The Best Gutter Cleaning Services of 2023

Gutter cleaning ought to be an annual or biannual investment for all homeowners. When deciding which gutter cleaning service to hire, it’s important for homeowners to evaluate multiple options and features.

By Nicole Fallon and Jeff Keleher | Updated Nov 14, 2023 4:13 AM

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The Best Gutter Cleaning Services Options


There are various types of gutters, each requiring a certain level and form of care. Investing in good gutter cleaning is a smart decision for homeowners to make on an annual or biannual basis to ensure the system is properly draining rainwater. Failing to keep up with gutter cleaning can result in water falling around the foundation of a home or building, which can then soften the soil and lead to cracks in the foundation. In other words, gutter cleaning is a great preventive measure for homeowners to take to avoid serious and expensive home issues.

Gutter cleaning might seem like a daunting or pricey task, but it’s necessary all the same. We evaluated multiple providers to come up with a list of the best gutter cleaning services for homeowners to ensure high-quality cleaning.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Window Genie
  2. RUNNER-UP: Men in Kilts
  3. BEST WITH LANDSCAPING: The Grounds Guys
  4. BEST FOR GUTTER REPAIR: The Brothers That Just Do Gutters
  6. BEST FOR OUTDOOR LIGHTING: Shine Window Cleaning
  7. BEST FOR NICHE CLEANING: Fish Window Cleaning
The Best Gutter Cleaning Services Options


What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Gutter Cleaning Services

When searching for the right gutter cleaning service for their gutter system, many homeowners don’t know where to start and what features to consider. However, blindly choosing a gutter cleaning service is ill-advised.

It’s important to consider features such as the experience and credentials of the gutter cleaning professionals, their location and availability, whether they offer any seasonal promotions or discounts, whether they do regular maintenance appointments or scheduled appointments, and if they offer any additional services that homeowners could benefit from.

Trained and Insured Professionals

While there are no set qualifications or certifications for gutter cleaners, some companies require their employees to receive a certain amount of training before allowing them to work. It’s important to be aware of the level of training and experience these professionals have.

Additionally, homeowners will want to check if companies have their own training policies in place. Such gutter repair and cleaning services are more trustworthy and credible, as they hold their workers to a higher standard. Before investing in any company to take care of such an important and dangerous project, it’s crucial for homeowners to research the experts they’re trusting with their home.

Location and Availability

It’s a good idea for homeowners to vet gutter cleaning services in their location not just out of convenience, but also so the professionals understand the climate and needs specific to that area. Hiring a team of gutter cleaning and repair experts who are not local or have to travel far can lead to extra fees for homeowners and other concerns.

Another consideration homeowners will want to keep in mind is the availability of gutter cleaning services in their area. For instance, if a service is booked up for weeks at a time, it might be smart to schedule local gutter cleaning services months in advance for regular cleanings so the homeowner can count on consistent service.

Seasonal Promotions or Discounts

Roof and gutter cleaning can be an expensive maintenance task to check off a homeowner’s to-do list. On average, gutter cleaning costs $163, and homeowners may want to schedule more than one appointment each year. Thankfully, many gutter cleaning services offer seasonal promotions or discounts to their clients. Homeowners can take advantage of these perks by regularly checking local services in ads or via email alerts.

Additionally, homeowners can ask neighbors for referrals to potentially get a referral discount, or check with the company to see whether it will offer a volume discount if several homeowners schedule service with the company on the same day. Also, many roofing and window cleaning companies do gutter cleaning, and homeowners can save some money by booking both services.

Regular or Scheduled Appointments

Gutter systems typically require two regular cleanings per year, especially if they’re in an area that experiences a change in seasons. However, there are other factors that influence a gutter cleaning schedule, such as the number of trees surrounding the house and the specific climate.

Homeowners will want to determine their gutter system’s cleaning needs to develop the right cleaning schedule. A good tip for cleaning gutters is to schedule regular cleanings throughout the year to ensure proper maintenance, especially for homes surrounded by trees.

