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The 10 Best Places To Buy Outdoor Rugs in 2023

Add style, color, and color to your deck or patio with an outdoor rug from one of these top retailers.
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The best outdoor rugs are an easy way to clearly define a seating or dining area on your deck or patio. Not only that, with the variety of colors and patterns that are available, indoor outdoor rugs can also enhance the visual appeal of the space for summer barbecues and backyard parties.

You can shop outdoor area rugs at any number of retailers, thanks to their rising popularity. To save yourself the time and headache of comparing dozens of online and in-person stores, our experts have narrowed down the 10 best places to buy outdoor rugs in 2022, from Target to Lowe’s to Home Depot.

1. Wayfair

outdoor rugs

Price Range: $ to $$$$

Return Policy: Outdoor rugs in original and undamaged condition can be returned for store credit or a full refund within 30 days of delivery (shipping costs apply).

What to Buy: Birch Lane Kilkenny Handmade Braided Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug—$29+ and Adel Floral Round Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug—$57.99+

If you’re looking for where to buy outdoor rugs, Wayfair is one of the most popular spots. The exclusively online retailer is well known for its incredible selection of home furniture, decor, and other accessories. Most orders over $35 ship free and fast within the contiguous United States.

The outdoor rugs section of Wayfair’s website displays thousands of results—many with hundreds or thousands of positive customer reviews—matching a variety of budgets and design preferences. You can narrow down this huge selection and pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for using the various filters, such as size, color, shape, thickness, and cost, conveniently located on the left-hand side of the page.

Shop Wayfair outdoor rugs

2. The Home Depot

outdoor rugs

Price Range: $ to $$$$

Return Policy: New and unopened items are eligible for an in-store or mail-in return within 90 days of purchase date.

What to Buy: Unbound Smoke Gray Ribbed Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug—$20.97 and Tropics Palm Leaves Gray/Blue Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug—$30.01+

While your mind may immediately go to power tools, paint, and plumbing fixtures when you think of The Home Depot, you can also find a slew of outdoor rugs available at the home improvement retailer. With a wide selection of popular brands, such as nuLoom, Home Decorators Collection, Hampton Bay, and even Disney, The Home Depot has something for everyone. If you’re looking for specific features, such as antimicrobial waterproof outdoor rugs, you can filter the search results.

With more than 1,900 storefront locations across the U.S., chances are there is a Home Depot near you. But if not, or if you simply prefer shopping online, you can view the entire selection of outdoor rugs and place an order through the websites. Orders of $45 and more ship for free.

Shop Home Depot outdoor rugs

3. Target

outdoor rugs

Price Range: $ to $$$

Return Policy: Customers can receive a full refund within 90 days of purchase (or 120 days for RedCard holders).

What to Buy: nuLOOM Alaina Area Rug—$34.58+ and Project 62 Woven Natural Outdoor Rug—$16+

From groceries, clothes, and shoes, to toys, furniture, and home decor, Target has it all. This certainly holds true with its selection of outdoor rugs for patios and decks. There are over 2,000 different options, and Target has made it easy for customers to discover the perfect rug for their space. You can shop by rug size and shape, or explore different styles like Bohemian, modern, or coastal.

You can also filter the online search results to show outdoor rugs that are available for same-day delivery, in-store pickup, or shipping. If you order through Target’s app, you can even select to have your order brought right out to your car to save yourself a trip into the store.

Shop Target outdoor rugs

4. Walmart

outdoor rugs

Price Range: $ to $$

Return Policy: Walmart offers free in-store, mail, or scheduled pickup returns within 90 days of purchase.

What to Buy: Mainstays Red Global Medallion Outdoor Area Rug—$39.94+ and Better Homes & Gardens Turquoise Medallion Outdoor Rug—$30+

Known for its budget-friendly prices, Walmart is another one of the best places to buy outdoor rugs. The selection includes a mix of rectangular, square, and round outdoor rugs along with runners with designs ranging from solid neutrals to bright and colorful patterns. You can shop for rugs from popular brands such as Better Homes & Gardens, Mainstays, and nuLOOM.

Walmart offers a variety of pickup, delivery, and shipping offers for its rugs. Some styles can be picked up in store or curbside from one of its over 4,700 storefront locations, delivered to you from a store—which is free for W+ customers—or shipped to your home via UPS or FedEx (free with $35 purchase).

