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The 9 Best Places to Buy Fake Plants

Whether you’re looking for faux olive trees or a lifelike artificial eucalyptus, these are the best places to buy fake plants for your space.
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Not everyone has the time or energy to take care of live plants, green thumb or not. But potted plants and trees can add color and texture to spaces that can otherwise seem barren or bland. If you’re looking for a way to incorporate plants in your home without the hassle of watering or repotting, fake plants may be the way to go.

From artificial boxwood plants to hanging varieties and faux fiddle leaf figs, there are plenty of high-quality artificial plants with leaves and stems that look so real, you may be tempted to put a few in every room. We’ve rounded up the best places to buy fake plants online, including Wayfair, Amazon, Home Depot, and The Sill.

1. Wayfair

The Best Places to Buy Fake Plants Option Wayfair

Price Range: $ to $$
Return Policy: Items in their original, undamaged condition can be returned to Wayfair within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.
What to Buy: 3.5-Inch Artificial Eucalyptus Plant in Planter—$31.99 and 4-Piece Artificial Succulent Plant in Pot—$26.99

One of the largest home retailers, Wayfair offers millions of products, from furniture to wall decor to bedding from more than 20,000 suppliers. It’s known for its volume of selection, seamless shopping experience, and excellent customer service. If you’re looking for fake potted plants, Wayfair offers not only a wide selection, but also realistic-looking options at a budget-friendly price. You’ll find artificial plants, flowers, trees, wreaths, and garlands, many of which go on sale regularly.

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2. Amazon

The Best Places to Buy Fake Plants Option Amazon

Price Range: $ to $$$
Return Policy: New, unopened items that are sold and fulfilled by Amazon should be returned within 30 days of delivery to receive a full refund.
What to Buy: Nearly Natural 60-Inch Artificial Ficus Tree—$47.48 and Whonline Artificial Hanging Plant—$12.99

Customers on the hunt for fake plants that look real won’t have a hard time finding options on Amazon, which offers more than 20,000 choices, all with helpful reviews and pictures to help you find what you’re looking for. You can filter your results by price, greenery type, container (pot, basket, etc.), and even special features, like eco-friendly or water-resistant. Amazon has both indoor and outdoor artificial plants, from faux ficus trees to potted fake ferns to hanging fake eucalyptus.

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3. Target

The Best Places to Buy Fake Plants Option Target

Price Range: $ to $$
Return Policy: Target grants refunds for most items if they’re returned within 90 days, and RedCard members receive an extra 30 days to return unwanted purchases.
What to Buy: Threshold Artificial Fiddle Leaf Plant in Pot—$15 and Studio McGee Artificial Olive Bush Tree in Pot—$50

Target offers excellent deals on a wide range of products, including artificial plants and flowers. Its plant section includes its popular in-house brands—like Threshold and Project 62—along with collaborations with celebrities and designers like Chip and Joanna Gaines, Studio McGee, and Justina Blakeny. Target’s indoor fake plants are both stylish and life-like, so those without a green thumb can get the look of indoor greenery without the hassle.

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4. The Home Depot

The Best Places to Buy Fake Plants Option The Home Depot

Price Range: $ to $$
Return Policy: Most new, unopened items returned within 90 days of purchase are eligible for a full refund.
What to Buy: Nearly Natural 82-Inch Faux Olive Tree—$114.37 and Flora Bunda Artificial Faux Snake Plant—$38.08

You may view Home Depot as just a hardware store, but the retailer sells more than just tools, hardware, and paint—it also has an artificial plant section teeming with fake trees, tropical plants, flowers, and more. Shop top brands like Nearly Natural and National Tree Company, which offer fake plants from ferns to olive trees to monsteras. There is also a category dedicated solely to artificial plants under $50 if you’re shopping on a budget. Many you can order online and have shipped directly to your home or pickup in store at your nearest Home Depot.

Shop The Home Depot fake plants

5. The Sill

The Best Places to Buy Fake Plants Option The Sill

Price Range: $$ to $$$
Return Policy: The Sill offers a 30-day guarantee that replaces any damaged or dying plants for free within 30 days of receipt. Customers are required to show photos as proof of damage.
What to Buy: Faux Spider Plant—$62 and Faux Maranta—$72

New Yorker Eliza Blank started The Sill in 2012 after she discovered the benefits of incorporating houseplants into her space. Blank found that greenery not only spruced up her small apartment, but helped improve her mood as well. The Sill is most popular for its live plants and plant subscription service, but it also offers a handful of high-quality faux plants online, including fake ferns, spider plants, and monstera leaves. All of them come in chic planters in the color of your choice. You might also appreciate the brand’s sustainable practices, which include carbon-neutral shipping and fully recyclable packaging.

