Buyer’s Guide: The Best Replacement Toilet Fill Valves

To end up with a replacement toilet fill valve that meets your needs, start here with our roundup of top-favorite picks. and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

The Best Toilet Fill Valve Options


Toilet fill valves last about five years, sometimes longer, depending on the quality of the valve, how often the toilet is flushed, and the quality of a home’s water supply.

Like any valve constantly exposed to water, eventually a fill valve can clog or leak. Fortunately, replacing a toilet fill valve is a straightforward DIY project, and today’s universal fill valves fit the most common types of toilets.

It’s often a good idea to replace the toilet’s flapper assembly at the same time you replace the toilet valve, so many fill valves come as a kit with a flapper included as well.

If your toilet tank is hissing or filling slowly, one of the following replacement valves can help you get it back in top shape.

Our Top Picks

Top Pick

The Best Toilet Fill Valve Option: Korky Complete Toilet Repair Kit

Replace the fill valve only or replace the entire fill-and-flush assembly in your toilet’s tank with the Korky repair kit, which has a universal design to fit all toilets with standard 2-inch flapper openings. The kit contains a fill valve, a flush valve, a premium flapper made of long-lasting rubber, a new tank-to-bowl gasket, complete installation instructions, and all necessary hardware.

Runner Up

The Best Toilet Fill Valve Option: AmazonBasics Quick-Install Toilet Fill Valve

The design of this kit fits most toilet tanks and enables you to adjust the valve height to regulate the amount of water in the tank. This valve is self-cleaning—hard water deposits typically don’t adhere to its corrosion-resistant materials—so it can last for years.

Also Consider

The Best Toilet Fill Valve Option: Fluidmaster High Performance Fill Valve

Fluidmaster’s replacement fill valve fits most toilets and features a refill rate up to two times faster than traditional fill valves. That means this valve can make it possible to flush again soon after the first flush—a boon for large families with a limited number of bathrooms. Though powerful, the Fluidmaster fill valve operates quietly and adjusts so you can select the water height in the tank that works best for you.