Bob Vila Radio: Track Lighting Trends

Thanks to innovations in design, track lighting is more versatile than ever and complements virtually any decorating style in any room of the house.

If the mention of track lighting conjures up visions of bulky white cans jutting out awkwardly from a thick rail, you haven’t seen the chic takes on track that have hit the market in recent years.

Track Lighting Trends



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Track lighting has a number of selling points, but versatility may be one of its greatest. Depending on how the heads, or fixtures, are mounted and directed, track lighting can provide accent or task lighting as well as some general illumination—although a traditional ceiling fixture gives off a more diffuse, ambient glow. Now, with the advent of slender, flexible monorail tracks, compact low-voltage fixtures, and a rich array of styles from colorful cans to quirky pendants, track lighting is more versatile than ever. Track systems are particularly well suited for use in the kitchen, brightening an island or breakfast bar. But you can find a track style that works with almost any interior design scheme in any room of the house.

Like much lighting these days, track systems are available in standard 120-volt as well as low-voltage designs. There are even standard line-voltage tracks that approximate the flexible curves and smaller profiles of their low-voltage siblings. Some line-voltage tracks can hold transformer-equipped low-voltage fixtures—an innovation that opens up a world of options in fixture sizes and styles.

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