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These Kitchen Cabinets Prove Gray is Still a Go-To Neutral

Gray is versatile, neutral, trendy, and very easy to style.

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Gray All Day

There’s something about gray. It’s just the right combination of moody, bold, and chic. It’s a neutral that’s not boring. If your kitchen cabinets could use an upgrade, go for something that’s transitional, clean, and bright. Gray is the go-to, and these examples prove it. 

The Best Greige Paint Colors for a Warm, Welcoming Home

Dove Gray

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Dove gray is the perfect choice for a soft look that combines rustic with modern. Paired with the right hardware and wood floors, you can achieve the ideal amount of warmth, coolness, and endless chicness.

Pearl Gray

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Can’t decide between white or gray? Go for a bit of both with this pearl gray hue. It’s the ideal kitchen cabinet color if you’re looking to steer clear of any warm undertones. Pair with dark hardware for a bold contrast.

Silky Gray


An industrial kitchen begs for sleek touches. A silky gray hue accented with chrome hardware is just what you need to achieve a fresh look that’s not too stark. When combined with open shelving and light wood floors, you’ll achieve an inviting space to cook in.

Weathered Gray


Rustic style lends itself to a warmer atmosphere. Break things up with a lighter look by adding in reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets in weathered gray. The result is a rustic-meets-modern approach to the kitchen space.

Layers of Gray


Who says you can’t paint a whole kitchen in different shades of gray? This look combines dark gray walls with light gray cabinets and even lighter gray wood floors for a layered look that comes off as both moody and bright.

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Rich Gray

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Dark colors can be intimidating to paint within a home. But you just have to do it right! A medium-dark gray looks sleek in a kitchen where everything else is bright white. Here, white walls, white subway tile backsplash, and light wood flooring serve as the ideal juxtaposition to the rich gray cabinets.

Small Kitchen Gray


Respect a small kitchen with a tidy work space and stylish accents. Playing with paint color is a great way to freshen things up. So long as you keep the countertops uncluttered, and choose light touches for flooring and walls, deep gray cabinets can look beautiful. 

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Pops of Color with Gray

Often, a very mellow neutral color is chosen to accent bright pops of color in a space. But a more daring neutral like gray shouldn’t be overlooked. This fun-meets-chic kitchen is the perfect example. A bold yellow appliance pairs well with gray cabinets.

Nordic Gray


This fresh space uses a gray with a warm undertone to break up the beautifully cool layers happening in the kitchen space. The gray extends from the cabinets to the floor for a waterfall look that makes the room feel larger. Meanwhile, another section of cabinets plays with white that works wonderfully with the sleek marble backsplash beneath it.

Graceful Gray


Draw the eye up in a small kitchen by choosing two different neutral colors for lower and upper cabinets. Here, the lower cabinets use a beautiful “graceful gray,” while the upper cabinets use white for a gorgeous vertical contrast.

Mega Modern Gray

Go for a sleek look with low profile cabinetry. This idea transforms the cabinets into a spacious wall with intriguing dimension. The dark gray walls, gray countertops and cupboards, and concrete floor lend to a mega modern style.

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