Editor Favorites: 11 of the Best Outdoor Side Tables

Find the right side table to hold drinks, books, snacks, and more for all of your outdoor entertaining and relaxation needs.

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Outdoor side tables come in handy for so many things. They provide a space to set drinks, snacks, sunglasses, books, and more when you’re enjoying a gorgeous day outside. As with shopping for any patio furniture, finding the right side tables for your space can feel a bit overwhelming.

There are a seemingly endless number of options to choose from, and it can be difficult to determine which products offer the quality and durability that you’re looking for. Read on to discover some of the best outdoor side tables from top-rated retailers like a durable Polywood side table on Amazon and a side table with a cooler at The Home Depot.

1. Polywood Side Table

best outdoor side tables

This 18-inch tall Polywood side table is made with recycled and durable HDPE lumber that mimics the appearance of painted wood, but doesn’t require the maintenance of real wood. It resists splintering, cracking, peeling, rotting, chipping, stains, insects, salt spray, and fungi—features that more than 1,300 Amazon reviewers rave about. It comes in six colors.

Get the Polywood Long Island Side Table on Amazon for $60

2. Mosaic Outdoor Side Table

best outdoor side tables

With a pretty mosaic tile design, this outdoor side table doubles as a decorative piece on your patio or deck. The table features weather-resistant black-finished steel legs that keep it sturdy to hold beverages, snacks, books, and more. It has a 14-inch diameter, making it ideal for smaller spaces.

Get the Vingli Mosaic Outdoor Side Table on Amazon for $49.99

3. Metal Outdoor Side Table

best outdoor side tables

This petite round Wayfair side table can add both function and beauty to your outdoor area thanks to its lacy cut-out design. It’s shaped like a barrel, which increases its stability and adds to its uniqueness. Made from durable iron with a powder-coated finish, this table is available in teal, blue, black, and white.

Get the Bungalow Rose Metal Side Table at Wayfair for $69.99

4. Wicker Side Table with Storage

best outdoor side tables

This patio side table pulls double-duty as a storage container to hold gardening tools, toys, furniture covers, and other outdoor essentials. Made from a durable and weather-resistant resin wicker, the table is designed to hold up well to the elements and provide many years of use and enjoyment. It comes in black, gray, and brown finishes.

Get the Valita Outdoor PE Wicker Side Table with Storage on Amazon for $59.99

5. Eucalyptus Solid Wood Side Table

best outdoor side tables

This eucalyptus outdoor side table is available in either a neutral brown or gray wash finish to pair nicely with your other patio furniture. Available at Wayfair—one of the best places to buy patio furniture—the table comes with stainless steel hardware and protective footpads to help it last longer.

Get the Birch Lane Eucalyptus Solid Wood Side Table at Wayfair for $17 

6. Keter Outdoor Side Table with Cooler

best outdoor side tables

You’ll be all ready for your next outdoor gathering with the Keter side table with cooler, which comes highly recommended with over 18,000 reviews. The innovative design of this piece features a table-top lid that you can elevate to reveal a hidden beverage cooler. The table is made using a weather-resistant resin in a brown or black finish.

Get the Keter Outdoor Side Table with Cooler at The Home Depot for $77.43

7. Wade Logan Resin Side Table

best outdoor side tables

This Wayfair side table offers clean lines and neutral color options—brown, dark gray, and white—-to complete the look of a modern outdoor space. Crafted with a durable polypropylene resin, the table is water-, stain-, and UV-resistant, allowing it to continue looking its best for plenty of summer seasons to come.

Get the Wade Logan Martz Resin Side Table at Wayfair for $72.99

8. Adirondack Portable Outdoor Side Table

best outdoor side tables

Whether you need an extra outdoor end table on your deck while entertaining or are planning a camping trip and need a spot to hold water, food, and other essentials, consider this portable side table. More than 1,400 reviewers recommend it, praising its folding legs that allow it to lay flat when not in use for easy storage or transport. Its slatted top mimics the look of an Adirondack chair to coordinate with many outdoor furniture pieces.

Get the Camco Adirondack Portable Outdoor Side Table on Amazon for $17.76

9. Square Outdoor End Table

best outdoor side tables

With a weather-resistant powder-coated steel frame and tempered glass tabletop, this outdoor side table will pair nicely with a duo of lounge chairs by the pool or a conversation set on your patio. Its 18-inch square top is just the right size to hold beverages, snacks, books, sunglasses, and more.

Get the Garden Treasures Square Outdoor End Table at Lowe’s for $34.98

10. Steel Outdoor Side Table

best outdoor side tables

Add a pop of color to your patio, deck, or porch with this steel side table that comes in yellow, blue, lime green, mint green, peacock blue, red, rose dawn, sage green, white, and black finishes. It boasts a durable powder-coated frame to resist rusting, peeling, and rotting. The frame can support up to 50 pounds and has four plastic feet on its base for added stability.

Get the Grand Patio Steel Side Table on Amazon for $39.99

11. Natural Acacia Solid Wood Side Table

best outdoor side tables

This side table will add an attractive rustic finish to your outdoor decor. With the table’s folding legs, it’s easy to store it or move it to a different area of your space. The table is constructed from durable and weather-resistant solid acacia woods and offers a beautiful slatted-top finish.