Additional Services

As mentioned above, some window cleaning and roofing companies offer their services along with gutter cleaning. For instance, gutter cleaning companies may also offer window cleaning, landscaping, outdoor lighting, or downspout cleaning services. Homeowners might want to have these cleanings done at the same time as other services so they can save money.

Additionally, a gutter cleaning company may also offer other gutter-related services as well, such as installing the best gutter guards or making repairs. Combining various services into one can be a smart decision for homeowners looking for efficient, quality work.

Our Top Picks

To compile a list of the best options on the market, we vetted several gutter cleaning services and considered various features, from the training requirements for each professional team to their availability and convenience of scheduling. Here are our top picks for gutter cleaning services and companies.

Best Overall

The Best Gutter Cleaning Service Option: Window Genie

Why It Made the Cut: We chose Window Genie as the best overall gutter cleaning company because of its additional services and available discounts.

In addition to gutter cleaning, Window Genie also specializes in window cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing, and more. The company even offers concrete paver and sealing services, so homeowners can hire Window Genie to tackle several different maintenance projects around the house. If clients do opt for these services, the company also offers multiservice discounts to those who want to invest in more than just gutter cleaning. These discount opportunities could help homeowners reduce the overall cost of gutter cleaning, window cleaning, and other services.

While there is no information about scheduling regular or annual appointments on the company’s website, all estimates are free, and its services come at an affordable price. Window Genie is also dedicated to customer satisfaction, which is why its team of field technicians are fully trained, insured, bonded, and have passed a background check. Homeowners can feel more comfortable hiring Window Genie given the company’s diligent training practices.



  • Service area: U.S. (Nationwide)
  • Booking: By phone
  • Recurring annual appointments offered: Unknown
  • Trained and insured professionals: Yes
  • Additional services: Window cleaning, window tinting, pressure washing


  • Window film installation, tinting, and cleaning offered
  • Concrete and paver sealing services offered
  • Multiservice discounts offered


  • No information about scheduling regular or annual appointments


The Best Gutter Cleaning Service Option: Men in Kilts

Why It Made the Cut: Men in Kilts has a team of highly trained professionals, offers an array of different services, and uses eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning solutions.

Men in Kilts is a great choice for gutter cleaning and other cleaning and home improvement services. While the company doesn’t offer discounts for bundled services, it does provide both interior and exterior window cleaning, gutter cleaning, house washing, and pressure washing to all its clients, both residential and commercial.

Prices vary and are unique to the home or building’s needs, and each project is priced with integrity so homeowners can be assured they’re getting the best bang for their buck. Not only that, but the team of highly trained and insured professionals wears kilts while getting the work done right. This decision started as a friendly visual on an otherwise faceless window cleaning company and grew to be popular among locals.

The services of Men in Kilts are also backed by the company’s “Kilt Clean Guarantee,” which promises 100 percent satisfaction or a thorough reclean at no additional charge. The company’s technicians also use eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products, so homeowners don’t need to be concerned about harmful chemicals damaging their property.



  • Service area: U.S. and Canada
  • Booking: By phone
  • Recurring annual appointments offered: Yes
  • Trained and insured professionals: Yes
  • Additional services: Window cleaning, house washing, pressure washing


  • Pressure washing, house cleaning, and window cleaning also offered
  • Highly trained and insured professionals
  • Technicians use eco-friendly, biodegradable cleaning products


  • No discounts for bundled services

Best with Landscaping

The Best Gutter Cleaning Service Option: The Grounds Guys

Why It Made the Cut: The Grounds Guys doubles as a full-service landscaping company with outdoor lights setup services in addition to yard status reports delivered directly to the homeowner.

The Grounds Guys is a dedicated team of landscaping professionals offering both residential and commercial services. The company is built on a family tradition of caring and prioritizes client satisfaction above all. In fact, the Grounds Guys says it follows the values of C.A.R.E.— Customers First, Attitude, Respect, and Enjoy life in the process. As a full-service landscaping service provider, the company boasts clean, branded vehicles; professional uniformed workers; timely responses; safe and reliable equipment; and status and quality reports delivered in a timely manner. Homeowners can also hire the Ground Guys to set up outdoor lights, with a wide variety of lighting options to choose from—even holiday displays.

