The Best Toilet Brushes for the Bathroom

From sleek and modern to disposable and combination sets, these toilet brushes help make cleaning a little less of a chore. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

Best Toilet Brush


Finding the best toilet brush can make cleaning a little easier. The best brushes also help make your bathroom a more functional and hygienic place. Though you can spend a few bucks on cheaper brushes, others are worth a slightly larger investment, and some even make for a more frugal option with replaceable brush heads. Regardless of what you’re looking for, it helps to review a few shopping considerations, brush types, and features to find a toilet brush that meets your needs based on price, design, and more.

  1. BEST OVERALL: simplehuman Toilet Brush With Caddy
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: mDesign Slim Compact Plastic Toilet Bowl Brush
  3. BEST BRUSH/PLUNGER SET: ToiletTree Products Toilet Brush and Plunger Combo
  4. BEST ELECTRIC: Upgraded Spin Scrubber, WiMiUS 360 Degrees
  5. BEST DISPOSABLE: JWCE Toilet Bowl Brush, Bathroom Under Rim
  6. MOST HYGIENIC: So-Mine Hygienic by Sanimaid Toilet Brush
  7. ALSO CONSIDER: ToiletTree Products Deluxe Toilet Brush With Lid
Best Toilet Brush


What to Consider When Buying a Toilet Brush

Whether cost is most important to you, or if you prefer sustainability or design, you can find the best toilet brush for your bathroom by considering the following.

Scrubbing Head 

The shape of the scrubbing head matters just as much as the quality of the bristles. Many standard toilet brush designs can’t get into all the nooks and crannies of a toilet bowl, requiring multiple tools to get it fully clean. Having a brush that’s sturdy and well designed is the best bet for a cleaning tool investment.

However, for electric and disposable brushes, the bristles differ. Electric brushes don’t require as much force and maneuver easily, allowing you to get into places you normally wouldn’t with a traditional brush. Disposable brushes often have a generic design and a softer head for one-time use. Looking at various scrubbing head options will help you select the best toilet brush for your needs.


Handle designs can vary. You want a toilet brush handle to be comfortable while scrubbing, but another handle consideration is whether a brush has a good grip. A gripper can prevent the brush from slipping from your grasp and splashing you with toilet water while cleaning.

The height of the handle is important too, since a shorter handle could lead to the unnecessary spreading of germs, while a longer one generally adds a degree of comfort and ease of use. Check for brushes that have a minimum handle height of 10 inches.

Reusable vs. Disposable

Reusable brushes are the more sustainable picks, taking up residence in your bathroom and requiring regular sanitation as you use them. Most people prefer a reusable brush that’ll last long enough for them to feel that they’ve gotten their money’s worth out of the product.

However, disposable brushes are useful for a few reasons. They’re preferred for situations where you need an option to throw the brush away once the job is done, or for easy disposal before moving house.

Manual vs. Electric

Both manual and electric toilet brush options are available, which one is best depends on individual user preference. For one thing, manual toilet brushes tend to cost less, while electric toilet brushes require more of an investment.

Electric toilet brushes are cordless and require less effort to thoroughly clean a toilet bowl, since the motor does most of the work. Electric brushes make cleaning a little easier for people who have mobility challenges or back problems.

Both manual and electric brushes will get the job done, and both typically come with the option of swapping out a brush head as needed, saving money on replacements.

Odor Control

Odor control is important to some people when cleaning a toilet. A clean toilet generally helps reduce odors in a bathroom, but some users want a fresher smell to make the toilet and bathroom feel extra clean.

When considering odor-control toilet brushes with built-in cleaners, note that many of the cleaning chemicals used in these products contain toxic synthetic fragrances that can pose a hazard to kids and pets. Using homemade cleaning products with your toilet brush can help you get the scent you want. After cleaning, you can add a few drops of essential oil to the bowl. Excellent odor control and antibacterial picks include eucalyptus and tea tree oil, but for more of a fresh and bright fragrance, go with orange or lemon.

Our Top Picks

Our top picks have taken shopping considerations into account to help buyers select an effective toilet brush with the right features. The following picks include design-savvy choices, innovative brush heads, and budget-friendly options.

Best Toilet Brush SimpleHuman


BEST OVERALL: simplehuman Toilet Brush With Caddy

The design of the simplehuman Toilet Brush With Caddy makes cleaning simpler, and its slender profile is open at the back for proper air ventilation. It allows you to replace the heads when needed, which helps justify the price tag on this toilet brush with a sleek design.

A great option if you’re short on bathroom space, this toilet brush features stiff bristles to get stains out and has a magnetic strip around the collar of the caddy to ensure the toilet brush stays secure when carrying. That means no more toilet brushes falling out or dripping on the floor. It also comes in a choice of colors (black or white) to match bathroom decor.

One con to this design is that the brush might not reach the main drain hole at the bottom of the bowl.

Best Toilet Brush mDesign


BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: mDesign Slim Compact Plastic Toilet Bowl Brush

Discreet and attractive, the mDesign Slim Compact Toilet Brush and Holder set has a simple, compact design that fits in just about any space. Although it’s priced low, the brush and brush head aren’t replaceable, so when it’s time for a new brush, users will need to replace the entire unit.