Get the Gracie Oaks Natural Acacia Solid Wood Side Table at Wayfair for $79.99 

How We Chose the Best Outdoor Side Tables

The above list of our top picks for the best outdoor side tables was developed following extensive product research. Over 30 different side tables were initially considered, and then the list was narrowed down based on design features, materials and durability, price, and functionality.

We also sought out tables from trusted manufacturers and looked for products that came highly-reviewed from past customers. Products from trusted manufacturers combined with excellent customer ratings helps provide increased confidence in the overall quality and value of each piece.

What to Consider When Choosing Outdoor Side Tables

As you’re shopping for the best outdoor side tables, keep the considerations outlined below in mind. Doing so will help ensure that you’ll be happy with the table that you ultimately purchase.

Type of Outdoor Space

One of the first things you’ll want to consider when shopping for outdoor side tables is the type of space where they’ll be used. The right table for your space may vary depending on whether you’re shopping for your deck, patio, porch, or another area of your yard. You’ll want to think about the amount of space available and any other furniture or decor that is present. Additionally, consider whether the table will be outside all of the time or in a covered or screened-in porch.


Outdoor side tables are available in a variety of different materials including solid wood, resin wicker, plastic, and metal. Solid wood outdoor tables, which are often crafted from teak, acacia, or eucalyptus, are beautiful and durable, however they will require more maintenance on your part than other types of wood. Resin wicker tables, which are water-resistant, offer a lower maintenance natural look.

You may also find a metal or plastic outdoor side table. Before purchasing either of these, confirm that the plastic is weather-resistant and won’t break or chip when left out in hot or cold weather. Polyethylene plastic tables—which are made from recycled plastics—are very durable and water-resistant, however they may still crack after extensive exposure to the sun. Similarly, you’ll also want to make sure that metal tables are rust-resistant.


When shopping for any outdoor furniture, durability is always an important feature to look for. Aluminum and solid wood furniture are among the most durable options out there, but resin wicker and polyethylene can also last for a long time. If the table will be left outdoors year-round, or even just during the warmer months, it is important to confirm that the materials are water-resistant.

In addition to paying attention to the main materials used for construction, also take note of the hardware. Look for durable and rust-resistant materials, such as stainless steel.


Also, consider the functionality of each table. While some models are just simple tables with one flat surface, others may have a lower shelf that will offer additional space to hold items.

Some outdoor side tables can also double as coolers. These models feature an adjustable top that raises to reveal an interior cooler where you can chill beverages for outdoor entertaining.


While outdoor side tables are typically a lot smaller than an outdoor dining table, there are still different size options to consider. Some side tables may be only about 18 inches wide, while others may be 24 inches or more.

In addition to considering the amount of space on your deck, patio, or other desired location, also think about how you plan to use the patio side table to help you choose the right size. Do you think it will primarily be used to just hold a drink or two? Or, do you see it being used more for entertaining and holding appetizer trays or other larger items?


Design and aesthetics are also important when shopping for outdoor side tables. As you look through the different options for outdoor side tables, you’ll notice that there are a variety of styles to choose from. Consider the style of any other furniture or decor items in the space, along with your personal preferences, to decide whether to choose a side table with a rustic, modern, contemporary, or coastal design.

Maintenance & Care

Some material types will require more maintenance than others. As you’re shopping for your new side tables, keep this in mind. Consider whether you’re looking for a practically maintenance-free material, such as resin wicker or polyethylene, or whether you’re willing to commit to the regular oiling necessary to maintain the finish on wood furniture.


Finally, as you look for outdoor end tables, you may also want to consider the portability of each option. When you’re entertaining, you may need to rearrange the furniture a bit or move side tables around to accommodate your guests.

Some individuals also bring their outdoor furniture in at the end of the season or stack it up under a covered area in their yard. In these instances, it could be beneficial to choose side tables that are not too heavy to move around with ease.

Folding outdoor side tables are also available if you are looking for more temporary set-ups or foresee moving the table around on a regular basis.


Selecting the best outdoor side table can be difficult. Consult the frequently asked questions below if you have any remaining questions about choosing the right side table for your outdoor space.

Q: How long do outdoor side tables last on average?

The average lifespan of an outdoor side table can vary based on a number of factors including materials, quality, use and care, and the climate where you live. High-quality outdoor side tables can last at least 10 years, with some materials, such as teakwood or wrought iron, lasting for over 20 years.

Q: How tall is an outdoor side table?

The height of an outdoor side table is typically between 18 and 24 inches, though some may be a bit taller.

Q: How to remove clips that hold glass in a small glass outdoor side table?

Every glass table is a little different, so it is best to check the manufacturer’s recommendations for your specific model. That being said, with many glass side tables, you can turn the table upside down on a soft surface and use a pair of pliers to remove the clips or spacers holding the glass in place.

Q: What is the best material for an outdoor side table?

Solid wood, wicker resin, and polyethylene plastic are among the best materials for outdoor side tables.

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