Shop Walmart outdoor rugs

5. Lowe’s

outdoor rugs

Price Range: $ to $$$$

Return Policy: Within 90 days of purchase, Lowe’s offers full refunds, exchanges, or store credit (in some cases with no receipt) for new and unused products.

What to Buy: nuLOOM Brown Outdoor Area Rug—$26.98+ and Allen + Roth Navy Border Bohemian Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug—$108+

Lowe’s offers a rather extensive selection of outdoor rugs with over 8,000 styles to choose from. Its rugs come in a wide assortment of sizes, materials, and colors/patterns to allow each shopper to find the perfect complement for their outdoor living space. You’ll also find rugs priced to match a range of budgets.

Shopping online is easy through the Lowe’s website, and orders of $45 or more ship for free. If you’d prefer to shop in person, many of the outdoor area rugs and runners are available at one of the over 2,000 brick and mortar stores.

Shop Lowes outdoor rugs

6. Amazon

outdoor rugs

Price Range: $ to $$

Return Policy: Most merchandise is eligible for a refund within 30 days of purchase; though policies can vary depending on the seller.

What to Buy: Nourison Aloha Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug—$33.29+ and Unique Loom Solid Heathered Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug—$23.69+

You can find anything and everything on Amazon, including indoor/outdoor rugs in many sizes, styles, designs, and price points. Thanks to the plethora of in-depth reviews available on Amazon, it’s easy to vet rugs based on what previous shoppers have experienced. Some of the outdoor rugs on Amazon have thousands of reviews, providing you with more confidence that you’re getting a quality product.

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, most rugs will ship for free. Non-Prime members receive free shipping with orders over $25. While there aren’t Amazon stores where you could see the rugs in person, the company’s generous return policy makes it easy to send back any products that you aren’t happy with and order a replacement.

Shop Amazon outdoor rugs

7. Ruggable

outdoor rugs

Price Range: $$ to $$$

Return Policy: Rugs in new condition are eligible for a full refund, less a $25 processing fee, within 30 days of the delivery date.

What to Buy: Outdoor Cleo Trellis Royal Blue Rug—$129+ and Outdoor Nomada Multicolor Rug—$129+

After having one of her new rugs ruined by her dog, Jeneva Bell started Ruggable with the mission of creating rugs that were as easy to clean as bedding. The unique rugs feature a two-piece design with a rub cover and rug pad. When needed, you can simply remove the cover from the pad and clean it in the washing machine.

Ruggable offers dozens of different outdoor rug designs to help you pull your outdoor living space together. Each style is available as an area rug or runner, with various size options to choose from. The outdoor rugs are made from 95 percent recycled polyester, making them a more sustainable choice. Ruggable does not have any brick and mortar stores; however it does offer site-wide free shipping to any of the contiguous United States.

Shop Ruggable outdoor rugs

8. West Elm

outdoor rugs

Price Range: $$ to $$$$

Return Policy: In most cases, items are eligible for a return and full refund within 30 days of the purchase date.

What to Buy: Maven Outdoor Rug—$148+ and Callalli Outdoor Rug—$50+

Most of the products offered by West Elm are designed in its Brooklyn studio, providing you the opportunity to purchase a unique and on-trend outdoor rug. West Elm also invests in local craftspeople and communities when procuring their products and has been the only home retailer featured on the Barron’s 100 list for the most sustainable companies in the United States.

While West Elm’s selection of outdoor rugs is not as large as that of some of the other retailers featured here, the rugs it does offer are made from durable materials that are made to withstand the elements. Some of the outdoor rugs in the line are even made from recycled polyester, making them an ideal option for the environmentally-conscious consumer.

Shop West Elm outdoor rugs

9. Rugs USA

outdoor rugs

Price Range: $ to $$$

Return Policy: Rugs USA offers free returns and free shipping within 30 days of delivery.

What to Buy: Charcoal Solid Braided Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug—$35.90+ and Ivory Moroccan Diamonds Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug—$33.10+

As you may be able to guess based on the company name, Rugs USA specializes in indoor and outdoor floor coverings. The outdoor rug section of the website displays over 300 different products, with most of these selections available in multiple size and/or color choices.

