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Go Dark and Dramatic with Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black is back, and bolder than ever in a variety of stylish kitchens. Get inspired to use black with these 10 design ideas.

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Back in Black

Black isn’t typically the first hue that springs to mind when it comes to kitchen cabinets. Often, a clean cabinet look is associated with simple, bright white. But for those willing to try something more daring, black is worth considering. The moody, dramatic hue can prove just as sleek and fresh as the typical white when combined with striking hardware, clean countertops, sleek flooring, and plenty of natural light.

This roundup of brilliantly black kitchen cabinets proves just how stylish the look can be, and how different shades of black can be striking in a variety of kitchen styles. One of these black shades may be exactly what you’ve been wanting at your home.

Open-Concept Kitchen

An open-concept kitchen that has plenty of brightness and space may benefit from bold cabinetry to add drama to the look. This kitchen’s space is grounded with ​​Tricorn Black lower cabinets (available at Lowe’s). Gold hardware adds brilliant warmth that bounces light off the deep hue. The result is a kitchen that oozes simple glamour without going overboard in a hub of the home meant to be stylish yet clean.

Vintage Meets Modern

While black is often associated with modern style, that doesn’t mean the shade can’t be incorporated into vintage spaces. This Benjamin Moore black paint collection celebrates using the daring shade in various ways. This look combines the boldness of black with the intricacy of vintage style for a romantic outcome.

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Gray and Black

There’s something intriguing about a hue that can’t be identified. These kitchen cabinets could be considered a very dark gray or off-black. The result is a matted look that appears fresh yet dramatic, and is undoubtedly sophisticated. The look is sure to strike up conversation for its unique appearance.

Satin Black

This satin black shade offers a majorly moody look for a kitchen space. Break up the black with lighter hues on the backsplash, countertops, and floors. This example uses touches of gray on white surfaces that accent the black. The combination ties the other black and white elements together and keeps things cool.

Glass Fronted Cabinets

Contrast stark white walls and a white subway tile backsplash with black cabinetry panels called LERHYTTAN (available at IKEA). This cool kitchen goes for solid black lower cabinets that offer a sultry appearance, while keeping things fresh up top by breaking up black cabinetry with swanky glass. The style exudes sophistication.

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Blue and Black

The combination of blue and black is all about drama. The Night Magic hue from Kilz plays with the blend beautifully. Try it on kitchen cabinets, then accent it with chrome hardware for ultimate coolness. But don’t stop there! Add warmth with a combination of gray, white, and gold chevron tile on the backsplash, and use natural wood countertops for an overall style that is unique and sleek.

Dark and Stark

These kitchen cabinets have an ultimate black look with a paint shade called Blackest from Clare. There’s not a hint of blue, gray or any other undertone here, which makes it the most intense hue on the list. Paired with a white backsplash, gray countertops, and stainless steel appliances, this kitchen keeps it simple.

Gold and Black Cabinets

This bold black called Cambridge from Pratt & Lambert is so deep it requires vibrant hardware to make it pop. Gold is the go-to, as it adds warmth, while providing a touch of rustic charm. The overall look lends itself to the modern farmhouse style, which invites in daring and decadent touches to a space steeped in rustic charm.

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Polished and Cozy

A creamy, neutral wall, a brilliantly white farmhouse sink, and chrome hardware create a look that can’t be tied down to one style. Add in the addition of bold black cabinetry in Tricorn Black (available at Lowe’s), and sleek black floors, and the kitchen appears both cozy yet polished to provide the ideal kitchen vibe.

Ultra Black

Ultra black paint (available at Amazon) can do wonders for old cabinetry. Scratches and dings can easily be hidden with a deep hue. In a kitchen that receives a lot of natural light, consider pairing dark cabinets with a light wood floor. The sun will bounce off the ground and onto the cabinets for a rich look.