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Bob Vila Radio: Stone Walls

Nothing beats the natural look of a dry-laid stone wall, but building one requires a strong back, deep pockets, and a little more skill and patience than the average weekend warrior might have.

Stone wall


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You can get the look of a hand-laid stone wall on your foundation, chimney, or retaining wall without all the back-breaking work.

At a fraction of the weight of real stone, cultured veneer stone can dress up plain concrete foundations, trim, and even plywood boxes for a charming and surprisingly realistic effect.

Veneer stone is molded from real stones and dyed to match them, and there’s a huge variety of choose from: whether you want the look of a Pennsylvania fieldstone wall, a Colorado river bed, or a medieval Tuscan villa, you can get it. Laying up the pieces in the adhesive and grouting with mortar takes a little practice to get right, and you do need to design a ledge at the bast of the wall to support the veneer, but it’s only a fraction of the weight and labor involved with natural stone.

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