Keep Hard-Water Stains at Bay With the 6 Best Shower Squeegees Tested in 2024

Prevent unsightly mold, spots, stains, and other woes with one of these top-notch squeegees that excelled during our hands-on tests.

Best Overall

The Gütewerk High Performance Shower Squeegee and its suction hook and hanger on a white background.

Gütewerk High Performance Shower Squeegee

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Best Bang For the Buck

The AmazerBath Stainless Steel Shower Squeegee on a white background.

AmazerBath Stainless Steel Shower Squeegee

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Best For Small Spaces

The Foshio Rubber Shower Squeegee With Extra Blade on a white background.

Foshio Rubber Shower Squeegee With Extra Blade

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Fun to say and simple to use, squeegees are your shower’s best friend. By ridding your bathing area of excess moisture, the best shower squeegees can prevent mold, mildew, water spots, rust stains, bug infestations, and more. These cleaning gadgets have blades that slick water off of glass doors and tiled walls without scratching the surfaces.

Squeegees are traditionally made of stainless steel with rubberized blades. However, squeegees made of newer materials, like high-performance silicone, are game changers and safe for all surfaces. Save yourself time and energy on bathroom cleanup with one of these labor-saving selections that we tested.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Gütewerk High Performance Shower Squeegee
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: AmazerBath Stainless Steel Shower Squeegee
  3. BEST FOR SMALL SPACES: Foshio Rubber Shower Squeegee With Extra Blade
  4. BEST DOUBLE-SIDED: DSV Long-Handled Window and Shower Squeegee
  5. BEST FOR GLASS: Desired Tools All-Purpose Silicone Shower Squeegee
  6. BEST FOR TILE: Richmirth Silicone Shower Squeegee
A person using the best shower squeegee to clean a green tile wall.
Photo: Amanda Lauren for Bob Vila

How We Tested the Best Shower Squeegees

Before deciding on our products to test, we interviewed some cleaning experts to see if they could offer us any insights to this relatively simple bathroom cleaning tool. We were surprised to learn from Aaron Christensen, the Vice President of Homeaglow, a home cleaning service that operates nationwide, that “shower squeegees are the most effective tool for controlling high germ areas” thanks to their ability to quickly wipe away standing water and grease from bathroom surfaces. Christensen also recommends rubber or silicone blades for best results. WIth this in mind, we set out to get our hands on a range of options to see how they stand up to real world testing.

After unboxing the products, we made sure each squeegee came with all of its included accessories such as extra blades and storage hooks. For squeegees with extension rods, we made sure the rods functioned properly.

We tested each squeegee on a shower door to remove water and then with a few sprays of glass cleaner. We took note of how each squeegee felt in the hand, its maneuverability, and how it functioned to remove the water. Did it require a lot of elbow grease? How easily did the blade pivot? Did the door appear to be cleaner after using the squeegee? Finally, we checked to see if each squeegee left streaks or residue. We repeated the same tests on a tiled wall, a mirror, and a car windshield.

We also spoke with Diana Ciechorska, the General Manager of Park Slope Cleaning in Brooklyn New York, who recommended shoppers think about their specific bathroom surfaces and purchase accordingly. “Match your squeegee to your surface. Soft blades for glass, tougher ones for tiles.” Our own research also found a deceptively wide range of features that shoppers may wish to consider before purchasing the right squeegee. Our extensive list of options comes with a range of useful features, including varying blade lengths and storage options, to suit a variety of user preferences. We also made sure to include several picks made from different materials, from soft and lightweight silicone to durable stainless steel.

We found longevity to be an issue with some squeegees on the market, so those on our list of recommendations are made from durable materials, and most even have the ability to replace the rubber blade to keep the squeegee in top condition for several years.

Our Top Picks

From sleek silicone-coated squeegees to classic stainless steel, these top picks are some of the best in their category. In addition to testing these products for safety and versatility, we tested them for the most important result: a streak-free shower.

