5 Creative Ways to Display Your Holiday Cards

By Jennifer Noonan | Updated Dec 13, 2012 12:11 PM

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With a profusion of photo card deals and services that address and do the mailing for you (YES!!!), sending holiday cards to friends and family gets cheaper and easier every year. By the time Christmas Eve rolls around, my mantle will be groaning under a flood of merry missives. And I want to enjoy them, not file them all in a pile. So this year I resolve to display them for the season in a festive and fun way. Here are five of my favorite Christmas card display ideas:



Christmas Card Display - Door Ribbons

Photo: habituallychic.blogspot.com

Adorn your door with holiday cards. All you need is a length of decorative ribbon on which to attach them. You can do the same thing on a kitchen cabinet, a column, or newel post. The cards in this photo have clips on them, which in turn are hung on buttons attached to the ribbon. A stapler would do the job just fine, though.



Christmas Card Display - Clothespin Wreath

Photo: katydidandkid.com

This simple clothespin wreath is a wonderful alternative to the traditional evergreen variety. Decorate some clothespins, glue them to a hoop, and you are in business.



Christmas Card Display - Tomato Cage

Photo: spoonful.com

Once you’ve taken in your tomato cages after the harvest, they can serve a second purpose before the end of the year. Just tie the open end together with some twine to create a cone shape. Then decorate with a little festive paper and start hanging your cards with binder clips as they come in from the mailbox.



Christmas Card Display - Natural Branches

Photo: thezhush.blogspot.com

Make an arrangement of twigs in a pitcher, vase, jar or another vessel. Then punch holes in your holiday cards and string ribbon through them to make a natural ornament like this. So simple yet so elegant.



Christmas Card Display - Doorway Border

Photo: budgetwisehome.com

If time and budget are tight, use what you’ve got. With some tape and a little greenery from the yard, you can border a mirror or doorway with your holiday well wishes. You’ll enjoy them every time you pass by or through.


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