The Best Wallet Trackers for Locating Your Stuff

Keep track of your wallet at all times so that if you forget it in the Uber or misplace it at home, you can locate it quickly.

By Timothy Dale | Updated Jan 5, 2021 9:13 AM

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The Best Wallet Tracker Options


If you have ever forgotten where you left your wallet and have spent considerable time searching in a panic, then you have firsthand experience with the very situation wallet trackers are designed to aid. Simple wallet trackers operate through a radio signal with an included transmitter. This transmitter can activate the tracker to begin sounding an alert, allowing you to locate it quickly.

Wallet trackers can also have Bluetooth functions that allow you to activate them with your phone, track them through GPS, and even get the help of other individuals connected to the same app to locate your wallet if it is out of range of your personal smart device. Take a look at the top products below to find the best wallet tracker to keep track of your personal information.

  1. BEST OVERALL: Tile Performance Pack (2020) 2-pack (1 Pro, 1 Slim)
  2. BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Tile Inc., Mate and Slim Combo, Bluetooth Tracker
  3. BEST UPGRADE: Chipolo Bundle – Loudest Water Resistant Bluetooth
  4. BEST BLUETOOTH: Nutale Nut3 Key Finder Bluetooth Smart Tracker
  5. BEST REPLACEABLE BATTERY: Esky RF Item Locator with Transmitter and 6 Receivers
  6. BEST RECHARGEABLE: Innway Card Ultra Thin Rechargeable Bluetooth Tracker
  7. BEST SLIM: Tile Slim 1-pack – Slim & Sleek Bluetooth Tracker
  8. BEST STICKERS: Tile Sticker 2-pack – Adhesive Bluetooth Tracker
The Best Wallet Tracker Options


Features to Look for in the Best Wallet Tracker

Consider these key features when shopping for a wallet tracker to feel confident that you’ll have no trouble finding your wallet if it’s misplaced.


When deciding on a wallet tracker, there are several designs to choose from that may be easier or more difficult to carry comfortably, depending on the wallet’s size and shape.

  • Slim wallet trackers feature a rectangular or square shape, but they have a very slim profile, similar to a credit card. This makes them a great option to carry in a small wallet that doesn’t have a lot of room.
  • Sticker wallet trackers stick to the outside of a wallet or purse using a strong adhesive so that you won’t have to worry about them falling out of a pocket or compartment.
  • Standard wallet trackers may also have a square shape, but they are thicker than slim wallet trackers. These devices are better for connecting to a wallet with a keychain, making them ideal for larger wallets. Standard trackers are also great for keeping track of your keys.

Signal Range and Capacity

How someone uses a wallet tracker depends heavily on the signal range and the capacity of the tracker, receiver, and app. Some trackers help locate belongings only within the home, so they don’t need to have a wide range. However, other trackers can connect through Bluetooth to a much greater degree, giving the ability to track them through a GPS signal or even an online network of users.

The capacity of a wallet tracker determines the number of people that can be connected to the same device. Receivers may come with six or more individual trackers that all connect to a single receiver, while Bluetooth-enabled trackers may have the ability to be linked to more than one account so that you and your partner can keep track of your shared items without having to use multiple trackers.

Mobile App

A mobile app connects the smart device with Bluetooth-enabled wallet trackers to activate the location alert from your phone if you misplace your wallet at home. You can also use these apps to regularly record the GPS information for your tracker, allowing you to check your phone to determine where your tracker is located if you left it somewhere outside of your home. If the tracker is out of range, you can use the last known GPS coordinates to get an idea of where your wallet may be.

However, many apps also have a user network that can be accessed to help locate a wallet tracker out of a smart device’s range. The devices on the network track the signal from your tracker until you have a precise location, and you can go and retrieve your belongings. Some trackers may also have a reverse feature. Just push the tracking button on the tracker, and it will cause the phone to sound, even if it’s on silent, allowing you to locate your phone quickly.

Our Top Picks

These recommendations for the best wallet trackers were chosen based on quality, price, and the critical considerations mentioned above so that you can find the right product to keep track of your wallet.

Best Overall


This bundle comes with two premium Tile Bluetooth Trackers, including the Tile Slim that is designed with a narrow profile—perfect for a wallet—and the Tile Pro, a standard tracker that looks great on a wallet or keychain. The Tile Slim wallet tracker is waterproof, ensuring it won’t get damaged by rain or snow. It also has a maximum range of 200 feet, and it comes with a built-in three-year battery.

The Tile Pro wallet tracker uses a one-year replaceable battery, but it has a much greater range, at a maximum of 400 feet. The Pro can also find a phone when an individual presses the front button. This will cause the phone to sound an alert, even if it was set on silent. Both trackers work with the Tile app to aid in tracking belongings through GPS or the safe and anonymous Tile Network.

Best Bang for the Buck

The Best Wallet Tracker Option: Tile Inc., Mate and Slim Combo, Bluetooth Tracker

Instead of buying four individual devices, individuals can take advantage of the great affordable value one gets with this pack of wallet trackers. The four-pack comes with two slim trackers and two small standard trackers, but each tracker can link to a separate account, so users don’t have to worry about sharing their personal information with other family members.

