The Best Solar Gutter Lights to Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

Adding a touch of solar flair, convenience, and security around your property has never been easier than with the best solar gutter lights.

Best Overall

The Best Solar Gutter Lights Option: DBF Solar Gutter Lights

DBF Solar Gutter Lights

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The Best Solar Gutter Lights Option: iSunMoon 6 Pack Gutter Solar Lights

iSunMoon 6 Pack Gutter Solar Lights

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Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Solar Gutter Lights Option: 8 Pack Deal - FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights

8 Pack Deal - FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights

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If you’ve ever wanted to add a bit of accent lighting around your home, but would prefer to avoid the cost and inconvenience of an electrician, this guide is for you. With the best solar gutter lights, you can easily add a bit of illumination almost anywhere around your property.

The best solar gutter lights use energy from the sun and convert it into electricity, illuminating the side of your home or garage automatically. The lights can clip, clamp, or attach directly to (or sometimes under) your gutters, and each unit works independently. They’re easy to install and use, and they look great. Keep reading to learn more.

  1. BEST OVERALL: DBF Solar Gutter Lights
  2. RUNNER-UP: iSunMoon 6 Pack Gutter Solar Lights
  3. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: 8 Pack Deal – FALOVE Outdoor Solar Gutter LED Lights
  4. UPGRADE PICK: InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights
  5. BEST REMOTE: Auzev 2 Pack 56 Led Remote Solar Lights
  6. BEST MOTION-DETECTING: InnoGear 24 LED Solar Lights
The Best Solar Gutter Lights Option

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Solar Gutter Lights

Before you start shopping for the best solar lights, there are some points you need to consider. Below is a list of some of the factors that go into choosing the best solar lights. Be sure to understand each of these considerations.

Note: These lights run independently of a solar power system or solar generator, so they don’t require any hardwiring or complicated installation.


There are three main categories of solar gutter lights: solar sky gutter lights, hybrid solar lights, and photovoltaic gutter lights:

  • Solar sky gutter lights detect available light from the sun and clouds in the sky and brighten or dim accordingly. The solar panels detect the fluctuating voltage, resulting in varying lightening levels at night.
  • Photovoltaic gutter lights are ideal in places when there is no grid or if the grid is unreliable. Also known as stand-alone lights, these economical and environmentally-friendly options convert the sunlight into electricity and store it in the battery. They operate by using the stored energy within the battery.
  • Hybrid solar lights combine concentrated solar and photovoltaic power.


Since most solar gutter lights attach directly to a home’s gutters, the materials chosen are an important factor. A light made with bulky materials, such as heavy-duty metal, will eventually bend and deform a gutter, so heft is worth considering.

By and large, the best solar gutter lights are plastic in construction. These lights are lightweight but durable enough to withstand the elements. However, the brackets used to clip them to the gutter is usually steel, which gives these units the strength they need to withstand wind and heavy rains.

Some of the lights that attach directly to the home’s structure might be aluminum, as it’s more corrosion-resistant than steel, and they’re also lighter weight.


The best solar gutter lights come in a wide range of brightness levels, and your lighting needs will determine which product is the best for you.

Many small clip-on lights offer just enough accent lighting to add a tasteful glow to your property. These lights provide between 20 and 50 lumens each, which is enough to illuminate a garden bed or a bit of a walkway relatively well.

For more light, there are models available with outputs over 500 lumens. These lights are excellent for lighting a driveway, fenceline, or other areas you’d prefer to keep brightly lit.

Operating Time

Most of the best solar lights will automatically turn on when their built-in photosensors recognize that it’s getting dark. How long they run for, or their operating time, varies depending on battery size, light output, and how much sun each light receives during a given day.

Battery power can vary between 800mAh or up to 3,000mAh, and the larger the battery, the more energy it can produce. Some lights can run for up to 10 hours on the energy stored from the sun that day. While few lights will power their way through the entire night, the average run-time is between 6 and 8 hours.

Battery Storage

Solar gutter lights have on-board batteries that charge using energy from the sun, similar to those found on solar chargers. The light absorbs solar energy via a built-in photovoltaic cell. The cell then converts the energy into electricity and stores it in the battery.

The panel’s size relative to the battery’s size determines how efficiently the light will charge. Too large of a cell and the battery will fill too quickly, wasting sunlight. Too small, and a battery may never reach its full potential. For this reason, most manufacturers try to size their photovoltaic cells to match their output ratings.


Choosing the best solar gutter lights for your home might come down to ease of installation. Many of these models simply attach to the lip of your gutters, tightening down onto the edge. All that’s required to secure them is a ladder and a pair of pliers or a screwdriver, depending on the model.

Other models might require the user to attach them directly to the home’s structure with brackets and screws. While this could seem like an inconvenience, these models typically have the greatest light output and battery life, so there is a tradeoff. Installing these lights typically requires a ladder, a power drill, and a screwdriver.

Additional Features

Some additional features help increase the convenience and functionality of the best solar gutter lights. For example, a motion sensor might activate when it senses someone or something walking underneath it, which is excellent for security.

Many models also come with automatic switches that activate the light once a sensor determines it’s getting dark. And, should the battery still have enough charge by morning, the controller will turn the light off when the sun comes up.

