Black+Decker’s New Line of Power Tools Is for the Sustainably Minded DIYer

If you’re worried about the impact your tools have on the environment, Black+Decker’s new power tool line might help ease your mind.
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Black & Decker's Sustainable Tools

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Two industry leaders have developed a greener approach to power tools for sustainability-minded DIYers. Black+Decker and specialty plastics manufacturer Eastman are partnering to create a line of power tools that utilizes recycled plastics. This power tool line, known as Reviva, will hit shelves and online retailers in early 2022, and it could make quite an impact on the tool industry across the board.

But what’s the big deal? How does it work? What do you need to know about Reviva tools? Brooke Withers, a public relations manager for Stanley Black+Decker, gave us the lowdown on this new launch.

It’s All About the Plastics

The Reviva partnership between Black+Decker and Eastman focuses on the plastics used in manufacturing. While the mechanicals and batteries powering these tools are largely traditional, it’s the materials that enclose them that are getting the major sustainability overhaul. Rather than being made from all new plastic, Reviva will utilize 50 percent recycled plastic.

Reviva Tools Use Single-Use Plastic Waste

Black & Decker's Sustainable Tools

Recycling is great, but typical mechanical recycling has its limits. The Reviva line utilizes Eastman’s Tritan Renew material, and Withers explained that it’s anything but typical.

Tritan Renew is formed through a process known as Advanced Circular Recycling (also known as molecular recycling), and it takes advantage of single-use plastics. This process transforms the otherwise wasted material back to its basic building blocks and allows the manufacturer to create durable, high-performance materials.

Reviva’s Environmental Impact

Producing the Reviva power tools aims to be far more environmentally friendly than typical manufacturing. According to Withers, the manufacturing process reduces the use of fossil-based resources and lowers greenhouse gas emissions over typical manufacturing. Yet, customers will still experience the performance of virgin plastic while using 50 percent recycled content.

Frustration-Free and 100 Percent Recyclable Packaging

Not only is the Reviva line dedicated to utilizing a more sustainable source for plastic enclosures, but it also offers environmentally friendly packaging. All the Reviva packaging is frustration-free, 100 percent sustainable, and curbside-recyclable.

What About Performance?

Sustainability is obviously the key feature of the Reviva brand, but power tools need to perform as well. When we asked about the Reviva line’s power and durability, Withers stated that it will provide the same durability, performance, and safety that the DIY world has come to expect from Black and Decker power tools.

Black+Decker Isn’t New to Sustainability

When asked about the sustainability of the batteries, Withers noted that the batteries aren’t considered any more sustainable than other lithium-ion batteries. However, Stanley Black and Decker (Black+Decker’s parent company) already focuses on providing environmentally-conscious methods of recycling batteries across all cordless brands, not just Reviva. This includes Black+Decker, DeWalt, Craftsman, Porter Cable, and more.

When Will Reviva Tools Become Available?

Black & Decker Sustainable tools

The first run of Reviva power tools will include a 12-volt drill, jigsaw, and sander. The line, says Withers, will begin to launch in the spring of 2022. The rep also said there will be additional Reviva product debuts in 2023, but they’re keeping the lid on which tools those might include. At any rate, DIYers can expect to get their hands on these sustainably-minded tools soon.