Bob Vila Radio: Rain Barrels

By Roseann Foley Henry | Updated Aug 12, 2020 10:57 AM

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Did you know that a good rainstorm can send hundreds of gallons of water cascading off your roof? That water could come in handy during drier days, when you wish you had that overflow back. You can, if you invest in a rain barrel or two.

Rain Barrels



Listen to BOB VILA ON RAIN BARRELS or read the text below:

Rain barrels are smart and efficient—they capture water that would normally go to waste and save it for you to deliver to your garden later, when you need it. They’re easy to install and maintain and they don’t use any energy.

A rain barrel consists of not much more than a large container with an intake screen at the top and a valve at the bottom where you can attach a hose. Position the barrel under a downspout that you’ve cut to the right height. Put the bottom elbow at the cut point, and watch the rainwater flow through the screen into the barrel.

When you need to water your garden, simply attach a hose to the bottom spigot and let gravity do its job. Save the part of the downspout that you cut off, as you’ll want to put it back on during colder months. Rain barrels should be stored in a basement or garage during freezing temperatures.

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