The 4 Best Power-Washing Companies of 2024

Power washing requires technical know-how and proper methods to get the job done right without causing damage. Get the best results by hiring the best power washing company.

Best Overall

The Best Power Washing Companies Option: Men in Kilts

Men in Kilts

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The Best Power Washing Companies Option: Window Gang

Window Gang

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Also Consider

The Best Power Washing Companies Option: Window Genie

Window Genie

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Mother Nature can certainly take a toll on a house. Over time, grime, pollen, and green mold can all make a once-beautiful home look old and weathered. Power washing can restore a home to its former glory—but only if you choose the right service to do the job. The best pressure washing services have the expertise and know-how to remove grime and stains from a home’s exterior, deck, patio, or walkway without removing paint or damaging delicate siding. While they’re at it, many of these services can also handle other maintenance jobs, such as cleaning dirty windows or clearing clogged gutters. Read on to find out what qualities are crucial to look for when searching for the best power washing company for you and learn more about some of the top picks in the country.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Men in Kilts
  2. RUNNER-UP: Window Gang
  3. ALSO CONSIDER: Window Genie
A worker wearing a hard hat cleans a roof using a power washer.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Power Washing Company for You

When vetting a power washing company, it’s important to consider a few attributes, including the company’s service area, the skill level of its technicians, and any additional services it offers. It’s also a good idea for the customer to have a general idea of how power washing works and what surfaces are suitable for this type of cleaning.

Service Area and Scheduling

The first step to returning a home’s exterior to pristine condition is finding a company that serves the customer’s location. Fortunately, most national power washing companies offer tools on their websites that allow customers to search for franchise locations based on ZIP code. Alternatively, the homeowner can also call the power washing service directly via a toll-free phone number.

Power washing services generally offer two means of scheduling service: a toll-free telephone number or online booking. While online scheduling offers convenience, telephone is the best option for homeowners who want a quote right away or have specific questions about the service.

Power Washing vs. Pressure Washing

Although many people use the terms “pressure washing” and “power washing” interchangeably, they are technically different processes.

A pressure washing service uses what’s called a pressure cleaner. This device uses a high-power spray to remove dirt, mold, grime, and other material from driveways, signs, sidewalks, patios, building facades, and even vehicles.

Power washing accomplishes the same thing; however, it uses heated water to add extra cleaning power. Heated water is especially effective at cleaning off heavier grime or substances that liquify under heat, such as grease (think of doing the dishes). Power washing is ideal for seriously dirty surfaces with its increased cleaning ability.

A pressure washing company will also use these terms interchangeably because customers frequently do. Before hiring the service, customers can speak with a customer service representative to get clarity on the exact service the company offers. (And since most customers and companies use these terms without distinguishing between the two, this article will continue to do the same.)

Types of Exterior Surfaces

Understanding what surfaces should and shouldn’t be pressure washed is key when selecting a service. Driveways and concrete patios are ideal surfaces for pressure washing. These surfaces are hard enough to withstand high-pressure spray without taking damage. Wooden surfaces, such as decks and certain types of siding, are also good candidates for a power wash; however, more care must be taken with wood, which can be damaged by too much water pressure. An experienced technician will use a broader fan angle and stand farther from the surface when power washing wood decking to prevent damaging it. Vinyl siding is also a common material for power washing. As with wood, a technician experienced with pressure washer equipment will know the proper washer tip and technique to use when cleaning the surface to avoid damaging the delicate vinyl material. The process for power washing vinyl is sometimes called soft washing.

Technician Training and Insurance

Since power washing often involves the use of a ladder to reach the upper parts of a home’s exterior, it’s crucial that the technicians doing the job have experience using power washing equipment from a ladder to reduce the risk of injury. A trained technician will also understand what nozzle size and technique to use to ensure they do not damage the surface of the material they are cleaning while using the power washer.

With that in mind, a quality power washing company should have insurance that covers any injuries the technician may sustain while on the job as well as any damage done to the home during the cleaning.


Many power washing companies stand behind their services with customer satisfaction guarantees. If the customer is not satisfied with the service, these companies will return to redo the cleaning within a reasonable time frame. Some companies will return to the customer’s home within 48 hours to complete a full recleaning. It’s essential to pay careful attention to the service’s guarantee as they can vary from company to company.