The Sill also has retail locations in New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Francisco if you want to pick out your plants in person.

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6. Lowe’s

The Best Places to Buy Fake Plants Option Lowe’s

Price Range: $ to $$
Return Policy: Shoppers have 90 days to return new or unused merchandise for a full refund and must show proof of purchase.
What to Buy: Allen + Roth 18-Inch Indoor Artificial Boston Fern Plant—$29.98 and LCG 72-Inch Indoor Artificial Ficus Tree—$69.98

With more than 1,500 stores in the United States and Canada, Lowe’s is a staple in the home improvement industry. Its faux plant section is vast, offering thousands of outdoor and indoor artificial plants, flowers, and trees from top-rated brands. You can narrow your search by plant type, container, height, price, and room placement (floor, desktop, hanging, etc.). Many of the fake plants offer free shipping to your home or free delivery to your nearest Lowe’s store.

Shop Lowe’s fake plants

7. Nearly Natural

The Best Places to Buy Fake Plants Option Nearly Natural

Price Range: $$ to $$$
Return Policy: Items purchased directly from Nearly Natural can be returned within 30 days of delivery for a full refund.
What to Buy: 82-Inch Artificial Olive Tree—$166.99 and 22-Inch Artificial Large Boston Fern Hanging Basket—$96.99

Nearly Natural is a family-owned business with an extensive background in horticulture and gardening and one of the most popular artificial plant brands out there. The company values nature so much, it hired designers with years of experience in the live plant industry to make sure its faux plants look as lifelike as possible. Nearly Natural pays special attention to the color and texture of its fake plants to provide the best product, whether it’s a faux fern or a fake palm tree.

You can shop for Nearly Natural artificial plants directly on its website, or you can find its products at other retailers like The Home Depot, Walmart, or Amazon.

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The Best Places to Buy Fake Plants Option IKEA

Price Range: $ to $$
Return Policy: Full refunds are granted to customers who return new or unopened items within 365 days of purchase. Open products can be returned within 180 days with proof of purchase for a full refund.
What to Buy: FEJKA 3.5-Inch Artificial Potted Plant—$8.99 and FEJKA Artificial Potted Indoor/Outdoor Grass—$5.99

IKEA is more than just a budget-friendly furniture store and meatball meca—it’s also a great place to purchase home decor items such as throw pillows, picture frames, and artificial plants or trees. The company’s goal is to marry affordability, design, and comfort to help people furnish their homes in a way that suits them best, without a hefty price tag. You can find fake plants for under $10.

If sustainability is important to you, IKEA is a great place to shop—it offers zero-emission home deliveries and is focused on being powered by renewable energy.

Shop IKEA fake plants

9. CB2

The Best Places to Buy Fake Plants Option CB2

Price Range: $$ to $$$
Return Policy: Unused items will receive a full refund if they’re returned within 90 days and include proof of purchase.
What to Buy: Faux 3-Foot Snake Plant—$89.95 and Faux 10-Inch Fern Plant—$79.95

The more modern sibling to Crate & Barrel, CB2 is a housewares, furniture, and home accessories store with a full chain of brick and mortar stores across the country. CB2 offers a wide range of products at a lower price point than Crate & Barrel, including fake plants, ranging from potted calathea and moderna to clusters of faux pampas grass and strands of eucalyptus.

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How We Chose the Best Places to Buy Fake Plants

To narrow down the best places to buy fake plants, we selected the companies that offered the most life-like plants at a reasonable price. We also looked at their sustainability practices, as well as their return policies and reputation for good customer service. Out of the hundreds of places to shop for faux plants, we selected the ones that emphasized realistic-looking leaves and stems based on the types of living plants people would typically care for inside the home.

We also made it a point to select stores that offered brick and mortar locations across the United States, because sometimes it helps to be able to see faux plants in person before making a purchase. While you can purchase items online at any of the stores listed, many also have physical shops you can pop into to see what they have in stock.