The Most Exciting Home Products Announced at CES 2024

Don't miss these exciting new products from Weber, Aiper, LG, and more.
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CES 2024: Most Exciting Releases

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CES 2024 has arrived! The annual large-scale tech conference highlights the most innovative and exciting home and tech launches that will hit the market later this year. The physical showcase runs from Jan 9 to Jan 12 in Las Vegas, attracting vendors, manufacturers, and big-name brands to showcase their latest and greatest products for consumers and press representatives. While team BV isn’t there in person, we got wind of some of the best launches from CES 2024 so far, and here are our favorites, below.

1. Aiper Robotic Lawn Mower

The Best launches from CES 2024

Aiper is behind one of our favorite robotic pool cleaners, and this week the brand unveiled a pretty exciting new product at CES 2024. Introducing the Aiper Horizon U1—the brand’s first robotic lawn mower that will quite literally mow your lawn for you. Thanks to its advanced AI technology, the mower can set a  virtual boundary to detect any pets or obstructing furniture in your yard to safely avoid them. Other features include its fast-charging capabilities, smartphone-enabled controls, and its ability to mow up to .47 acres of land in one single charge.

2. Reolink Security Camera

The Best CES Innovations of 2024
Photo courtesy of Reolink

Reolink just announced its Duo 3 PoE, the world’s first 16-million-pixel security camera. This supreme home security system is quite high-tech with its 4K security camera, 180-degree panoramic views, a motion tracking system that delivers alerts, full-color video, and two-way audio features that allow you to talk to it. It’s one of the sleekest security systems we’ve seen hit the market.

3. Beatbot Aquasense Pro Pool Robot

The Best Products from CES 2024

One of the coolest announcements at CES this year is the Beatbot Aquasense Pro Pool Robot. According to the brand’s press release, this handy gadget is the world’s “first smart all-in-one pool robot cleaner.” With its 5-in-1 cordless cleaning design and AI capabilities, it eliminates bugs, debris, and leaves from the top of your pool while also scrubbing the walls and floor of your pool—something that most robot vacuums haven’t been able to achieve thus far. While the Aquasense Pro Pool Robot hasn’t been released yet, you can pre-order it on the brand’s website.

4. LG Smart WashCombo

The Best Launches from CES

During CES, LG announced a new washer and dryer combo to its product lineup—the LG WashCombo All-in-One. According to the brand’s press release, the new appliance is LG’s largest capacity combo washer and dryer yet, boasting an energy-efficient build, digital controls, an automatic detergent dispenser, and more. Best of all, it’s available for purchase on LG’s website, and it’s $1,000 off right now.

5. Weber Summit Smart Gas Grill

The 10 Best Releases from CES 2024

Among the many exciting new products to come in 2024, we’ve got our eyes on Weber’s most advanced grill yet—the ultra-premium Summit Smart Gas Grill. This new addition is the most technologically advanced grill in Weber’s gas grill lineup, designed for home cooks and grill masters alike. With its large touch-screen panel, users will be able to set and monitor the grill’s temperature, choose between direct and indirect grilling, track fuel levels, and even become notified when their food is cooked. What’s more, the entire grill can be controlled via smartphone, so you can step away as your food is cooking.