Additional Services

In addition to power washing, many companies also offer other related services, including gutter cleaning and window cleaning. Less common additional services include window tinting, driveway and patio sealing, dryer vent cleaning, and even chimney sweeping. Some power washing companies offer discounts for customers who hire them to complete more than one service.

At-a-Glance Comparison

Service AreaSchedulingGuaranteeAdditional Services
Men in Kilts11 states and CanadaPhone48-hour reclean guaranteeGutter cleaning, window cleaning
Window Gang14 states and Washington, D.C. Online, phone“All Shine No Shakedown” guaranteeGutter cleaning, window cleaning, chimney sweeping, dryer vent cleaning
Window Genie31 statesPhoneNot specifiedGutter cleaning, window tinting, window cleaning
Angi50 states and Washington, D.C. OnlineVaries by providerVaries by provider

Our Top Picks

Ahead, learn about some of the top power washing services in the country and find out how to locate reputable local power washing companies.

Best Overall

Men in Kilts

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Why It Made the Cut: With its high cleaning standards and 48-hour reclean guarantee, Men in Kilts is the gold standard in power washing services.

Per the company name, Men in Kilts technicians perform their jobs while wearing kilts, a marketing strategy used by the company’s canny Scotsman founder to differentiate the business from the competition. While it may seem a little gimmicky, the company’s power washing services are anything but. Men in Kilts, which operates in 11 states and Canada, uses purified water with its power washers so water won’t leave streaks or residue on the siding. Homeowners also don’t have to worry about cleaner chemicals damaging their yard or landscaping as Men in Kilts uses only eco-friendly cleaning products. Customers can get an estimate for its power washing, gutter cleaning, and window cleaning services by filling out a form on the company’s streamlined website or by calling its toll-free number. And while the company may not offer discounts for bundling services, if the finished product isn’t satisfactory, the company will return to the house and reclean it within 48 hours.


  • Service area: 11 states and Canada
  • Scheduling: Phone
  • Guarantee: 48-hour reclean guarantee
  • Additional services: Gutter cleaning, window cleaning


  • Purified water-fed poles eliminate streaks or residue
  • Technicians use eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products
  • 48-hour reclean guarantee
  • Website is streamlined and user-friendly


  • No discounts for bundled services


Window Gang

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Why It Made the Cut: Window Gang offers discounts for bundled cleaning services and offers convenient online booking.

Despite the shady character that serves as the company’s logo, Window Gang promises its “All Shine No Shakedown” guarantee with its services. In fact, the 35-year-old company guarantees its work and even performs criminal background checks on all of its employees. Window Gang also offers one of the more affordable power washing options on the market. It offers discounts to customers who bundle its power washing service with other cleaning services, including gutters, windows, chimneys, and dryer vents. While Window Gang does require its customers to book a minimum of $125 in services, customers who take advantage of one of these packages should be able to hit that minimum with no problem. Window Gang operates in 14 states located mainly in the southeastern U.S. and Washington, D.C. Customers can schedule service by calling the company’s toll-free number or by booking online with Window Gang’s intuitive online scheduling system.


  • Service area: 14 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Guarantee: “All Shine No Shakedown” guarantee
  • Additional services: Gutter cleaning, window cleaning, chimney sweeping, dryer vent cleaning


  • Relatively affordable prebuilt multiservice cleaning packages
  • Quick, convenient scheduling via online booking
  • Gutter cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and chimney sweep services also offered


  • Locations mainly concentrated in the southeastern U.S.
  • Sum of services’ cost must reach a minimum of $125

Also Consider

Window Genie

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Why It Made the Cut: Window Genie has a broad coverage area with a presence in 31 states and offers discounts for bundled services.

Window Genie differentiates itself from the competition by offering discounts for customers who sign up for multiple services. In addition to power washing, the company also offers services other power washers commonly offer, including cleaning windows and clearing gutters. It also includes less common services, including window tinting and concrete sealing. With this sealing service, customers who spend money on power washing their concrete driveways can make the results last longer. Window Genie is also one of the more widely available services in the U.S., with locations in 31 states. While pricing can vary by location, the company is part of the Neighborly family of service brands. This means it follows Neighborly’s Done Right Promise, so Window Genie will re-perform any power washing service when contacted within 30 days of the service.


