12 Porch Swing Plans for Building the Ultimate Outdoor Siesta Spot

Building a DIY porch swing isn't just a project for pros! Whether you dream of a classic wooden swing or a suspended daybed, one of these porch swing plans is sure to please.
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A porch swing is a great place to relax on a balmy evening while sipping something cool and refreshing—what’s not to love? Even if you don’t have a porch, you can still create a similar vibe in your outdoor space. Online sellers offer downloadable DIY porch swing plans for every need, including plans for freestanding backyard swings and outdoor bed swings.

With the wide range of simple, straightforward DIY porch swing plans available, there’s something to suit nearly every space and every style. So let’s get to it: Here are several front porch swing ideas and our picks for some of the best porch swing plans.

1. Simple Bench Swing

porch swing plans
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For our first choice we have a classic design, this one with a subtle contour to the seat boards for added comfort. This outdoor bench swing offers quality and durability while being easy to make.

Store-bought dimensioned lumber is used throughout, plus hardware that is widely available. A jigsaw is the best way to cut the curve on the seat support boards, but many DIYers already own these versatile tools. Pocket-hole joinery also is featured in the instructions.

Get the TheDIYPlan Outdoor Swing Bench Plan on Etsy for $8.97.

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2. Hanging Daybed

porch swing plans
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If a porch swing simply isn’t big enough for full-on relaxation, then this swinging bed could be the answer. While the visual impact is certain to impress, swing beds like this can still be built with average DIY skills.

The plans include two removable headboards for support, both of which can be fitted on either side. Plans are available for standard, queen, or king-size daybeds, with each designed to fit ordinary futon mattresses available in retail stores.

Get the BigLittleFootprint Hanging Daybed Plans on Etsy for $12.

3. Adjustable Bench Swing and Frame

porch swing plans
Photo: etsy.com

Here’s an attractive porch swing for two that includes instructions for a sturdy frame, so it can be hung in the yard rather than on the porch, if preferred. What further sets these plans apart is that the angle of the seat back can be adjusted for personal comfort preference once built.

The swing can be constructed from store-bought softwood like pine or cedar, which is easy to stain or paint. Hardwood could also be used for a more natural and traditional feel. These porch swing plans come in both customary and metric measurements.

Get the BuildEazy Bench Swing Plans on Etsy for $5.

4. Farmhouse Porch Swing

porch swing plans
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This farmhouse porch swing has a rustic charm that would look great at a cabin or any house committed to a traditional or modern farmhouse aesthetic. It’s easy to build, and while reclaimed wood is used in the example, store-bought pine or cedar would work just as well. Although the plans don’t include a frame, one could additionally be made with the right know-how and materials.

The farmhouse porch swing plans include lists of needed tools and supplies. A pocket hole jig is used for construction; this is an affordable, inexpensive tool that makes a great addition to the DIY tool box.

Get the GrindstoneDesign Farmhouse Porch Swing Plans on Etsy for $11.99.

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5. Arbor Swing

porch swing plans
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Although this arbor swing may look like a major construction project at first glance, there isn’t anything to it that would give most DIY enthusiasts serious difficulty. Of course, it does take time and patience to build, but the project uses widely available materials and hardware and requires no special skills.

The sturdy frame is self-supporting, so it could be positioned on a lawn, as a wooden patio swing, or used on a large deck. The three-seater swing could also be suspended from a porch, if desired. While rope is suggested, chains could also be used.

Get the TheDIYPlan Outdoor Arbor Swing Plan on Etsy for $9.97.

6. 2×4 Bench Swing and Frame

porch swing plans
Photo: etsy.com

There are likely fewer easier ways to bring porch swing plans to life than this, as it’s built entirely from 2×4 lumber available in any store that sells lumber. The construction is inherently stable, as the designer claims it will support more than 500 pounds. The swing is also easy to stain or paint to boot.

Once again, a pocket hole jig is recommended to be used during assembly. While not strictly necessary, it helps ensure strong connections. It also hides screw heads from view for a more professional finish.

Get the PeterPlanDIY 2×4 Bench Swing and Frame Plans on Etsy for $9.98.

7. Pergola Porch Swing

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Photo: learn.kregtool.com

Those looking for free porch swing plans may want to check out the Kreg website. The company’s plans contain highly detailed information, and the finished item is both attractive and functional.

It is marked as being for advanced users, though the competent DIYer shouldn’t find it particularly challenging. Kreg is one of the world’s leading pocket-hole jig makers, so it is no surprise that this plan makes extensive use of its Pocket-Hole Jig 720.

Get the Kreg Porch Swing With Pergola Plans at Kreg for FREE.

8. Porch Daybed

porch swing plans
Photo: etsy.com

Daybeds are understandably popular where there is sufficient space. This porch daybed plan from popular plan makers HorizonDesignStudios takes the traditional porch swing idea and extends it. While there’s plenty of space to lie down, there is also back support for those who want to sit up.

Although relatively large, the porch bed swing plan includes straightforward construction. While the daybed is designed to take a queen-size mattress, we feel experienced DIYers would have little problem adjusting dimensions up or down if required.

Get the HorizonDesignStudios Porch Bed Swing Plan on Etsy for $6.25.

9. Classic Porch Swing and Frame

porch swing plans
Photo: etsy.com

This classic slat-backed garden swing bench can be hung from a porch or from the strong and simple frame that can be built from the plans. Concreting it into place makes it secure and very durable, and the extended top beam provides the perfect spot for hanging baskets or other outdoor decor.

The lightweight construction can use store-bought softwood and hardware, so building costs can be kept to a minimum. This simple but effective swing couch is intended for the DIY beginner, but—with a little ingenuity—additions like side tables could also be added.

Get the HorizonDesignStudios Swing Plan on Etsy for $6.25.

10. Ray Porch Swing

porch swing plans
Photo: etsy.com

This porch swing plan from GrindstoneDesign takes the rustic appeal of the seller’s farmhouse swing plan and adds a subtle design twist that elevates it above the ordinary.

Like the farmhouse model above, this porch swing can be made from new or reclaimed lumber and stained or painted to suit its surroundings. Once again it uses simple but effective pocket- hole joinery for both strength and a neat, professional result.

Get the GrindstoneDesign Ray Porch Swing Plans on Etsy for $11.99.

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11. Freestanding Daybed and Frame

porch swing plans
Photo: etsy.com

Here is a contemporary daybed plan that would make a sleek and stylish addition to most any modern yard. The sturdy freestanding frame just needs level ground. However, it would also make a fabulous addition to a large deck or patio.

The plans are thoroughly detailed and include lists of materials and suggested tools. Constructing this swing bed to a high standard will take time. While it isn’t especially difficult, we would recommend buyers have gained some experience building simpler structures before moving on to this one.

Get the SinelHousePlans Freestanding Hammock Plans on Etsy for $12.38.

12. Crib Mattress Swing

crib mattress porch swing
Photo: Plank and Pillow via etsy.com

If there’s not enough room on your porch for one of the larger daybeds we’ve featured, you can still lounge comfortably on a smaller scale. These porch swing plans will show you how to build a swing that is just 61 inches wide and 29.5 inches deep, and uses a crib mattress as its cushion. The instant-download files come with instructions, 3D illustrations, and a cut list. DIYers whose little ones have outgrown their cribs can repurpose the mattress for this project—and save a good chunk of the materials cost.

Get the Plank and Pillow Crib Mattress Porch Swing Plans on Etsy for $15.

The prices listed here are accurate as of February 15, 2023.