The Best Irrigation Services

Knowledgeable, experienced, and on a schedule, the best irrigation services can keep your lawn healthy and well-watered.

Best Overall

Conserva Irrigation

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Full-Service Landscaping

The Best Irrigation Services Option: The Grounds Guys

The Grounds Guys

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Emergency Service

The Best Irrigation Services Option: Pacific Lawn Sprinklers

Pacific Lawn Sprinklers

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Rain may be the best, cheapest way to water a lawn, but it’s unreliable. Moving sprinklers around is time-consuming for the homeowner—and can easily result in over- or under-watering. Instead, the best irrigation services ensure that lawns are healthy through regular watering, fertilizing, and maintenance.

Irrigation services can install an irrigation system that applies water uniformly and regularly, keeping yards and gardens looking their healthy best. These experts will explain the pros and cons (and costs) of drip, sprinkler, subsurface, and surface irrigation. The right system may even conserve water and save money.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Conserva Irrigation
  3. EMERGENCY SERVICE: Pacific Lawn Sprinklers
  4. BEST IRRIGATION DESIGN: SiteOne Landscape Supply
  5. BEST AGGREGATOR: HomeAdvisor
The Best Irrigation Services Options

What to Consider When Choosing One of the Best Irrigation Services

Many factors contribute to what type of irrigation system will be best for a particular home. These include climate and type of vegetation, which an irrigation pro can determine. But choosing the right irrigation service will depend primarily on the company’s offerings and availability.

Types of Irrigation

There are four basic types of irrigation: sprinkler, drip, surface, and subsurface.

There are many varieties of sprinkler irrigation that work by shooting water overhead onto the lawn and plants. It’s a cost-effective method of covering a lot of ground. Drip irrigation requires laying lines to slowly supply plants’ roots with water. It’s a less wasteful use of water.

Surface irrigation falls somewhere in the middle of the previous two methods, using gravity to let water flow over the lawn. It is the least expensive form of irrigation. Subsurface irrigation is similar to drip irrigation, but it uses small tubes below the surface to water the plants. Useful in sandy soils or arid locations, it can save energy.

Service Area

When evaluating an irrigation service, a homeowner will want to check if the company does work in their area. There is little reason for a customer to continue vetting a company if they cannot hire its services. If a homeowner lives outside the service area of the irrigation company, it may not accept your booking or it may charge additional travel fees.


All companies typically take appointments over the phone, but others may allow customers to book online. First-time irrigation customers will likely need to schedule a lawn consultation, which might incur a different charge or require a different length of time than a typical appointment.

Some people choose irrigation services because they don’t have the time to water their lawn, or they’re not sure how often they should water. Professionals will know the amount of water a lawn needs, including frequency and duration. This knowledge protects the yard from being under- or over-watered. Irrigation services ensure that the correct about of water reaches the roots without overwatering, which can be detrimental to plant health. Determining the appropriate amount of watering time depends on size and type of plant, soil, and weather. Monitoring results can confirm that the scheduling is accurate.

Services Offered

Some irrigation companies offer additional, year-round services that might benefit a homeowner, such as lawn mowing, weeding, mulching, pruning, fertilizing, trimming, summerization, leaf removal, spring cleanup, winter prep, and snow removal. Some companies will even set up holiday lights and provide seasonal displays such as evergreen wreaths and flowering annuals.

Other homeowners may want to focus strictly on irrigation and servicing the system and need a company that will shut it down for the winter by blowing water out of the lines so they don’t freeze. Not every company will offer every service, so it’s a good idea to inquire whether it provides more than just irrigation. As an added bonus, bundling services may result in a discount.

Guarantees or Warranties

It’s wise to ensure that the irrigation system comes with a manufacturer’s warranty that promises to replace any defective components. A top manufacturer will stand behind its products. Similarly, the installer or irrigation service company should stand by their work with a labor guarantee or warranty.

Both types of warranties have a limited lifespan and will commonly come with stipulations (meaning they are invalidated if the components have been damaged or misused by the homeowner). For example, allowing someone to work on the system other than the irrigation service company that installed it could void the warranty.

Our Top Picks

There are many irrigation companies out there, but they’re not all created equal. These are the best irrigation services.