  • Service area: 31 states
  • Scheduling: Phone
  • Guarantee: Not specified
  • Additional services: Gutter cleaning, window tinting, window cleaning


  • Multiservice discounts available
  • Concrete cleaning and sealing offered


  • Pricing varies by location

Honorable Mention


See It

Why It Made the Cut: Angi is the best source for locating quality local power washing services.

Angi itself may not be a direct power washing provider or any other maintenance service, but the company can help homeowners find the best ones. Angi has made a name for itself nationally as one of the best websites for hiring local skilled professionals to complete various household jobs, including power washing. The company’s website has comprehensive filters that allow the client to specify specific projects and choose from local pros. A rating system lets users vet each company directly from the site. While customers will have to enter their personal information to browse through the listings, they’re sure to find a power washing pro who can tackle any cleaning situation.


  • Service area: 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  • Scheduling: Online
  • Guarantee: Varies by provider
  • Additional services: Varies by provider


  • Customers can filter by project and choose from local professionals
  • Customers can obtain quotes or bids within minutes
  • Streamlined and user-friendly website and app
  • Comprehensive resource center organized by project type 


  • Name, phone number, and email are required to browse local services
  • Persistent follow-up emails and calls

Our Verdict

For its high-quality service and 48-hour reclean guarantee, Men in Kilts is the best all-around choice power washing service. Those looking for a company that will give them a discount for scheduling multiple services should consider Window Genie.

How We Chose the Best Power Washing Companies

We considered various important factors when selecting our list of the top power washing companies. Since most homeowners want more than power washing when selecting a company to clean the exterior of their homes, we chose companies that offer a comprehensive selection of additional services, including window washing and gutter cleaning. We also favored companies that offer discounts for purchasing more than one type of service. Our list also includes companies that stand behind their work by guaranteeing to return in a reasonable time frame to reclean if the customer is dissatisfied.

Before You Hire the Best Power Washing Company for You

Many homeowners, in an effort to save money, rent a commercial power washer and attempt to power wash their homes or decks themselves. While it’s certainly possible to DIY a pressure washing job, doing so can often do more harm than good. Failing to use the proper tip or right amount of pressure can strip paint, crack vinyl, or permanently scar wood decking, turning what was an affordable maintenance project into an expensive repair. Commercial pressure washing equipment is even powerful enough to cut through flesh, causing serious injury. Unless one feels confident and knowledgeable with how to use a pressure washer, paying to hire a professional power washing company is often the best choice.

Cost of Hiring the Best Power Washing Company for You

Power washing costs vary depending on the type of surface being cleaned. The cost of power washing a home typically costs between $150 and $750, depending on the square footage of the home and number of floors. Power washing a driveway ranges between $100 and $500, again depending on size, while power washing a deck or patio ranges between $250 and $400.

The Advantages of Hiring the Best Power Washing Company for You

There are plenty of good reasons to hire a professional service to do the job. Power washing a home keeps it in good condition, helping to preserve the property value. Power washing also removes dirt and allergens clinging to the outside of a home, helping alleviate respiratory issues for residents who suffer from asthma and allergies. In addition to removing dirt and mold, power washing also takes care of cobwebs that can detract from a home’s appearance. For those planning to paint a home, power washing preps the surface for the new coating by creating a clean surface for the new paint. Finally, hiring a reputable power washing company versus DIY-ing the project eliminates the chances of personal injury or damage to the home.

  • Preserves a home’s property value
  • Removes mold, pollen, and dirt that exacerbates allergy symptoms
  • Preps the surface for new paint
  • Eliminates the injury and damage risks of DIY power washing


If you’re wondering what types of chemicals power washing companies use to clean surfaces or if you can save money by bundling cleaning services, then read on for answers.

Q. Is power washing better than pressure washing?

Power washing uses warm water, which does a better job of removing dirt and grime than a standard commercial pressure washing, which uses cold water.

Q. What chemicals are needed for pressure washing?

The chemicals pressure washer companies use vary from service to service. Some of the most common chemicals are bleach, which sanitizes and disinfects; citric acid, which removes stains; and sodium hydroxide, which breaks up grease and grime.

Q. Do power washing companies offer discounts?

Many power washing companies offer discounts when services are bundled together, such as power washing and gutter cleaning or window cleaning. Reach out to a customer service representative to determine what those discounts will be.

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