While it’s important to note the professionals tend to specialize in landscaping, not gutter issues or repairs, the company does offer reliable gutter cleaning services. The Grounds Guys employs landscaping and gutter cleaning teams who are both professional and dependable to ensure its clients’ homes are kept as beautiful as possible.



  • Service area: U.S. and Canada
  • Booking: By phone
  • Recurring annual appointments offered: Unknown
  • Trained and insured professionals: Trained, unknown if insured
  • Additional services: Landscaping, snow removal, outdoor lights, irrigation


  • Full-service landscaping company
  • Outdoor lights setup service offered
  • Yard status and quality reports delivered to homeowners


  • Professionals tend to specialize in landscaping, so they may not be as knowledgeable about any gutter issues or needed repairs

Best for Gutter Repair

The Best Gutter Cleaning Service Option; The Brothers That Just Do Gutters

Why It Made the Cut: The Brothers That Just Do Gutters specializes in gutters and gutters only, meaning it employs experts in gutter cleaning and servicing.

Much like its name, The Brothers That Just Do Gutters is a gutter repair company that focuses on many types of gutter services, including gutter cleaning. Although the company does not offer other types of exterior cleaning services, homeowners can hire The Brothers That Just Do Gutters to install gutter guards and specialty gutters, such as copper or galvanized gutters. The company also offers snow remediation installation services for homes in colder climates.

The Brothers That Just Do Gutters is a community-minded, client-focused gutter contractor that understands the importance of investing in employees. The company seeks to provide its clients with a 5-star experience and shares both positive and negative reviews to understand where they can improve while maintaining transparency with their prospects.



  • Service area: U.S. (Nationwide)
  • Booking: By phone
  • Recurring annual appointments offered: Yes
  • Trained and insured professionals: Unknown
  • Additional services: Gutter guards, gutter installation, heat tape


  • Gutter repair services offered
  • Gutter guards and specialty gutter installation available
  • Snow remediation installation services like snow guards and heat tape installation offered


  • No other exterior cleaning services offered

Best for Multiservice

The Best Gutter Cleaning Service Option: Window Gang

Why It Made the Cut: Window Gang offers window cleaning and chimney sweep services in addition to gutter cleaning, with quick and convenient scheduling options.

Window Gang is a multiservice cleaning company that provides professional window cleaning, chimney sweeping, dryer vent cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and other services. The company is transparent about its safety and cleaning practices, and its founder is constantly developing new chemical blends to safely clean homes. While the company mainly operates in the eastern and southeastern U.S., homeowners looking for an environmentally friendly home services provider may find the right match with Window Gang.

Window Gang is also committed to offering first-class services, which is why the company requires extensive training and employs a staff that is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. To schedule an appointment, homeowners can easily use the company’s online booking system at their convenience. This way, customers can set up an appointment to clean their gutters or other parts of their home without needing to pick up the phone.



  • Service area: Eastern and southeastern U.S.
  • Booking: Online and by phone
  • Recurring annual appointments offered: Unknown
  • Trained and insured professionals: Yes
  • Additional services: Window cleaning, pressure washing, chimney sweep


  • Quick, convenient scheduling via online booking
  • Window cleaning and chimney sweep services also offered
  • Transparency about safety and cleaning practices


  • Locations are mainly in the eastern and southeastern U.S.

Best for Outdoor Lighting

The Best Gutter Cleaning Service Option: Shine Window Cleaning

Why It Made the Cut: Shine Window Cleaning has a varied service catalog and transparent pricing structure, making it a good option for homeowners looking for both gutter cleaning and outdoor lighting services.

Shine Window Cleaning is a great gutter cleaning service that also offers full-home holiday light setup, maintenance, and removal—a unique perk for homeowners—and other specialty services such as ceiling fan cleaning. Although its locations are limited to the eastern and midwestern U.S., homeowners interested in gutter cleaning and outdoor lighting services may find Shine Window Cleaning to be a perfect fit for them.