Best Overall

Conserva Irrigation

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  • Types of irrigation: Drip, sprinkler
  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Additional services: Summerization, mid-season inspection, winterization, backflow testing
  • Guarantee or warranty: 5-year warranty with annual service


  • Systems can help homeowners use up to 60 percent less water
  • Complimentary comprehensive lawn evaluation
  • Generous 5-year warranty on work and systems


  • Warranty is only valid if homeowners receive annual maintenance

Why It Made the Cut: Conserva Irrigation is an environmentally responsible company that will help customers conserve water and save money without sacrificing a beautiful lawn. Conserva Irrigation not only offers some of the best sprinkler systems but is also a water conservationist company, proving that a homeowner doesn’t need to waste water to have a nice lawn. Conserva promises to use up to 60 percent less water, which saves on the water bill and helps the planet. With year-round maintenance and the latest technology, the company can care for a lawn in all seasons. Conserva Irrigation offers many services, including irrigation system installation and maintenance and seasonal services. The company will perform a comprehensive free lawn evaluation, and it offers a generous 5-year warranty on its work and systems. However, this warranty is only valid if a customer receives annual maintenance from Conserva. Combining the latest technology and products from leading manufacturers, Conserva puts together efficient, sustainable irrigation systems for residential and commercial properties.

Full-Service Landscaping

The Grounds Guys

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  • Types of irrigation: Drip, sprinkler
  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Additional services: Landscaping, snow management, gutters
  • Guarantee or warranty: 14-day satisfaction guarantee


  • Full-service landscaping company
  • Clients receive yard status and quality reports after every visit
  • Sustainable irrigation systems with modern designs and components


  • Some locations may not offer all irrigation services

Why It Made the Cut: The Grounds Guys is practically a one-stop shop, and its “Done Right Promise” guarantees customers’ satisfaction. The Grounds Guys is a full-service landscaping company that does everything from fire pits to fertilizing, gutters to grass planting, and mulching to mowing. It’ll even put up holiday lights, clear snow, and plant trees and shrubs. The Grounds Guys provides installation of custom-designed drip irrigation systems, lawn sprinkler systems, and sprinkler repair. However, some locations may not offer all irrigation services, so customers will need to contact their local branch. The company delivers yard status and quality reports to homeowners after every visit. It also prioritizes sustainability with irrigation systems designed with modern, updated components to optimize water usage. The “Done Right Promise” guarantees that homeowners will be pleased with their irrigation system and lawn.

Emergency Service

Pacific Lawn Sprinklers

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  • Types of irrigation: Sprinkler, drip, sleeving, water retention
  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Scheduling: Online, phone
  • Additional services: Smart controllers, sprinkler wells, holiday lighting, landscaping lighting, drainage
  • Guarantee or warranty: Not specified


  • 24/7 emergency department
  • Unique services include sprinkler pumps, drainage solutions, and seasonal lighting
  • Price match guarantee


  • Must create an account to schedule an appointment online

Why It Made the Cut: Pacific Lawn Sprinklers is available 24/7 to repair irrigation systems if a problem arises—and it offers attractive services like 1-day installation and price match guarantee. Even the best sprinkler system can malfunction. Pacific Lawn Sprinklers can install automatic lawn sprinkler systems—in as little as one day—and repair them when catastrophe strikes. To prevent disaster, the company provides maintenance services such as spring start-up, seasonal inspection, backflow installation, and winterization. Customers can schedule appointments online, but they must create an account to schedule and see pricing. Pacific Lawn Sprinklers will match prices from companies who are licensed and accredited by the Better Business Bureau, so customers can be sure they’re getting the best price. Pacific Lawn Sprinklers’ unique services include drainage solutions and installing smart pumps and monitors to optimize water usage. Customers can also hire the company to install seasonal lighting.

Best Irrigation Design

SiteOne Landscape Supply

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  • Types of irrigation: Varies by project
  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Scheduling: Phone
  • Additional services: Irrigation and landscaping supplies
  • Guarantee or warranty: Not specified


  • Designs are AutoCAD compliant and completed by certified irrigation designers
  • Designers have local site knowledge and can tailor irrigation needs to varying climates


  • Irrigation design services are only available to SiteOne Partners Program members

Why It Made the Cut: SiteOne Landscape Supply is known as a retailer of irrigation equipment, but it also offers a cutting-edge irrigation design service. For customers looking for irrigation design services, SiteOne Landscape Supply is the place to go. This nationwide retailer sells all manner of irrigation supplies, nursery stock, landscaping equipment, and more. SiteOne also employs designers to create custom irrigation plans for residential and commercial use. Only those part of the SiteOne Partners Program can use this service. SiteOne’s designs are completed by certified irrigation designers and are compliant with AutoCAD, which is the standard software used by most professional designers and architects. This means that if a customer has to transfer the designs to another professional, that professional should easily be able to open and access the designs. SiteOne’s designers are based around the country and have local site knowledge, so the irrigation systems can be tailored to different climates and needs.