Rugs USA offers free shipping with fast delivery for all orders. The company is also committed to offering the lowest prices possible to its customers and runs daily sales. Rugs USA is an online-only store, but it offers easy returns within the first 30 days if you’re not satisfied with your order.

Shop Rugs USA outdoor rugs

10. Fab Habitat

outdoor rugs

Price Range: $ to $$

Return Policy: Fab Habitat offers full refunds within 30 days of delivery. Customers in the contiguous United States can also receive a free return label up to 15 days after delivery.

What to Buy: Lhasa Orange & Violet Boho Outdoor Rug—$42.99+ and Serowe Black & White Tribal Outdoor Rug—$42.99+

Fab Habitat aims to reduce its carbon footprint and keep plastics out of the landfill or ocean by using recycled plastic bottles and containers to create its rugs. The polypropylene outdoor rugs, specifically, are made using recycled food- and medicine-grade containers that are shredded, colored, melted into granules, and formed into tubes. The tubes are then woven together to create a stylish, attractive, and reversible rug that is resistant against mold and mildew. Many of the outdoor rugs are even waterproof, making them an ideal addition for an uncovered deck, patio, or balcony.

Fab Habitat’s outdoor rugs come in many different patterns and colors to help you bring your vision for an outdoor space to life. Filter the search result page by style, color, or size to find the perfect rug.

Shop Fab Habitat outdoor rugs

How We Chose the Best Places To Buy Outdoor Rugs

The list of recommended retailers above was curated following extensive research. When deciding which retailers to include on our list, we closely examined a variety of criteria, such as selection, price, and variety of styles, designs, and colors.

Additionally, we considered the reputation, customer service, and return policies of each retailer to narrow down the list. While some of the retailers on the list only offer online ordering and returns, others also have brick and mortar stores. This offers you the flexibility to choose your preferred shopping method, or return method if needed. Many of these retailers also offer other outdoor furniture pieces and accessories and can serve as a one-stop shop to help you complete the look of your deck or patio.

What Is the Best Material for Outdoor Rugs?

Polypropylene and polyester are among the most popular synthetic materials chosen for outdoor rugs due to their durability and resistance to different types of weather. These materials don’t absorb moisture, meaning they won’t become moldy or mildewed in areas with high humidity or lots of rain. Polyester and polypropylene are also fade-resistant, so rugs stay brighter and more vibrant.

Natural fibers may also be used for outdoor rugs. However, as a general rule, these rugs will not hold up as well to humidity or moisture, so they’re best suited for covered patios or drier climates. Jute—which is an eco-friendly material comes from the stalks of plants from the Corchorus genus—is a common natural fiber, along with bamboo. Both are very absorbent, though, so they can grow mold if left outside in the rain.

What Size Outdoor Rug Do I Need?

The optimal outdoor rug size for your space can vary based on a variety of factors. First, you need to think about the overall size of your deck or patio. While smaller outdoor rugs are often used near entryways, larger outdoor rugs can help create a more defined outdoor space or even section off your outdoor living area into multiple spaces.

Start by measuring the available space on your deck or patio. Then, consider your desired furniture layout. For example, some prefer to have all of the furniture entirely over the rug, while others like the look of just the legs touching the rug with a portion each piece hanging over the edge. Another popular layout is to have the outdoor rug in the center of the furniture, with the legs of the chairs or sofas just beyond the outer edge.

If you plan on putting a rug beneath an outdoor dining table, you may also want to consider how easy it will be to push the chairs in and out. Ensuring that the rug is large enough to extend beyond the back of the chairs will help them to move in and out without getting caught on the rug.

Can Outdoor Rugs Get Wet?

Yes, most outdoor rugs are designed so they can safely get wet. While indoor rugs are often made with natural fibers that absorb water and may become weak or even moldy if they get wet, outdoor rugs are commonly made with synthetic materials like polypropylene that are water-resistant. With this design, the rugs can get wet without the concern of weakened fabrics or the formation of mold and mildew.

Because outdoor rugs can get wet without worry, they are also easy to clean. If there are any stains or spills on the rug, you can scrub the affected area with dish soap and warm water and rinse it clean with a garden hose.

However, even though outdoor rugs can get wet, it’s best to let them dry out fully after rain or getting washed with the hose. If water gets trapped beneath the rug, mold could grow on your deck.