Bob Vila Radio: Budget Kitchen Upgrades

If your kitchen’s begging for a facelift but your budget begs to differ, try focusing on some key details.

Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers



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As long as your cabinets aren’t laminate, you can re-paint them yourself. De-grease them, remove the doors and hardware, and apply a primer-sealer before you paint. New drawer and door pulls might make a huge difference on their own!

Low-voltage under-cabinet lighting strips are great, and replacing a tired kitchen sink—or even just the faucet–can go a long way for short money. Granite countertops and stainless steel appliances have become the calling card of the “updated” kitchen these days, and some contractors and home centers have great deals on both. Especially if you’re planning to sell, it’s a great investment and often more affordable than you think.

Keep the big-ticket items like cabinets on the neutral side and highlight with wall colors and window treatments. That way, changing the look of your kitchen doesn’t have to break the bank.

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