Best Aggregator


See It
  • Types of irrigation: Sprinkler
  • Service area: Nationwide
  • Scheduling: Online
  • Additional services: Varies by professional
  • Guarantee or warranty: Varies by professional


  • Potential clients can filter by project and choose from local professionals
  • Website is streamlined and user-friendly


  • Irrigation solutions are limited to sprinkler installation or repair

Why It Made the Cut: HomeAdvisor is an easy-to-use online service that makes it easy to find a local professional to install a sprinkler system. It refines results by location, project, and budget to find local pros specializing in the work you want done. Since irrigation services are limited to sprinkler installation and repair, it may not be for everyone. By collecting location and a description of the irrigation project, HomeAdvisor will provide information on up to four prescreened professionals who are available to do the job. Homeowners can choose from the available pros, then contact them to discuss project details, but there is no obligation to hire anyone. While at the HomeAdvisor site, homeowners can search for pros skilled in more than 500 other home-related services. This aggregator also provides information about how much others have recently paid for similar jobs, which serves as a guide on fair pricing. Searching for “best irrigation companies near me” may yield similar results, but without the information needed to make the most informed decision.

Our Verdict

Conserva Irrigation is the top pick because of its focus on water conservation. Watering lawns can use a lot of water, and because water shortage is a serious global concern, the company’s efforts toward responsible water management are commendable. It also prioritizes customer satisfaction with its generous warranty and complimentary lawn evaluation. The Grounds Guys is the runner-up because of its full range of landscaping services to appeal to almost any homeowner.

How We Chose the Best Irrigation Services

To determine the best irrigation services, we reviewed dozens of service providers and considered factors such as specialty, location, service area, ease of contact, and pricing. We also took into account any additional services offered, such as landscaping or snow removal. We examined each company’s reputation, certifications, and licenses, as well as features that set it apart from competitors.

Before You Hire One of the Best Irrigation Services

When looking for an irrigation service company, it pays to ask some questions. The first one should be about the company’s knowledge and experience. Is the company a designer or a contractor? How many years has it been in the business? Is it licensed or certified? Is it insured?

Once you’re assured of the company’s credentials, price is likely the next question on your mind. Will it tell you the price up front, or are you at the mercy of paying an hourly rate for an unknown period of time? How much of a down payment do you have to make?

Establish expectations and communication guidelines. Among the questions to ask is one about the schedule. It’s also important to know details about the irrigation system. Will the company take the time to respond to all questions?

Some homeowners may be interested in additional services from the company, too. And don’t forget to get references or check reviews.

Cost of Hiring One of the Best Irrigation Services

The cost of hiring one of the best irrigation services depends on a lot of things, starting with whether it is installing an irrigation system or repairing one. The average range for installation is $1,702 to $3,528, depending on the coverage area, type of system, the number of zones, and labor costs. Drip irrigation systems typically run a little less, averaging $1,800 to $2,500—although they can cost up to $4,000 for subsurface systems. Expect to pay more for the best irrigation system.

Repair costs, on the other hand, average $131 to $392, depending on the cost of parts and labor and what the specific repair entails. Keep in mind that the problem could well lie underground with pipes that have been damaged.

The Advantages of Using One of the Best Irrigation Services

Watering large yards can consume a lot of time: dragging hoses to hit each corner of the lot or adjusting sprinkler nozzles to avoid areas that don’t need watering. Busy schedules can interrupt this task on a regular basis, resulting in a yard that suffers.

Hiring one of the best irrigation services takes the guesswork out of yard maintenance. The benefits include:

  • Optimized water usage, resulting in lower water bills.
  • Scheduled, customized watering for a healthy lawn.
  • Less burden and more time saved for homeowners.


There’s a lot to consider when irrigating a lawn. It’s important to determine the right type of irrigation for the property, but there will also be a lot of questions about an irrigation company and its services, the costs, and the equipment and maintenance.

Q. What does an irrigation company do?

An irrigation services company will evaluate each property, including the soil, plantings, and climate, in order to determine the yard’s water needs. The company may design and install an irrigation system that suits the yard’s needs and the homeowner’s budget. Many offer maintenance contracts.

Q. What are the four types of irrigation?

The four basic types of irrigation are sprinkler, drip, surface, and subsurface.

Q. What are the advantages of surface irrigation?

Surface irrigation uses gravity to move water from troughs or furrows across a field. It’s the least expensive form of irrigation, and it works best on flat land slopes.

Q. When should I service my irrigation system?

In general, homeowners should have their systems inspected annually, but spring start-up and autumn winterization are good times to service an irrigation system, and a mid-season checkup is a good idea to ensure sprinkler heads are aligned and there are no leaks.


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