Bob Vila Radio: Backyard Bubbles

Luxurious as it may seem, a backyard water feature, and the relaxing bubbling sound it makes, often can be an easy addition to outdoor space.

The sound of running water can be very soothing—that is, as long as it’s not coming from a broken pipe in the middle of the night. That bubbly sound is relaxing in the backyard or on the patio, and it can be pretty simple for anyone to bring that luxury home.


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Backyard Bubbles


The easiest water features to install are probably bird baths, standalone waterfalls, and wall-mounted fountains. They are available in copper, stone, or lightweight fiberglass composites that look just like terra cotta or marble, in designs ranging from the totally whimsical to the subtly sophisticated. Keeping the water moving not only creates that calming sound, it also alleviates any worries about mosquitoes or mold growing in standing water.

Handsome new styles make for eye-catching additions to any outdoor space, and recirculating pumps make them easy to install and eco-friendly, as they don’t need a plumbing hookup and they reuse the same water over and over. In some cases, the pumps can run on solar power, so you don’t even need electricity.

Other styles plug into wall outlets, so you can simply fill the reservoir, turn on the pump, and presto! Instant waterfall. Some even have built-in lights, creating a wonderful ambience for evening gatherings on the patio.

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