Also, consider models with remote controls, which allow you to operate remotely and adjust their output without climbing a ladder.


In general, most solar lights are function-first, meaning they may not add to a home’s curb appeal. But, there are models available that aren’t as jarring to the eye.

For the most part, gutters on homes are white, so most gutter lights are available in white plastic. But, those with off-colored gutters might prefer black solar gutter lights, which are readily available.

If you’re unable to find a light that matches well with your home’s aesthetic, it might be best to find a model that attaches directly to the home’s structure, as you can hide them under the eave somewhat. Just be sure that they get at least some sunlight.

Our Top Picks

Learning about the best solar gutter lights is the hard part, but shopping for them is the payoff. The following is a list of some of the best solar gutter lights on the market, and there’s an option for almost any situation. Be sure to keep the top considerations in mind while comparing these products.

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For a bit of high-powered accent lighting around the home, check out DBF Solar Gutter Lights. The lights in this 6-pack use a two-way bracket that can clamp to gutters with the included thumbscrew or screw directly into the structure of a fence or home. Each light produces up to 100 lumens, and with its 1,500mAh battery, it can run for up to 10 hours.

They also feature an automatic on-off switch that turns on when it’s getting dark and shuts off as the sun rises. And, they’re available in black, white, and warm white.

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Not all landscapes call for bright, glaring lights. For those subtle accents, a pack of lights like iSunMoon’s 6-Pack of Gutter Solar Lights might be the solution. This pack includes six 30-lumen lights, distributing just the right amount of light wherever it’s needed.

These lights feature three LEDs and a 1,200mAh battery, running for up to 8 hours depending on the sunlight exposure. They also activate automatically when they sense it’s getting dark. The brackets can clamp to a gutter or fence or screw directly into a home structure. And, for those who need more light, there is a 9-pack available at a value-minded price.

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Setting a nice ambiance or highlighting the landscaping in a front yard doesn’t have to break the bank. FALOVE’s Outdoor Solar Gutter LED lights are available as a pack of eight lights, allowing users to set up an entire light scheme with one kit at a very reasonable price.

While these aren’t overly powerful lights, at only 21 lumens per lamp, they create a pleasant setting in a backyard. Each light runs for up to 8 hours per charge, and they feature an automatic on-off sensor that activates when it gets too dark and shuts off when the sun rises. The bracket can clip easily to a gutter lip or can attach to fences or structures for a more permanent solution.

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When only a bright solar light will do, InnoGear Solar Gutter Lights are worth checking out. This 2-pack of gutter lights features a maximum output of 450 lumens, with 2,600mAh batteries, producing plenty of light in almost any setting for over 10 hours.

These lights feature several modes, including low output, medium output, motion sensor, and full brightness, with a few combinations of these as well. They mount directly to the structure of a home, and they feature aluminum brackets to position them underneath a shady eave to ensure the solar panels receive maximum sunlight.

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For perfectly positioned light and ground-level convenience, check out Auzev’s two-pack of 56 LED Remote Solar Lights. It comes with a remote for cycling through the different settings without stepping foot on a ladder after installation. Modes include dim light that brightens when it senses motion, off with motion-sensing, and two hours of bright light until it reverts to dim light.

This set of lights includes two brackets, each with two pivot points, allowing users to direct their light exactly where they want it, though they will have to attach them to the structure of the home. Each light produces 800 lumens and will last throughout the majority of the night. Also, if the black doesn’t work for a particular home, there is a white option that will blend with gutters.

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InnoGear’s 24-LED Solar Lights are worth checking out if security and convenience are at the top of the priority list. The 4-pack of lights produces 150 lumens per light, and they have motion sensors that automatically activate when they detect movement within 16 feet.

These lights have large photovoltaic panels on top of each light to capture as much energy from the sun as possible, running for most of the night. While they don’t clip to a gutter, they come with the hardware for attaching them to the structure of a home, garage, or fence. They don’t come with brackets to push them out from under an eave, so make sure they get plenty of sunlight.

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For a blend of bright light and flexibility, give Creative Design’s Solar Lights a look. This 2-pack of lights features 46 LEDs each, with 34 LEDs underneath and six on each side, producing 500 lumens of brightness. They also have adjustable modes, giving users a choice between low, medium, and high outputs, as well as motion sensing.

These lights feature large, 2,600mAh batteries that help them stay lit for up to 12 hours. They also come with the hardware required to attach them directly to the structure and brackets to hold them out from under the eaves for optimal sunlight.

FAQs About Your New Solar Gutter Lights

If you still have some questions about the best solar gutter lights, this section is for you. It’s a collection of some of the most frequently asked questions about solar gutter lights. Be sure to check for an answer to your question below.

Q. Do solar gutter lights work the same during all seasons and weather?

Solar lights work best when the light is most available. While solar gutter lights are weatherproof and designed for year-round use, individuals should be aware during times of heavy snowfall because the snow load could break and damage gutters.

Q. Do solar gutter lights come with clips, brackets, and batteries?

Solar gutter lights typically come with everything necessary for set-up and use.

Q. What are the highest lumens available for solar lights?

There are solar lights that produce as much as 1,500 lumens of brightness.

Q. Are solar lights motion-activated?

Most solar lights are not motion-activated, but it is entirely possible to shop for lights with motion-activated features.

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