The Best Outdoor Sectionals of 2022

Bring modular comfort to your outdoor space with a beautiful and functional outdoor sectional.

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Best Outdoor Sectional


The right outdoor sectional can elevate your yard and turn it into a cozy retreat for relaxing and entertaining. Like shopping for any other major piece of furniture, choosing the best outdoor sectional can pose a challenge.

Besides an appealing design, a choice outdoor sectional is comfortable and the right size and shape for your needs. Moreover, it needs to be functional, durable, and easy to maintain to hold up to outdoor conditions.

An outdoor sectional is available to suit almost any porch, deck, or patio, but a few key factors are important when choosing one. Keep reading for more detailed shopping tips that make selecting a new sectional a little easier, and check out some of the best outdoor sectional sofas to bring comfort and style to outdoor living.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Best Choice Products Rope Woven Sectional
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Beachcrest Home Snyder Outdoor Patio Sectional
  3. BEST SMALL: Latitude Run Burruss Wide Outdoor Sectional
  4. BEST LARGE: AllModern Yakima Acacia Solid Wood 4-Person Seating
  5. BEST REVERSIBLE: Devoko Patio Furniture 5 Pcs Outdoor Sectional Sofa
  6. BEST MODULAR: Best Choice Products 7-Piece Modular Wicker Sectional
  7. BEST CURVED: Beachcrest Home Burmeister Wicker Curved Sectional
  8. BEST CONVERSATION SET: Wisteria Lane Patio Furniture Set, 7 Piece
  9. ALSO CONSIDER: Aecojoy 7-Piece Patio PE Rattan Wicker Sofa Set
Best Outdoor Sectionals


What to Consider When Choosing the Best Outdoor Sectional

Sectionals are popular because they’re versatile. These couches come in a range of configurations to seat a few or several people, making them attractive for an outdoor space. When shopping for an outdoor sectional, consider its size, shape, configuration options, material, and style.


When choosing a sectional, size is one of the most important factors to consider. An outdoor sectional is similar to a couch: It should be large enough to seat the intended number of people without overwhelming the space. Depending on its size, outdoor sectionals can generally seat from three to 10.

Outdoor sectionals typically are best for medium to large outdoor spaces. If a small outdoor sectional can’t be found to fit a small space, an outdoor sofa or elements of a modular sectional may work. When measuring for size, remember to allow enough space for people to walk around the sectional, and consider any extra pieces like ottomans and tables.


The shape of the sectional helps determine how it fits the available space and how it’s used. Modular “pit” sofas are available, but most outdoor sectionals come in L-shaped or U-shaped configurations, with arrangement options within those two primary shapes.

  • L-shaped configurations typically include sofa chaises and traditional L-shaped sectionals. As the name suggests, these sectionals can seat three or more people in an “L” shape. Outdoor chaise sofas can be suitable for smaller spaces, while L-shaped sectionals generally fit best in larger spaces.
  • U-shaped configurations, which are shaped like the letter “U,” can seat several people, creating a welcoming seating area for socializing with others. An outdoor sofa with chaise may come in a U-shaped configuration, making it an ideal choice for cramped spaces.
  • Modular pit sofas look like an oversized bed. They’re more common for indoor use in living rooms and movie rooms rather than outdoors.

Stationary or Modular

Once configured, stationary outdoor sectionals can’t be changed easily, making them a good choice for those who plan to stick with one layout.

On the other hand, outdoor modular sectional sofas have separate pieces that can be placed in several configurations. A modular outdoor sectional is a good choice for those who want the ability to change seating for entertaining guests or adjust their outdoor space to keep it new and fresh. Pieces can be added later to many outdoor modular sectionals, such as upgrading a three-seater sectional to a four-seater.

Left or Right Orientation

L-shaped outdoor sectionals come in a left, right, or reversible orientation, or left-hand or left-arm facing and right-hand or right-arm facing. Orientation refers to the direction that the “L” extends when facing the sectional.

For example, if facing the front of the sectional, and the chaise or extended section of the “L” is on the right side, it’s a right-arm-facing sectional. If the chaise is on the left side, it’s a left-arm-facing sectional. Consider the porch or patio design when choosing orientation to maintain the flow of the space.

Some modular sectionals are reversible, so they can be used in a left or right orientation, making it easy to switch the orientation to suit future needs.

Frame and Cushion Material

High-quality materials fare well in outdoor conditions, come rain or shine. Look for materials that are rated for outdoor use and easy to clean as well as resistant to water, mildew, and corrosion.