The company is also extremely transparent about its pricing estimates, which are available on its website. Because of these clear, up-front price estimates, customers don’t need to worry about any unpleasant surprises when the job is finished and their bill comes due. Shine Window Cleaning was recently ranked by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top 500 franchises in the United States—a testament to the company’s quality of service.



  • Service area: Eastern and midwestern U.S.
  • Booking: By phone
  • Recurring annual appointments offered: Yes
  • Trained and insured professionals: Yes
  • Additional services: Window cleaning, home detailing, outdoor and holiday lighting


  • Full-home holiday light setup, maintenance, and removal
  • Transparent pricing estimates available on website
  • Specialty services like ceiling fan cleaning


  • Locations limited to eastern and midwestern U.S.

Best for Niche Cleaning

The Best Gutter Cleaning Service Option: Fish Window Cleaning

Why It Made the Cut: Fish Window Cleaning offers awning, outdoor light fixture, and chandelier cleaning in addition to gutter cleaning for clients with niche cleaning needs.

Fish Window Cleaning is a great option for gutter cleaning and other niche cleaning services. The company’s technicians are highly trained in ladder safety and are committed to customer satisfaction. With over 40 years of experience, Fish Window Cleaning has more than 275 franchise offices across 45 states.

While the website does not have extensive information about services offered, homeowners can contact the company directly for estimates and further information. Some of the additional cleaning services the company offers include interior and exterior window cleaning, storm windows, mirrors, ceiling fans, skylights, screens, chandeliers, and sill cleaning. Fish Window Cleaning is also committed to charitable causes, encouraging franchises to support various local nonprofit organizations.



  • Service area: U.S. (Nationwide)
  • Booking: By phone
  • Recurring annual appointments offered: Unknown
  • Trained and insured professionals: Trained, unknown if insured
  • Additional services: Awning cleaning, window cleaning, light fixture cleaning


  • Awning, outdoor light fixture, and chandelier cleaning
  • Technicians are extensively trained in ladder safety
  • Ongoing support for local charities and nonprofit organizations


  • Website does not have extensive information about services offered

Our Verdict

The award for Best Overall goes to Window Genie because of the wide range of services offered in addition to gutter cleaning and for the discount opportunities available. We chose Men in Kilts as our Runner-Up due to the highly trained cleaning professionals on staff who only use environmentally safe cleaning products. For homeowners looking to hire a gutter cleaning service with the best value, highly trained professionals, a variety of additional services, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions, both offer consumers high levels of professionalism, more than just gutter cleaning, and courteous service.

How We Chose the Best Gutter Cleaning Services

In the pursuit of putting this comprehensive list of the best gutter cleaning services together, we analyzed many companies based on several factors. A consistent part of our analysis across the board was trying to highlight additional services offered by companies that would make them valuable partners to a homeowner and could work on other projects besides just gutter cleaning.

The additional services and resources our analysis found included holiday lighting, multiservice discounts, online booking, awning and chandelier cleaning, and full-service landscaping. Often, for professional niche cleaning (such as for cleaning awnings and chandeliers) and installing holiday lighting, it can be hard to find a trusted professional. As such, we aimed to create this guide to be an evergreen resource to homeowners looking for quality, reliable professionals in more than one area of cleaning and home maintenance.

Before You Hire One of the Best Gutter Cleaning Services

It’s important to vet the professionals working on a home, and gutter cleaning services are no different. Ensuring the company that cleans a home’s gutters is professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy can make all the difference.

The most important question to ask a gutter cleaning service before hiring it is if the company is licensed. While licensed gutter cleaners are often very reliable, unlicensed gutter cleaners could hurt themselves, cause damage to a home, and make a mistake for which the customer is liable.

Speaking of liability, homeowners will want to ensure the gutter cleaning company is insured with both liability and workers’ compensation insurance. Liability insurance protects a homeowner and their property against accidental damage, and workers’ compensation protects the professional working on the home. For both licenses and insurance, it is within a homeowner’s right to ask for proof of these documents.