Best Overall

Gütewerk High Performance Shower Squeegee

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Product Specs

  • Blade width: 9 inches
  • Storage: Suction cup, hanger, and hook
  • Additional features: Ergonomic handle


  • The handle is both nonslip and ergonomic, making it comfortable to use
  • There are multiple ways to store this squeegee, so it’s great for many bathrooms
  • Choose from multiple colors to match a bathroom’s decor scheme
  • The squeegee has a simple modern design, so it doesn’t stand out visually


  • Blade is not replaceable; the whole product must be replaced when worn

Cleaning in a rush or dealing with hard or mineralized water? The Gütewerk high-performance shower squeegee is an excellent choice. Minimalist and sleek in appearance, Gütewerk’s shower squeegee is pure streamlined functionality. With an ergonomic design unrivaled in comparable products, the Gütewerk squeegee fits comfortably in the hand. The stainless steel core is coated in high-performance food-grade silicone. This design ensures a nonslip grip and also prevents potential damage on the off chance the squeegee falls onto a hard surface.

The soft 9-inch silicone blade glides easily over glass, tile, wood, metal, and more, wicking away moisture and leaving a clean surface behind. We loved that it is comfortable to handle and compact in size, making it ideal for apartment storage. Just keep in mind that while the silicone blade slides fast and smoothly, moving the water down the glass, it didn’t necessarily collect water or dirt on the bottom as well as some other options on this list. If it is being used to get rid of dirt, especially on a windshield or mirror, it will likely need to be trailed with a microfiber cloth or rag.

This squeegee comes with a suction hook so that it can be hung easily in a shower stall. This stylish model is also useful for auto and general household cleanup.

Get the Gütewerk shower squeegee at Amazon.

Best Bang For the Buck

AmazerBath Stainless Steel Shower Squeegee

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Product Specs

  • Blade width: 10 inches
  • Storage: Adhesive hook
  • Additional features: Extra-long handle


  • There are long and short blade options for extra convenience
  • The blade is replaceable, making this an excellent deal overall
  • There are multiple colors—blue, white, black, and gray—available to match a variety of bathrooms


  • The metal parts can scratch, so use with extra caution

Water spots and soap scum begone. With a sleek look, this squeegee is available in both 10- and 12-inch models. The handle is made of rust-resistant stainless steel, and the blade is manufactured from soft and flexible silicone, offering a streak-free, squeak-free cleanup experience. This squeegee is safe to use on almost any surface, from tile and shower doors to mirrors, windows, car windshields, countertops, and more.

We found this squeegee easy and fast to use on every surface, whether it was a shower door, tile, mirror, or windshield. However, the handle is curved, which may not be ergonomic or comfortable for all people. Smartly designed, the blade collects water at the bottom, so we made sure to give it a rinse before storing it away.

Adhesive hooks are included for super-easy installation, and it can be an ideal squeegee for renters who may not want to mount it permanently to a wall. Simply tear off the adhesive backing and press the hook firmly to a clean, dry, and smooth wall surface.

While there is a 12-inch model available that’s ideal for more average-size spaces, the 10-inch model can be a better size for smaller spaces such as apartments and RVs. Both sizes are nicely designed and won’t stick out like a sore thumb in many bathroom designs.

Get the AmazerBath shower squeegee at Amazon

Best For Small Spaces

Foshio Rubber Shower Squeegee With Extra Blade

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Product Specs

  • Blade width: 5.11 inches
  • Storage: None
  • Additional features: Replaceable blade


  • The blade is thick and durable, making it a smart choice for many surfaces
  • The blade is removable, so it can be replaced
  • Compact design is easy to store just about anywhere
  • It is a great size for smaller spaces such as RV bathrooms


  • The blade width is very short, which may not be preferable for all users
  • The handle is short as well, which may make handling uncomfortable

This pint-size squeegee provides full-size results. A great choice for road trips, RVs, and keeping excess water off kitchen counters, mirrors, tub walls, and more, the Foshio squeegee easily fits inside a standard car’s glove box.

Well designed with a sturdy beveled rubber blade, Foshio’s portable shower squeegee also features a nonslip screw-in handle, making it an ergonomic choice that’s comfortable to use. Unlike softer silicone blades, Foshio’s blade is rigid and easily cleans glass and other polished surfaces. It can also be useful for removing dirt and soap scum without using too much extra elbow grease.

Because of its brightly colored blades, which are available in a variety of colors including blue, green, turquoise, and yellow, this squeegee is a fun option for kids’ bathrooms. While it could certainly be used in larger spaces, it’s a bit small and the job may take longer than anticipated.

