Bob Vila Radio: Fall Safety Check

By Sarah Monzon & Bob Vila | Updated Sep 12, 2012 10:04 PM

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Fall’s a good time to do a top-to-bottom safety check of your home to protect your family and save big bucks on major repairs. 

Fall Safety



Listen to BOB VILA ON FALL SAFETY CHECKS, or read the text below:

Start by checking your chimney for damage and look for signs of roofing leaks in the attic.

Bedrooms need flashlights, window locks, fall guards for small children and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with fresh batteries every six months.

In the bathrooms, check tile for leaks that can invite mold and keep slip-proof mats in the shower. Test ground fault interruptor outlets. Keep cleaners and toiletries out of childrens’ reach and replenish your first aid kit.

All your electronics should be plugged into surge protectors, and you should have an electrician install enough outlets to get rid of those extension cords.

Check that your fire extinguishers are charged, and keep emergency numbers handy by the phone. In the garage, store all chemicals away from children and heat sources and get rid of oily rags and spills.

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