While the design of this set isn’t quite as sleek as simplehuman’s, the price is right. Budget-friendly sets like this one typically have no vents in the caddy to help the brush dry out between uses, meaning that it’s not quite as hygienic as other brushes unless cleaned and disinfected regularly.

Best Toilet Brush ToiletTree


BEST WITH PLUNGER: ToiletTree Products Toilet Brush and Plunger Combo

The ToiletTree Toilet Brush and Plunger Combo is convenient for those wanting their brush and plunger to be hidden in the bathroom. The back is completely open to allow your brush and plunger to dry out properly, but the front remains enclosed for a uniform look.

This combination set is great for smaller spaces lacking the room for a separate plunger and brush. Plus, the combination set is discreet enough to sit in plain sight without bathroom visitors having to stare down a plunger and brush. ToiletTree offers replacement brush heads, which saves money and the hassle of having to replace the entire set. Buyers also will love the clean, stainless steel look of this combo.

Best Toilet Brush Spin Scrubber


BEST ELECTRIC: Upgraded Spin Scrubber, WiMiUS 360 Degrees

The WiMiUS 360 Degrees Electric Spin Scrubber comes with four brush replacement heads and is cordless for added convenience. It takes just over three hours to charge fully, which provides 60 to 90 minutes of use (plenty of time to clean more than one toilet). The brush pole extends, which provides some distance between the user and the toilet while brushing.

This longer brush also can help people with back issues or other mobility challenges such as arthritis when they clean a toilet. As a multipurpose brush with a high rotating speed, the WiMiUS electric brush requires little pressure from the user when cleaning. This brush is a great option to maintain a sparkling toilet with regular, but low-effort, cleaning.

Best Toilet Brush JWCE


BEST DISPOSABLE: JWCE Toilet Bowl Brush, Bathroom Under Rim

Unlike many other disposable toilet brushes that contain harsh cleaners with synthetic fragrances that can stain toilet bowls, the JWCE Toilet Bowl Brush works with a user’s favorite toilet bowl cleaner. It includes a scratch-free brush for safe cleaning.

This disposable brush doesn’t have interchangeable or removable heads, meaning that when it’s time for a new brush, users must dispose of the entire set and purchase a new one. However, for those bathrooms or occasions when a disposable brush works, this is a cost-effective option. The JWCE brush also comes in two-packs, which means you’ll have a back-up brush ready when it’s time to dispose of the current one, or if the need for an additional toilet brush arises.

Best Toilet Brush SoMine


MOST HYGIENIC: So-Mine Hygienic by Sanimaid Toilet Brush

This innovative toilet brush doesn’t use bristles to clean a toilet—instead, it has a silicone head that functions similarly to a squeegee to get rid of stains and clean the bowl.

The caddy has an open design that allows the head of the device to air dry completely between uses, and the silicone head is easy to clean and reuse. The head won’t accumulate as much water as a traditional toilet brush, which means fewer areas where germs can accumulate.

Using this type of brush requires a learning curve, since it works differently from traditional toilet brushes, but it has a hygienic, dripless, and ergonomic design.

Best Toilet Brush ToiletTree Deluxe


ALSO CONSIDER: ToiletTree Products Deluxe Toilet Brush With Lid

For a stainless steel option with a lid, the ToiletTree Products Deluxe Toilet Brush doesn’t require any caddy touching, which can minimize the spread of germs. It also features a modern design to complement various bathroom styles. With a vented lid for germs, this unit is slim enough for smaller bathrooms and resistant to rust.

The caddy does not have a draining space in the bottom for accumulated toilet water, which requires some extra cleaning and sanitizing. Also, the brush head isn’t removable, which means having to replace the entire brush and handle it when the time comes. However, the mid-point price and sleek stainless steel look certainly make this brush worth considering.

FAQs About Your New Toilet Brush

What’s the right way to use a toilet brush, and how often should you clean it? Finding the best toilet brush is great, but without taking proper care of it and using it appropriately, it won’t help you get a truly clean bowl.

Q. How do you use a toilet brush?

A toilet brush is designed to clean the inside of your toilet only. Pour a cleaner into the toilet (whether homemade or store-bought), then use your toilet brush to scrub the bowl. Pay extra attention to the rim at the top (under the toilet seat) and the hole at the bottom. When done, flush the toilet, then finish cleaning the outside, and don’t forget to wash your hands afterward.

Q. How do you clean a toilet brush?

You should clean your toilet brush about once a week, or after every use. These things get dirty! You can clean it simply by pouring bleach over it as you hold the brush end over the toilet, or by rinsing with boiling water. You also can soak the brush in a bleach or vinegar solution for deep disinfecting. A toilet brush caddy should have proper ventilation to allow the brush to dry completely between uses to avoid bacteria buildup.

Q. How often should you change your toilet brush? 

You’ll know when it’s time to change your toilet brush based on the bristle quality (or, for bristle-free designs, the head quality). The stiffness of some brushes will hold up better than others. If your toilet brush is fraying or not properly doing its job anymore, it’s time for a new one. High-quality brushes should last longer than others. A good general rule is to change a toilet brush (or brush head) after about six months. If you or a family member have had the stomach flu, you also should consider changing the brush to prevent the spread of bacteria.