The only issue we had during testing was swapping out the old blade for the additionally included blade; it’s not clear how to swap out the old one. Still, the blade is durable and the price is low enough to justify simply replacing it when necessary.

Get the Foshio shower squeegee at Amazon.

Best Double Sided

DSV Long-Handled Window and Shower Squeegee

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Product Specs

  • Blade width: 8 inches
  • Storage: Hanging hole
  • Additional features: Telescoping handle, rotating head, double-sided


  • The handle is extendable, making it easy to clean both high and low
  • This squeegee is lightweight, making it extra easy to use
  • Ideal for washing as well as drying a variety of surfaces
  • In addition to the bathroom, it’s great for windows and other hard-surfaced household areas
  • This squeegee is useful for tiles as well as grout


  • The sponge can smell if left out wet, so it should be rinsed
  • The handle is a bit hard to unlock at first

There’s a reason that gas stations prefer dual-sided squeegees; wetness and gunk can be scraped off the windshield and then the other side can be used to dry the glass surface for a perfect, spotless shine. To achieve the same spotlessness at home, try DSV’s professional all-purpose window squeegee.

With an 8-inch soft rubber blade on one side and a nylon-netted sponge on the other, showers (and other hard surfaces) can be clean and dry in no time. The handle also telescopes, which we found made it easier to access hard-to-reach spots without a step stool. Great for larger showers, poolside cabanas, and bathing areas with lots of hard surfaces to keep clean and dry, the DSV can also be used in kitchens, for window washing, and to clean cars.

We found this squeegee made cleanup fast and easy, passing all of our tests with impressive scores. The mesh netting over the sponge was particularly helpful for lifting dirt and grime from tiles and grout, so it is truly a multiuse product. Use it to clean the bathtub, shower stalls, and even the sink.

Because it has such a long handle, we found it to be a smart choice for those days when we didn’t want to get on our hands and knees and scrub. While it is a bit pricier than other options, all of its features make it worth the extra cost.

Get the DSV shower squeegee at Amazon or Walmart

Best For Glass

Desired Tools All-Purpose Silicone Shower Squeegee

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Product Specs

  • Blade width: 7.7 inches
  • Storage: Hanging hole
  • Additional features: Soft padded handle


  • We found the handle to be very comfortable to use
  • There are extra blades included, making it an even better value
  • The design is compact and easy to store away
  • Scratch-free materials make it useful for cleaning ceramic, porcelain, and stone tile


  • The blade is relatively short, which could be uncomfortable for some users

Cleaning glass isn’t easy. Fortunately, the Desired Tools all-purpose silicone shower squeegee makes it feel almost effortless. We found this was also one of the most maneuverable options on the list because of the foam grip. We were impressed at how well this squeegee passed every test, making it a fantastic tool for all types of surfaces whether it’s glass, tiles, or even mirrors.

Paired with the soft yet sturdy silicone blade that won’t scratch or damage shiny surfaces, the squeegee also has a comfy grip. While using it, we found the action of the blade to be so smooth that it only needed the smallest amount of elbow grease to clean shower doors, mirrors, and windows.

It wicks away even the smallest drops with precision, leaving a clean, dry surface behind. Best of all, this compact squeegee comes with two replacement blades, each nearly 8 inches in length, ensuring the glass will be clean and streak-free for a long time to come.

This compact squeegee is also smartly designed with a hole in the handle; it easily fits on an adhesive hook inside a cabinet, on a shower shelf, or on a hook affixed to the bathroom wall.

Get the Desired Tools shower squeegee at Amazon or Walmart

Best For Tile

Richmirth Silicone Shower Squeegee

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Product Specs

  • Blade width: 9 inches
  • Storage: Hook
  • Additional features: Non-scratching material


  • If it falls, it won’t damage surfaces like porcelain, marble, or ceramic
  • There are no seams that will collect dirt on the blade
  • There are multiple sizes available, so it is a smart choice for all bathrooms


  • The handle makes a squeaking sound, which is somewhat irritating
  • The handle is quite short, which could make some wrists uncomfortable

For tile that can potentially be scratched or damaged, a squeegee blade with an ultra-close yet gentle touch is best. We found that Richmirth’s 100 percent BPA-free silicone-based squeegee glides smoothly over tile without a hitch and can clean an entire shower wall in just four swipes.

