Now Is the Best Time to Buy a Home Generator—Here’s Why

Don’t let an impending storm or emergency force you to miss out on a crucial generator purchase.
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Lightning Storm in Suburban Neighborhood

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When it comes to staying safe and comfortable during storms or disasters, no other appliance is as important as a home generator. Options like the new KOHLER 26 kW Home Generator can power the lights and outlets, refrigerator, heat, and other items within a home during an outage, keeping a bad situation from getting worse. But not all homes have generators, leaving many folks wondering: When is the best time to buy a generator?

The best time to buy a generator depends on the region. Some areas of the country experience severe weather in the summer and fall, making spring a better time to buy in order to be ready for storm season. The most extreme weather in other areas comes in the winter and early spring, making late summer or early fall the ideal time to buy. This guide explains the best time to buy a standby generator based on where you live.

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The worst time to buy a home generator is on the eve of a major storm.

Regardless of where you live, the worst time to buy a generator is right before an expected storm. Installing a reliable backup power solution that’s up to code takes time: it must be sized appropriately, permits have to be pulled, and contractors need to be coordinated. It’s simply not possible for a dealer to complete the job on such short notice.

Even after a storm, dealers have to wait until conditions are safe for travel and installation. In both cases, demand for generators is higher, meaning you may not get the backup power you need in time to safeguard your home.

If your area experiences hurricanes, buy in spring ahead of storm season.

According to Weather.com, hurricane season usually begins when the water temperature reaches roughly 80 degrees. In most cases, this is around June 1 and lasts until the end of November, meaning summer power outages caused by storms are highly likely.

In areas where hurricanes are an issue, spring is usually the best time to buy a generator because the season usually has the most stable weather. This generally means there isn’t an immediate need for a generator, giving you a bit of time to assess your needs, research models, compare prices, and check reviews before making a decision.

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In regions with cold, snowy winters, late summer or early fall is the best time to buy a generator.

In colder areas of the country, the main concern for generator shoppers is winter storms. These storms can drop several feet of snow and may include sheets of ice and damaging winds—any one of which can cause a winter power outage. In these areas, the best time to buy a generator is late summer or early fall.

During this time of the year, the weather in colder regions is usually relatively comfortable and stable. Severe storms are less frequent, and the demand for generators is fairly low. This combination of factors gives you time to shop for the best standby generator and line up the appropriate contractors for safe installation.

Those living in areas prone to heatwave blackouts should secure backup power during the cool season.

When the temperature spikes and everyone kicks their air conditioners on during the hottest parts of the day, the draw on the electrical grid is immense. Short circuits and transformer overloads are common, and certain areas of the grid can be without power for days at a time.

Homes and buildings get hotter and more unpleasant with every passing day. In areas where heatwave blackouts are common, the best time to buy a generator is during the cool season—when there’s less demand for both electricity and home generators.

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Now is the best time to buy the latest and greatest standby generator for your home.

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