Common sectional frame materials include wood (such as teak, acacia, and eucalyptus), plastic, corrosion-resistant cast aluminum or steel, and polypropylene (often fashioned into a wicker-like design). These materials are treated to prevent damage from water and UV rays, and high-quality options can last for several years.

In cushions, consider both the outer fabric material and the filling. While many people try to bring the cushions indoors during bad weather, they’ll still likely get caught in the rain occasionally. Water- or mildew-resistant covers (made of polypropylene, olefin, acrylic, or Sunbrella fabrics) are a good choice, as well as quick-drying foam interiors. Look for outdoor fabrics that are UV resistant (solution-dyed fabrics usually fare better) to prevent sun fading as long as possible.


While many practical features affect the choice of the best patio sectionals, there’s also a major personal criteria: style! Since an outdoor sectional usually is one of the largest pieces of outdoor furniture, shoppers may want to consider their indoor decor style as well as any other outdoor pieces and choose a sectional that will complement the entire aesthetic.

In outdoor furniture, stylish options display a range of design styles, from modern and sleek minimalist sectionals to cozy and colorful boho options. When choosing a style, also consider the longevity of the look—timeless pieces are attractive for many years, which is how long a high-quality sectional should last.

Our Top Picks

All our picks for the best outdoor sectionals share a few traits: They’re visually appealing, durable, functional, and comfortable. Add versatile seating to any outdoor space with one of the best patio sectional options in this list.

Best Overall

The Best Outdoor Sectional Option: Best Choice Products Rope Woven Sectional

With a contemporary design, compact size, and durable materials, the Best Choice Products Rope Woven Sectional suits many homes. This L-shaped outdoor sofa chaise comfortably seats three. Its small footprint makes it a good choice for small- to medium-size patios as well as apartment balconies.

The modern design uses high-quality materials, including a sturdy steel frame, handwoven all-weather wicker, and all-weather cushions that are comfortable and resistant to water and fading. The thin open-rope wicker style provides a more contemporary look than traditional wicker weaves.

The set includes a right-arm-facing sectional sofa chaise and a small matching side table. The lounger detaches to use the sectional as a two-person seat.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: Sofa: 74 by 54 by 33 inches; lounger: 28 by 27 by 33 inches
  • Seating capacity: 3
  • Materials: Steel frame, plastic wicker accents, tempered glass table


  • Contemporary
  • Durable
  • Includes a matching side table


  • One side lacks an armrest when sectional is separated
  • Seats only 3
  • Best Choice Products does not disclose cushion cover material

Get the Best Choice Products outdoor sectional at Amazon, Target, or Walmart.

Best Bang For The Buck

The Best Outdoor Sectional Option: Beachcrest Home Snyder Outdoor Patio Sectional

The Beachcrest Home Snyder Outdoor Patio Sectional is a small but affordable choice for furnishing a patio or balcony on a budget. Although it’s a cost-friendly choice, this sectional is also stylish and durable.

A rust-resistant steel frame makes this sectional sturdy, while a plastic woven wicker covering adds a decorative touch. The cushions have polyester covers, and although this material is less durable than materials like acrylic or Sunbrella, the dark navy blue color can hide many marks or stains.

This sectional is designed essentially as a three-person couch with a detached ottoman, which allows for flexibility. The ottoman can be moved to suit different needs and patio layouts. Adjustable feet make the sectional level on most porches, decks, or patios.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 72.8 by 27.5 by 30.3 inches
  • Seating capacity: 3
  • Materials: Steel frame, plastic wicker accents, polyester cushions


  • Affordable
    Adjustable feet
    Detached ottoman


  • Ottoman may slide

Get the Beachcrest Home Snyder outdoor sectional on Wayfair or Overstock.

Best Small

The Best Outdoor Sectional Option: Latitude Run Burruss Wide Outdoor Sectional

With a modular design, the Latitude Run Burruss 84.5” Wide Outdoor Sectional maximizes comfort in a cramped space. This four-piece set includes three independent couch pieces and an ottoman, which allows for a variety of seating options, even on tight patios or balconies.

Users can move the pieces to create a two- or three-seat couch, an L-shaped sectional (to seat three to four, depending on ottoman placement), or put all four pieces together in a square to create a cozy pit sofa.