The rubberized blade is flexible, which means it can handle rippled surfaces and grout lines with ease. Unlike stainless steel–handled squeegees, this one won’t damage tile made from stone, porcelain, ceramic; wood flooring; or tub surfaces if it is dropped. Richmirth’s squeegee also performs well in extreme weather conditions. Stash it in a glove box to remove excess moisture from the windshield on chilly winter days. In the bathroom, store it with the included silicone hook which fits snugly over shower doors that are 0.45- to 1-inch thick.

We were impressed at how well this squeegee performed on all of our tests. However, there is one minor caveat. We found the squeegee squeaks as it cleans, which could be potentially irritating to some users. However, it cleans everything incredibly well, especially tile and tile grout. It lifted soap scum off without using too much elbow grease.

Get the Richmirth shower squeegee at Amazon.

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What to Consider When Choosing a Shower Squeegee

The modern household squeegee was patented in 1936, and the same basic design is still in use today. However, newer materials like silicone are replacing rubberized blades and becoming the squeegee of choice in many people’s showers, cars, and utility closets. Whichever squeegee style shoppers choose, they will want to figure out how they’ll use it and where they’ll hang it before they buy one.

Intended Use and Versatility

All squeegees have one main purpose: to rid hard surfaces of water and moisture. Beyond that, squeegees can be specialized for different types of surfaces, including walls, windows, and floors. On the whole, squeegees work best on smooth surfaces, like glass, fiberglass, and thermoformed acrylic tubs. They can also be used on rippled and tiled surfaces as long as the blade isn’t too stiff or sharp.

For walls, doors, countertops, and mirrors, short-handled squeegees work best. Long-handled models are designed for cleaning floors and washing upper-story windows. For an even drier, shinier shower, try a double-sided squeegee. Similar to those found at gas stations for cleaning windshields, these have both a soft buffing edge and stiff waterproof blade. Double-sided models are great for window washing and, of course, cleaning a car windshield.

Handle and Blade Type

Traditional squeegees have a plastic or stainless steel handle. Some brands have cushioned and ergonomic handles that are more comfortable to hold. Both sleek and functional, silicone-coated squeegees are growing in popularity. The blade—the part of the squeegee that glides over a surface and collects water—is made of either natural or synthetic rubber or silicone.

Rubber and silicone blades each have their benefits. Rubber is ultradurable though stiff, which is why rubber blades are the best choice for floors and smooth, flat surfaces. Silicone blades are softer and more flexible, enabling them to better maneuver over tiled and rippled surfaces. Silicone blades are also safe and effective on glass, tile, mirrors, and more. Count on a spotless finish every time.

Size and Weight

Squeegee blades usually range from 6 to 12 inches in length. Small handheld squeegees have relatively short handles (about 5.5 inches in length), which some folks may find difficult to grip. Models with longer handles (6.5 inches and up) are also available. In terms of weight, shower squeegees should be about half a pound, though some compact models are even lighter.

The best shower squeegee for a particular shopper is one that is heavy enough to provide firm contact with shower and bathroom surfaces but light enough to wield without causing strain. Stainless steel handles tend to be heavier, with plastic and silicone being lighter options. A silicone squeegee is a safe choice for tiled, wooden, and natural stone surfaces as it won’t accidentally cause chips, scratches, or damage if it’s dropped.

Mounting Type

Many shower squeegees come with suction-cup hooks or shower-door hooks so they can be mounted in the shower easily. Suction hooks are easy to install; simply moisten and then press against a clean, dry, smooth surface. On the downside, suction cups can lose their gripping power over time.

Hooks that hang over the shower door are durable and long lasting, but be sure to measure the hooks to make sure they fit the stall. Some squeegee brands provide several different types of mounting equipment as well as replacement blades in their packaging.


Here’s what you need to know about your squeegee’s uses and lifespan. The best advice? Dry off your squeegee after each use to ensure it will last a long time.

Q. What are squeegees used for? 

Squeegees are used to remove excess water and moisture from hard, flat surfaces.

Q. How do you use a shower squeegee?

Slide along a flat surface with even, firm pressure. Direct the collected water into the drain.

Q. When should you replace a shower squeegee?

Many squeegees have replaceable blades, so you can keep the handle and swap out the blade when it no longer collects water efficiently. Prevent blade mold and handle rust through proper care and by keeping your squeegee dry.

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