Other considerations to remember when hiring a professional gutter cleaning service are whether the company has a satisfaction guarantee, if the company’s main focus is gutter cleaning or gutter maintenance, and if the company has a positive reputation within the community. After weighing the pros and cons of hiring a professional, some homeowners may decide to clean their gutters on their own. It’s important to understand how to clean gutters the most effective way to get the job done right. Homeowners may also want to purchase one of the best gutter cleaners to clear debris without needing to get up on a ladder.

Cost of Hiring One of the Best Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter cleaning services costs will vary depending on the scope of the project, location, and amount of gutter footage needing to be cleaned, but the national average for gutter cleaning is about $0.80 per foot of gutter, with the highest costs falling around $2.15 per foot and the lowest costs coming in at $0.40 per foot.

The more stories a home has, the more it will cost to clean its gutters. Other factors that impact a gutter cleaning services quote include the season in which the job is done and how dirty or full the gutters are. Gutter cleaning services are in high demand during the spring and summer months, and a home with lots of foliage and very unclean gutters will most likely have a higher quote than a home without many falling leaves that’s just had its gutters cleaned a few months ago.

The Advantages of Using One of the Best Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter cleaning, a necessary chore of homeownership, tends to be one of the more unsavory tasks. However, it’s absolutely necessary to keep a home’s gutters in good condition and avoid potentially expensive and damaging issues down the road. While some homeowners may believe it’s more cost-effective to DIY gutter cleaning, it’s simply not the case—unless that homeowner is a gutter cleaning professional.

Hiring a gutter cleaning professional provides several benefits. Not only can a homeowner trust in the quality of the work done by a professional gutter cleaning company that has a satisfaction guarantee and years of experience, but the homeowner also saves the potential risk of getting hurt by trying to DIY the project.

Hiring a professional also saves money in the long run—the company’s insurance can and will cover any accidental damages, and the routine maintenance will save a homeowner costly expenses such as a new roof or gutters should the unclean gutters cause significant damage. The best gutter cleaning services offer the following benefits:

  • Additional services available—including window cleaning and tinting, pressure washing, landscaping, gutter repair, and outdoor lighting services—to spruce up the home;
  • Trained professionals ensure high-quality work and a commitment to safety; and
  • Transparent pricing that helps homeowners budget for gutter cleaning expenses and avoid unexpected costs.


While gutter cleaning is an important part of home maintenance, most homeowners don’t have an extensive amount of knowledge on the subject. The questions and answers below can help homeowners learn more about the process and how often gutters should be cleaned.

Q. What do professional gutter cleaning services use to clean the gutters?

Gutter cleaners use a multitude of professional tools to clean more deeply and thoroughly than the average homeowner may be able to do. Often, industrial-strength vacuums and power washers are used in combination with each other—sometimes termed “wet/dry technology.”

Q. How many times a year should gutters be cleaned?

It’s a good idea for homeowners to clean their gutters at least twice a year. However, it’s important to consider the foliage around a home. For houses that have lots of trees, cleaning as often as every 3 months is a smart idea.

Q. How much do gutter cleaning services charge?

HomeAdvisor’s national average for basic gutter cleaning services is $163, with a general range between $119 and $229. Cleaning the gutters of single-story homes costs less than for 2-story homes, with the former starting around $70 and the latter starting around $100.

Q. Do I have to book gutter cleaning services in advance? 

Depending on the time frame and company a homeowner requests, it’s usually a good idea to book gutter cleaning services in advance. Most companies that clean gutters recommend booking in advance, especially in the late summer and fall months, to ensure a home’s gutters can be cleaned in time for poor weather.

Q. Do gutter cleaning services offer free inspection? 

The company a homeowner books for gutter cleaning services will usually perform a complimentary inspection of the house to determine the project scope. During this inspection, the service may recommend the scope be widened to include additional important projects, which may incur an additional cost, but the inspection itself is free.

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