Bob Vila Radio: In the Doghouse

Giving your pet a place of his own to take shelter from wind, rain and sun is a noble pursuit. Doghouses now come in all shapes and sizes, from cedar chalets to foam igloos.


Photo: MBF Supplies


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A well-fitting doghouse shouldn’t be too much bigger than your dog, with a door just wide enough for his shoulders. Think cozy.

Frame the floor with pressure-treated lumber to resist rot and set the corners on concrete blocks or stone to keep it above grade. You may even want to build the house on skids so you can move it around.

Set the door off center for better shelter, and add a hinged or removable roof or wall panel for cross-ventilation in hot weather and easier cleaning.

If you’ve got an outside dog, orient the doghouse with the door facing away from prevailing winds and bright lights at night so your dog can rest comfortably. mulch, gravel or pavers around his new “digs” will help keep things clean.

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