10 Dog House Plans You Can DIY for Your Furry Best Friend

Hone your carpentry skills while creating a dedicated space for your four-legged companion.
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a tiny dog sits in a modern looking dog house next to one empty dog house in a clean living room
Photo: istockphoto.com

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A dog house is more than just an outdoor shelter to protect your four-legged family member from the elements. It’s also a dedicated space for your pup, a retreat to use when the human world becomes a little too much.

Many choose wood to build a dog house, as it’s easy to source and customize the size to suit your pet. Typically, it can cost a few hundred dollars in materials, but building it yourself can save hundreds of dollars in carpenter fees. A dog house also happens to be an excellent DIY project, especially for those looking to dip their toes into the world of carpentry.

Building a dog house starts with a plan, and the dog house plans we’ve gathered below teach DIYers how to build a dog house and include easy-to-follow steps. They’re also customizable, allowing you to size them to suit your tastes and your dog’s size.

This list of dog house designs and plans includes indoor and outdoor dog houses both large and small.

1. Doggy Treehouse

large diy treehouse in backyard near orchard with staircase up to house and dog bed with basketball
Photo: GoodDIYplans via etsy.com

This treehouse-inspired large dog house creates enough space to house multiple dogs comfortably. Its elevated design also keeps the living space off the ground, making it less susceptible to moisture damage or pests.

The wide steps are easy for the four-legged to navigate, and the low rail that wraps around the front of the dog house allows your dogs to survey the neighborhood while keeping them safe. Dogs can take shelter indoors or lounge on the partially covered front porch.

Get the GoodDIYplans DIY dog house plans at Etsy for $19.98.

2. Canine Mod

product shot of modern looking angular dog house
Photo: CraftsmanGa via etsy.com

Go modern with this geometrically shaped dog house. Its clean lines and contemporary looks make it ideal as a home or hideaway for your furry best friend, either indoors or out. The high pitch of the roof makes it suitable for large and small dogs.

A long horizontal opening on the side allows your dog to keep an eye on what’s going on outside while lounging indoors, while a skylight brightens up the interior with natural light. The simple design and instructions make this dog house one of the easier models to assemble, and therefore a great option for newbie carpenters.

Get the CraftsmanGa DIY dog house plans at Etsy for $11.69.

3. Classic Dog House

classic dog house with triangular roof made with white wood in backyard with green grass
Photo: AdaptPlans via etsy.com

If you’re looking to add the classic wood dog house to your backyard, these plans are for you. It features a pitched roof with a large open front door. At 30 by 36 inches, it’s big enough to house larger dogs.

Wood siding finishes with asphalt shingles give this dog house the durability to endure harsh weather. Plans are affordable and easy to follow, and this cheap DIY dog house is a great first project for beginner builders who aren’t already familiar with how to frame a dog house.

Get the AdaptPlans large dog house plans at Etsy for $9.99.

4. Crate/Dog House Combo

wood panel diy dog house with door and latch in living room with small dog inside
Photo: TheDIYPlan via etsy.com

This attractive indoor dog house serves as a private room for your dog and a safe place to contain him when you’re not at home. It features the classic dog house shape with its box design and pitched roof.

A full opening on the front and open slats that run along the sides provide plenty of light and ventilation for the interior. A translucent plastic front door latches closed to contain your dog inside, keeping him safe while you’re away.

Get the TheDIYPlan DIY indoor dog house plans at Etsy for $8.97.

5. Two-Door Dog House

diy dog house inside garage with blue siding tiled roof and two doorways one with a doorway that opens upwards
Photo: DDSDesignServices via etsy.com

This bungalow-inspired dog house with a porch has not one but two doors, a main one and a large side door hatch you can open for easy cleaning or to make the interior more accessible for your dog.

Fido can choose to hang out inside for more privacy or lie comfortably on the covered front porch as he surveys his surroundings. The roof is designed with roof felt and shingles, ensuring it can endure the elements.

Get the DDSDesignServices dog house plans at Etsy for $1.49.

6. Sophisticated Classic Dog House

large painted wood dog house with tiny pine tree outside and a big dog sitting inside in the middle of a field
Photo: HappyGlamperCompany via etsy.com

If you want the classic dog house design but with a bit more aesthetic flare, check out this modern take on the traditional dog house. Decorative trim around the sides of the house and at the peak of the roof pitch add sophistication to this familiar design. There’s also a large decorative nameplate where you can proudly display your dog’s name.

With a large layout that’s 36¾ inches wide and 37 inches long and a pitched roof that extends 40 inches high, this dog house is roomy enough to house large-breed dogs.

Get the HappyGlamperCompany DIY modern dog house plans at Etsy for $7.99.

7. Dog House With Porch

product sketch of dog house made of wood with teel paneling and an extended covered porch
Photo: MyOutdoorPlans via etsy.com

This dog house gives your canine pal a large enclosed front porch, where he can lounge protected from the sun and rain. Both dog house and porch are elevated, keeping your pet out of the dirt and damp.

Plans for this dog house include 3D diagrams and clear instructions, making it easy to build. Just keep in mind that this dog house takes up a large space: The house itself is 3 feet by 4 feet, and the porch is 4 feet by 5 feet.

Get the MyOutdoorPlans dog house plans at Etsy for $6.

8. Rustic Dog House

golden retriever sitting inside diy dog house made with large panels of light colored wood
Photo: MichaelDesigns via etsy.com

The slanted flat roof and wood siding give this dog house a rustic look that blends with a variety of outdoor living spaces. The design includes a front porch that allows your dog to lie partially outside the house so he can relax comfortably while keeping an eye on activity in the yard. These plans are easily scalable, allowing you to customize its size to suit your dog.

Get the MichaelDesigns dog house plans at Etsy for $3.86.

9. Dog House for Large Breeds

red farmhouse style dog house with dog name Bailey in white at the top in backyard near house with black dog standing inside
Photo: ImperialWoodworkings via etsy.com

These plans are based on the classic dog house shape to give your dog a larger living space inside. The design elevates the house above the ground, helping keep bugs away while ensuring your pooch stays dry.

There are also side windows to add natural light to the interior along with a covered front porch. With a floor plan that is about 5½ feet by 3½ feet, this is a dog house built for housing large breeds.

Get the ImperialWoodworkings large dog house plans at Etsy for $8.99.

10. Rustic Cedar Plank Dog House

product shot of cedar plank dog house
Photo: WoodGears via etsy.com

The design of this house gives it a sturdy, weather-resistant build and an attractive rustic look. Its tongue-and-groove design and the trim around the corners and opening all add to the aesthetics of its classic dog house appearance while also making it naturally weather- and pest-resistant.

Use cedar planks with this design to add additional natural weather resistance. This dog house is also customizable, allowing you to change its dimensions to accommodate larger or smaller dogs.

Get the WoodGears dog house plans at Etsy for $5.06.

The prices listed here are accurate as of publication on 6/20/2023.