This small sectional is made of water-resistant materials, with a steel frame, plastic wicker design, and white polyester cushions. Three throw cushions are included to up the coziness factor.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 84.5 by 29 by 25.5 inches
  • Seating capacity: Up to 4
  • Materials: Steel frame, plastic wicker accents, polyester cushions


  • Completely modular
  • Flexible layout options
  • Includes throw cushions


  • White cushions may show dirt and stains

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Best Large

The Best Outdoor Sectional Option: AllModern Yakima Acacia Solid Wood 4-Person Seating

Outdoor sectionals are larger and seat more people than outdoor couches. They also make a big style statement, since they dominate the space on a porch or patio. With a sleek modern design, the AllModern Yakima Acacia Solid Wood 4-Person Seating is an excellent pick for contemporary outdoor spaces.

While AllModern recommends this set as a five-person sectional, it can likely fit more for family and friends who like to get cozy. Instead of a traditional L-shaped design, it has a corner seat that allows it to seat an additional person.

This sectional has a solid acacia wood frame, foam-filled cushions, and weather-resistant fabric. Splayed legs and a slatted back add to its contemporary design. A built-in side table on each side of the sectional adds to its utility, and it comes with a matching solid wood coffee table.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: Each couch section: 76.5 by 27.5 by 26.75 inches; corner seat: 40.25 by 27.5 by 26.75 inches
  • Seating capacity: 5
  • Materials: Acacia wood frame, polyester cushions


  • Modern
  • Solid acacia wood
  • Built-in side tables


  • Pricey

Get the AllModern outdoor sectional on Wayfair or AllModern.

Best Reversible

The Best Outdoor Sectional Option: Devoko Patio Furniture 5 Pcs Outdoor Sectional Sofa

A reversible L-shaped sectional provides the flexibility to switch up the couch layout. The Devoko Patio Furniture Outdoor Sectional Sofa is a modular sectional with a detached ottoman that can be used to create a right- or left-arm-facing sectional. While the couch is intended to be an L-shaped sectional, the couch also is modular.

Considering its flexibility, this sectional is an affordable but high-quality selection. It features a steel frame, plastic rattan accents, and water-resistant cushions, and it comes with a glass-top coffee table. It’s available in several colorways to match existing patio decor.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 83 by 58 by 25 inches
  • Seating capacity: 4
  • Materials: Steel frame, plastic wicker accents


  • Affordable
  • Reversible and modular
  • Glass-top coffee table included


  • Devoko does not advertise the cushion cover material

Get the Devoko sectional sofa at Amazon, Walmart, or Devoko.

Best Modular

The Best Outdoor Sectional Option: Best Choice Products 7-Piece Modular Wicker Sectional

This large sectional from Best Choice Products consists of four single chairs and two corner chair pieces, as well as a coffee table. Each piece can be moved independently to arrange the set into one or more couches, an L-shaped sectional, or a U-shaped sectional.

Seat-fastener clips help keep the chairs tightly secured, and an included glass-top coffee table adds to its utility. Made to withstand the outdoors, the sectional consists of a powder-coated steel frame, high-quality plastic wicker, and polyester cushions with a water-resistant coating.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: Each sofa chair: 27 by 26.5 by 28 inches; corner sofa chair: 27 by 27 by 28 inches
  • Seating capacity: 6
  • Materials: Steel frame, plastic wicker accents, polyester cushions


  • Flexible layout options
  • Includes seat-fastener clips
  • Coffee table
  • Several color options


  • Not the easiest to assemble

Get the Best Choice Products sectional at Amazon or Walmart.

Best Curved

The Best Outdoor Sectional Option: Beachcrest Home Burmeister Wicker Curved Sectional

Curved patios are unique, making it hard to find furniture for them. However, though less common than L-shaped models, curved outdoor sectionals are available. Their curved shape makes them a good choice for irregular-shaped porches or to center around a central fire pit. The Beachcrest Home Burmeister Wicker Curved Sectional comes in three pieces to create a semicircle sectional. Or spread out the three pieces to provide extra seating for a dinner party or backyard event.

To suit modern outdoor spaces, this sectional has a contemporary design with a sturdy metal frame and resin wicker details. Water- and UV-resistant polyester cushions add a comfortable touch. This sectional comes in several colors.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: 118 by 29 by 30 inches
  • Seating capacity: 6
  • Materials: Steel frame, plastic wicker accents, polyester cushions


  • Curved design
  • Modular pieces
  • Contemporary style


  • No armrests

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Best Conversation Set

The Best Outdoor Sectional Option: Wisteria Lane Patio Furniture Set, 7 Piece

This outdoor conversation set from Wisteria Lane includes a modular six-piece sectional, a dining table, and three ottomans. Each piece features a strong galvanized steel frame with handwoven polypropylene rattan accents. The six cushioned pieces can be arranged as a reversible L-shaped sectional or separately as modular couches.

