5 Unexpected Benefits of a Standby Generator

Having power on standby ensures you can use essential appliances, tools, and devices during an outage. There are many benefits of a standby generator, and here are some perks that make owning one worth it.
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When the power goes out, most people focus on issues such as lack of light and heat. But without power, many modern amenities that enable communication, entertainment, comfort, and more also become unusable. A generator provides backup power so you can stay comfortable, cook a hot meal, and even keep watching your favorite show.

Generators that come on automatically, such as the KOHLER 26 kW Home Generator with an automatic transfer switch, make power outages a nonissue. Today’s homeowners don’t have to worry about starting up a gasoline engine with the correct choke and throttle settings. When paired with an automatic transfer switch, standby generators start independently and hook up to a home’s fuel source to keep the power flowing with virtually no interruption.

Standby generators are helpful for homeowners who rely on electricity for multiple purposes around the home. Keep reading for five benefits of a standby generator that may surprise you.

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1. It runs automatically.

Many homeowners may not be aware that when installed with an automatic transfer switch, standby generators come on automatically in the event of a power failure, eliminating the need to start the generator manually.

For example, with an automatic transfer switch, the KOHLER 26 kW Home Generator starts on its own, preventing homeowners from having to worry about how to turn on a generator in the dark. An automatic generator provides peace of mind for homeowners throughout any power outage—no matter how long it lasts.

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2. It powers major systems.

A power outage affects much more than just the lights. Refrigerators and freezers containing valuable food require high power to maintain cool temperatures so their contents don’t spoil. During blackouts, smaller generators may not be able to provide enough wattage to power large appliances. An appropriately sized standby generator, on the other hand, solves this problem. At the same time, it can also keep your sump pump running so your basement doesn’t flood during an outage.

In the middle of summer or winter, extreme weather may necessitate cooling or heating the house. Temperature control is another example of a situation requiring a robust generator. The KOHLER 26 kW Home Generator is up to the task of keeping you and your family comfortable, as it can power demanding circuits in bigger homes, including large devices such as central air conditioning systems and water heaters. Surprisingly, using these high-wattage devices does not compromise power availability for other circuits or appliances around the house—such is the power of modern generator technology.

3. It runs vital medical devices.

Homeowners managing one or more medical conditions may require electric devices as part of their treatment. A power outage can be more than just a hassle for these people, and that’s why having a reliable backup power source is so important.

A crucial benefit of a standby generator is that it can supply electricity for many medical devices, including in-home lifts, ventilators, CPAP machines, telehealth equipment, and more. Having reliable on-hand electricity is not a luxury; it’s a necessity.

A generator provides reassurance for homeowners concerned about a blackout’s impact on their ability to keep their medical devices in operation. An automatic standby generator with plenty of power allows multiple circuits to be used simultaneously, offering potentially life-saving benefits.

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4. It enables you to complete projects on the fly.

In a blackout, homeowners may need to use battery-power tools. For example, suppose that windows need to be boarded up in preparation for a storm event. Uncharged tool batteries would prevent a homeowner from getting the job done quickly. Their only alternative would be to hand-turn every screw or use a hammer and nails, which would be slow and arduous.

Suppose the storm passes, but there are fallen trees or debris on your property. If the power has not been restored, a fully charged battery-operated chainsaw can turn a whole tree into manageable pieces you can get rid of quickly, and your blower can make fast work of cleanup.

The power outage may also mean you have unexpected overnight guests. With a generator, you can just pull out your electric air pump to inflate air mattresses.

Having tools on hand can make a power outage less inconvenient, and you can continue working on your home projects without interruption—it may even be a great time to tackle the DIY activities you’ve been putting off. Many tools require electricity, and a powerful standby generator, such as the KOHLER 26 kW Home Generator, can charge up tool batteries without conflicting with other machines, such as large appliances.

5. It doesn’t have to be an eyesore.

Many generator companies provide generic options when it comes to color. This limited palette leaves homeowners with few choices beyond beige, black, or gray. Such colors can be jarring, drawing the eye to a generator rather than an architectural feature, landscaping design, or a beautiful garden. Thankfully, innovative offerings are now available on the market that address these concerns and broaden homeowners’ options.

Kohler offers an exclusive variety of colors and patterns, including camouflage, for their standby generators. These aesthetic choices enable homeowners to make a bold statement or opt for a more muted approach by installing a whole-house generator that complements the appearance of their home. Flashy colors may be a preference for some, while others may want their generator to be indistinguishable from the landscape. Either way, Kohler is providing what consumers want—a wide variety of color options for generators.

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