonanda Sofa Bed, Convertible Chair 4-in-1

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The Vonanda ottoman offers four different conversion options. In addition to functioning as an ottoman, it can convert into a sofa, lounger, or bed. The ottoman folds to open and individuals can adjust it to their desired position. It has a heavy-duty metal frame that can support up to 440 pounds, allowing users to rest comfortably.

This model features a high-density spring sponge cushion to offer adequate support and padding for sitting, lounging, or lying down. A breathable linen fabric—available in dark gray, light brown, or velvet gray—covers the sponge for a clean and polished look. When set up as an ottoman, this model is 37 inches long, 27 inches deep, and 17 inches high. When opened as a lounger, it’s 74 inches long, 37 inches wide, and 32 inches tall.

Best Bench Style

BELLEZE 48u0022 Rectangular Faux Leather Storage Ottoman

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The Belleze rectangular storage ottoman bench offers a variety of uses to help individuals get their money’s worth. The ottoman is large enough to provide additional seating space in a living room for two or more individuals. It could also be a nice addition to an entryway to provide a spot for individuals to sit to put on or remove their shoes. Additionally, this ottoman features a hinged lid that opens to provide a generously sized storage area to hold and organize a variety of items.

The ottoman is 46.9 inches long, 16.53 inches deep, and 16.7 inches tall. Choose from eight different color and upholstery options: brown faux leather, light brown faux leather, rustic brown faux leather, rustic gray faux leather, dark gray linen, gray linen, natural linen, and purple linen.

FAQs About Ottoman

If you’re left with some remaining questions about ottomans, read through the FAQs below. The questions and their corresponding answers may offer further assistance in selecting or using the best ottoman.

Q. Which shape ottoman should I choose?

The space you have available for an ottoman can impact which shape is best. Other factors, such as the type of furniture the ottoman will be paired with can also impact your choice. Square ottomans may be best for a chair, rectangular ottomans are popular choices for sofas, and circular ottomans work well with sectional sofas.

Q. What is the best fabric for an ottoman?

Leather is a popular fabric option for ottomans because it is very durable and pairs well with numerous decor styles. Microfiber is another popular choice, especially for individuals with kids or pets, because of how soft and easy to clean it is.

Q. Can I sleep on an ottoman?

Most ottomans are not large enough to provide ample space to sleep. However, there are some ottomans on the market that convert into a bed.

Q. Do all ottomans come with storage? 

No, just like only some beds are storage beds, only some ottomans are storage ottomans. Storage ottomans feature a hinged top that opens to reveal empty space to hold belongings, while standard ottomans will not offer this feature.

Q. What is the difference between an ottoman and a pouf?

An ottoman is a firmer piece of furniture than a pouf. Poufs are cushiony and resemble a large floor pillow. Ottomans often have legs, while poufs do not. However, ottomans and poufs both serve a similar purpose of functioning as a footrest or seat.

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