This design provides flexible seating for up to nine people. The set also includes three cushioned ottomans, which can be used as footrests or additional seating.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: Each single armrest loveseat: 46.46 by 23.62 by 27.95; corner loveseat: 45.28 by 23.62 by 27.95; each ottoman: 14.96 by 14.96 by 12.01
  • Seating capacity: Up to 9
  • Materials: Steel frame, plastic wicker accents, polyester cushions


  • Seats 9
  • Flexible layout
  • Includes a table


  • Relatively narrow seats

Get the Wisteria Lane Patio furniture set on Amazon.

Also Consider

The Best Outdoor Sectional Option: Aecojoy 7-Piece Patio PE Rattan Wicker Sofa Set

The Aecojoy 7-Piece Patio PE Rattan Wicker Sofa Set is an affordable modular set to seat several people outdoors on a budget. The seven-piece patio set includes a six-piece modular sectional and a small coffee table. Each independent sofa piece can be used separately or together to create a range of layouts, including an L-shaped or U-shaped sectional.

Like other sectionals on this list, this sofa set is made from outdoor-friendly materials, including a steel frame, handwoven plastic wicker, and water-resistant polyester cushion covers. These materials make the set easy to clean.

Product Specs

  • Dimensions: U-shaped orientation: 109.4 by 54.7 by 25.2 inches
  • Seating capacity: 7
  • Materials: Steel frame, plastic wicker accents, polyester cushions


  • Flexible modular design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Coffee table included


  • Only 1 section has an armrest
  • Low backrest

Get the Aecojoy sofa set at Amazon, The Home Depot, or Walmart.

Our Verdict

A contemporary design, small footprint, and high-quality materials make the Best Choice Products Rope Woven Sectional an excellent addition to most backyards and patios. Those looking for an even more affordable option may want to consider the Beachcrest Home Snyder Outdoor Patio Sectional, which has a stylish design but at an accessible price.

How We Chose the Best Outdoor Sectional

A good outdoor sectional is comfortable, practical, and durable. We considered more than 30 sectionals when narrowing down this list. To suit a range of different households, we chose outdoor sectionals in various sizes and styles and at different price points. Since the main attraction of a sectional is its modular design, we also chose several types of layouts (including a few flexible modular options) to fit differently sized patios and porches.

We looked for durable materials that are easy to clean and maintain. Through extensive product research and consideration of online reviews, we also prioritized comfort by choosing cozy sectionals for hosting and relaxing. Lastly, an outdoor sectional is often a statement piece, so we chose stylish pieces that fit a range of decor aesthetics.


With so many options at a range of price points, choosing an outdoor sectional can feel overwhelming. If you’re still having trouble finding the most comfortable outdoor sectional for your space, read on for answers to some frequently asked questions on choosing and maintaining an outdoor sectional.

Q: What is the difference between a sectional and an outdoor sofa?

An outdoor sofa is a one-piece unit, while an outdoor sectional comprises two or more sections or pieces.

Q: What kind of furniture is best outside?

Look for furniture pieces that are designed specifically to be placed outside. Outdoor furniture is made of durable materials and performance fabrics to withstand outdoor conditions. Whether you buy a new sectional or DIY some furniture, look for materials that resist water, corrosion, mildew, and UV rays to bring long-lasting comfort outdoors. Don’t place indoor furniture outdoors.

Q: How do I care for my outdoor furniture?

Follow the manufacturers’ directions to clean and maintain outdoor furniture. Protect the furniture from the elements by covering it or bringing in the pieces when the furniture is not in use and during inclement weather. Outdoor furniture needs frequent dusting and an occasional deeper cleaning with material-appropriate cleaners. Certain materials may also need protective maintenance every few seasons; for example, some wood types should be oiled or sealed periodically.

Q: What is the most sturdy outdoor furniture?

Many sturdy options are available in outdoor furniture. Generally, materials like teak wood, wrought iron, and stainless steel are more durable than aluminum and plastic. Look for a more substantial design (for example, thick, sturdy chair legs rather than thinner, daintier options). A sturdy design and durable materials help outdoor furniture last longer.

Q: How long does teak furniture last?

With proper cleaning and maintenance, high-quality teak furniture can last a lifetime.