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Weekend Projects: 5 Designs for a DIY Rain Barrel

It pays to be green when you collect rainwater for your landscaping needs. Start saving on your water bill this very weekend by setting up a rain barrel based on one of these easy designs.
DIY Rain Barrel - Galvanized Metal Stock Tank

DIY Rain Barrel - Galvanized Metal Stock Tank

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These days, it would be hard to ignore the need for water conservation. Due to drought conditions, California now enforces strict water regulations, and it may be the first of many states to enact such measures. No matter where you live, you can get proactive by setting up a DIY rain barrel. Inexpensive and easy to construct, DIY rain barrels collect and store rainwater for use, if not in a garden, then wherever you would like. Here are five favorite ways to approach the project.


A galvanized stock tank is great for collecting and storing rainwater—it’s naturally rust resistant and just the right height to sit underneath a shortened downspout. A slatted cedar lid outfitted with a mosquito screen on the underside completes the tank’s country-rustic look—so well, in fact, that the DIYers at The Bike Garden set up four outside their home.


DIY Rain Barrel - Wooden Wine Barrel

Aesthetics are not of foremost importance with DIY rain barrels, but when you enlist a reclaimed wine barrel for the project, function and form come together in a charming win-win. When sourcing a barrel, opt for one with a lid and a cork. Read one DIYer’s adventure from wine country to backyard at Nail Polish and Paint.


DIY Rain Barrel - Painted Plastic

When using rainwater to nourish a vegetable garden, be sure your DIY rain barrel hosts no contaminants. A sure bet might be large food-grade plastic barrel like this one, which once held olives. To better integrate the vessel into your landscape, paint it a neutral, non-offensive hue. Get all the details over at Lovelace Files.


DIY Rain Barrel - Trash Can

Don’t care to get fancy? With an 32-gallon Rubbermaid Roughneck trash can, plus a few important spare parts—namely, a couple of spigots, window screening, and a handful of locknuts and washers—you can fashion a DIY rain barrel you’d be happy to see overflowing. For the step-by-step, visit Instructables now.


DIY Rain Barrel - Pallet Garden Surround

If even the most carefully considered and constructed rain barrel seems like an eyesore, this project from The Doodle House is for you. The ever-versatile reclaimed wooden pallet comes to the rescue here, with openings between slats ready to support a collection of cheery camouflaging plants. Set up this structure around your barrel, and you’ll soon be doing your part for the planet in style.