The slim trackers have a maximum range of 100 feet, and they come with built-in three-year batteries, so you won’t have to worry about recharging or replacing batteries. However, the standard trackers have a battery that needs to be replaced annually. They also have a wider range of 150 feet. It’s important to remember to keep the Tile app running in the background of a smart device so it can remember the last time and place an individual had their item.

Best Upgrade

The Best Wallet Tracker Option: Chipolo Bundle - Loudest Water Resistant Bluetooth

The Chipolo Wallet Tracker Bundle comes with two circular standard trackers and one slim wallet tracker so that you can use a tracker on your wallet, share one with a family member, and keep the third for a set of keys. Individuals can also use the trackers to locate a phone with a simple double press of the button. If you still can’t hear your phone, log in to the Chipolo web app to see the phone’s exact location, send an audible alert, or send a custom notification to display on the screen.

The Bluetooth-enabled wallet trackers produce a 120-decibel sound that is hard to ignore and easy to locate, even in a big home. It also features an out-of-range alert that will notify you if your phone moves out of range of the tracker so that you never leave home without your wallet again.

Best Bluetooth

The Best Wallet Tracker Option: Nutale Nut3 Key Finder Bluetooth Smart Tracker

The round edges of this standard square design give this tracker a unique appeal that looks great when walking around with it attached to a wallet, purse, or keys. The wallet tracker connects through Bluetooth to a phone or tablet using the Nut app. This app allows users to set up a proximity alert to send a notification when their phone is out of range of their items, keeping you from leaving your wallet at home.

This standard wallet tracker has a replaceable battery that lasts for up to one year. If you find yourself with your wallet in one hand but unable to locate your phone, just double press the button on the tracker, and it will send a signal to your phone, causing it to ring. The tracker has a range of about 55 yards, and the app allows you to see your items in real time on a location map.

Best Replaceable Battery

The Best Wallet Tracker Option: Esky RF Item Locator with Transmitter and 6 Receivers

When the main problem seems to be losing a wallet, keys, and other items around the house, you don’t need the GPS capabilities of a Bluetooth-enabled tracker. You need a tracker that is easy to use with a strong, reliable radio signal. This set of six wallet trackers comes with a central transmitter that connects to each individual tracker with the push of a color-coded button.

The trackers work with the transmitter within a 100-foot range, allowing an individual to quickly and easily locate items with a tracker attached. When you push a button on the transmitter, the tracker with the corresponding color will begin emitting a loud 80-decibel beep. The trackers also have red LED lights that will stand out in dark rooms, making it simple to spot them.

Best Rechargeable

The Best Wallet Tracker Option: Innway Card Ultra Thin Rechargeable Bluetooth Tracker

Slide the 1.5-millimeter-thin wallet tracker into a regular card slot in your wallet to ensure that you can always locate it whenever you need it. The wallet tracker connects to a mobile device through Bluetooth using the Innway app, where one can activate the tracker when a wallet is out of sight. The tracker will then begin to emit a loud ring to help locate the wallet, even when you’re in a hurry to get to work.

The wallet tracker comes with a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need to buy new batteries every year. Just recharge the battery in the slim tracker for two hours every three to five months to ensure that you always have an active tracker in your wallet. The tracker can be used to activate the alert on a phone when misplaced, even if the phone is on silent.

Best Slim

The Best Wallet Tracker Option: Tile Slim 1-pack - Slim & Sleek Bluetooth Tracker

The Tile Slim is one of the most popular wallet trackers because it has a simple, effective design that makes the tracker barely noticeable once added to a wallet. Yet the ability to simply take out a phone and activate the tracker to find the wallet is an invaluable feature that can save precious seconds, minutes, or even hours that would have been spent searching for a misplaced wallet.

This slim wallet tracker connects through Bluetooth to the Tile app even if it isn’t within the phone’s range. Because it remains connected to the Tile Network, it can be located by other Tile users so that you can track it down if you lose it after a night out. This tracker has a range of 200 feet, and it has a battery that lasts for up to three years without needing to be recharged.

Best Stickers

The Best Wallet Tracker Option: Tile Sticker 2-pack - Adhesive Bluetooth Tracker

A common problem with standard and slim wallet trackers is that they may fall out if the wallet is jostled or held at an awkward angle, but these Tile Sticker Wallet Trackers use a strong adhesive that ensures they won’t be removed without significant force. The two-pack comes with a pair of Tile Stickers so you can use one on your wallet and keep the second one for your partner.

The tracker is waterproof and has a three-year battery life, so you won’t have to worry about recharging or replacing the tracker for up to three years. The Tile app can be accessed through your phone so that you can locate your trackers with ease. If you sign up for the Tile Subscription programs, you will have to pay a monthly fee, but you will get additional features like item reimbursement, smart alerts, and free battery replacements.

FAQs About Wallet Trackers

Before deciding on a new wallet tracker, check out the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions and put to rest any lingering concerns.

Q. Can I put a tracker in my wallet?

Yes, you can put a tracker in your wallet. However, be sure to put it in a secure compartment where it won’t fall out of the wallet.

Q. How do I track my wallet?

The method used to track your wallet can differ between products, but a typical scenario uses an audible alert, allowing you to find the wallet through sound. Alternatively, a Bluetooth-enabled wallet tracker allows you to track the GPS location with your smart device.

Q. How long do wallet trackers last?

On average, wallet trackers last for up to three years before needing to be replaced.