Craftsman 102-Piece Mixed Tool Set Review: Is it Worth It?

Looking for a streamlined but well-stocked tool kit? This mixed tool set offers versatile functionality and dependable quality at a value price.
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The Best Hand Tools: Craftsman CMMT99448 102-Piece Mixed Tool Set Review

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A dependable set of hand tools—including those for cutting, driving, gripping, and measuring—is essential for performing basic home repairs and mechanical maintenance. There are so many tools to choose from, so those of us who like to be prepared for anything might be tempted to get one of each type. (Of course, then we’d have to consider how big and heavy our tool box should actually be!) Others may choose to wait and buy tools only when the need arises. But that strategy leads to the inconvenience of a breakdown at a critical moment with no means for a simple fix. A common-sense solution would be to start out with a ready-to-go tool kit like the Craftsman CMMT99448 102-Piece Mixed Tool Set, which includes an assortment of the most commonly needed tools, and then build from there.

Craftsman began in 1927 as the house brand of hand tools sold by Sears. Over the decades, its tools gained an excellent reputation for dependability, thanks in part to a first-of-its-kind lifetime replacement guarantee. As Sears fell on difficult times in the 2000s, it spun off the Craftsman brand, which is now part of the massive Stanley Black & Decker tool company. Craftsman hand tools continue to enjoy a respected place among serious DIYers and trade professionals alike.

I tested the Craftsman CMMT99448 102-piece mixed tool set at home for a month. Equipped with a diversified collection of broadly useful tools, it came in handy for a long list of projects inside the house, in the garden shed, and in the garage. Although the tool count is somewhat modest, the kit does incorporate the most commonly needed tools, and the quality is impossible to beat for the price. It makes an ideal starter set for new homeowners or anyone who may need a second set of tools for the office, vacation home, RV, or wherever.

Craftsman CMMT99448 102-Piece Mixed Tool Set: At a Glance

Rating: 8.5/10

PROSThe Best Hand Tools: Craftsman CMMT99448 102-Piece Mixed Tool Set

  • This kit includes a good assortment of quality tools needed in a wide variety of maintenance and repair projects
  • Ergonomic handles and comfort grips reduce hand fatigue while working
  • The kit comes in a durable hard plastic carry case with a low profile for easy storage


  • The kit does not include specialty tools such as a hacksaw, wire strippers, deep well sockets, etc.
  • The breakaway blade utility knife feels less durable than the rest of the tools in the kit

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What is the Craftsman CMMT99448 102-piece mixed tool set?

The Craftsman CMMT99448 102-piece mixed tool set is a collection of commonly needed hand tools for general home repairs and maintenance. The kit includes ratchets and sockets in Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and metric sizes, screwdrivers, hex keys, pliers, a claw hammer, tape measure, and utility knife. A heavy-duty blow-molded plastic carry case keeps everything neatly organized in a portable and easy-to-store low-profile package. It makes an excellent starter collection for new homeowners or anyone who needs a compact all-in-one tool set for home or office.

The collection of chrome vanadium ratchet and socket tools is the star of the show. The kit comes equipped with ⅜-inch and ¼-inch ratchet drives, and a ¼-inch universal bit driver handle. A ⅜-inch drive extension bar, twenty ⅜-drive sockets, twenty ¼-drive sockets, a ¼-inch bit drive adaptor, and 31 specialty bits round out the kit. These tools provide the needed functionality to tackle automotive and lawn equipment maintenance, electrical repairs, and much more.

The Best Hand Tools: Craftsman CMMT99448 102-Piece Mixed Tool Set Review
Photo: Debbie Wolfe

The kit also includes:

  • 6-inch adjustable wrench
  • #1 and #2 Phillips and slotted screwdrivers
  • Hex keys
  • 6-inch slip-joint pliers
  • 6-inch long-nose pliers
  • 7-inch groove-joint pliers
  • 16-ounce claw hammer
  • 12-foot tape measure
  • Utility knife with breakaway blade

In testing, I used this kit to tune up a lawn mower, replace a ceiling fan, and assemble a new desk and chair. It included all of the tools I needed. The contoured ratchet handle design felt comfortable in hand, and the tightly geared drive mechanism worked well, including in a few spots where space was constricted. The grippy handles on the screwdrivers made the tools easy to use, even when my hands were greasy. The pliers all operated smoothly without a break-in period. All of the tools had a strong, durable feel. The kit included a smartly assembled combination of the most necessary tools, packed into a compact and easy-to-transport storage case.

Does the Craftsman CMMT99448 102-piece mixed tool set have a good assortment of tools?

At a glance, the 102-piece count seems a bit lower than competing tool sets, but I appreciated the broad usefulness of the tools that were included. It had every tool I needed to tune up my lawn mower, replace a ceiling fan, assemble a new desk and office chair, and hang a picture on the wall. I also liked that Craftsman didn’t simply boost the piece count by including cheap supplies like tape, brads, drywall anchors, or wire nuts.

Of course, this kit does not have everything that anyone will ever need. Some users may wish it included wire strippers, deep well sockets, a longer tape measure, or some other immediate task-specific tool. It doesn’t include a hand saw or hacksaw either. But what I like is that I found myself reaching for this tool box to get a project started, and then I could grab one or two other tools from the rack if needed.

The Best Hand Tools: Craftsman CMMT99448 102-Piece Mixed Tool Set Review
Photo: Debbie Wolfe

Is the Craftsman CMMT99448 102-piece mixed tool set good quality?

Back in the glory days of Sears, Craftsman was the store’s middle-grade hand tool brand, behind Craftsman Professional. Today it’s somewhat equivalent to the store brands Husky at The Home Depot or Kobalt at Lowe’s. Built to last a lifetime, Craftsman tools have always felt sturdy and comfortable on the job, and this kit fits in that same category.

I rated the overall quality “better than average” to “really good.” The chrome vanadium steel offered good corrosion resistance, and the tool design was generally sturdy and comfortable. I liked the feel of the rounded ratchet handles, and the 72-tooth ratchet gears minimized the required arc distance per click so that they worked well in tight spaces. The sockets fit the drives securely with very little play and separated easily at the push of the release button. The nonslip and cushioned grips on the pliers and screwdrivers felt comfortable and secure in hand.

The only tool that raised questions in my mind was the utility knife. Although snap-off utility blades are often recommended for safety, and they reduce time spent on blade changes, the blade is more awkward to deploy with a gloved hand. Also, the knife’s lightweight plastic housing is less durable than a heavy-duty blade enclosed in a metal housing.

Is the Craftsman CMMT99448 102-piece mixed tool set worth the money? 

The moderate price point is another factor that sets this kit apart. Similarly equipped tool sets from competing brands either cost much more or use lower-quality tools. Also, when compared to the prices of the same tools sold individually, this set costs up to 50 percent less. The Craftsman kit represents one of the best combinations of quality and value pricing around. Considering the excellent quality-to-value ratio, and the fact that these are some of the most needed tools, there is no question that the Craftsman CMMT99448 tool set is worth the money.

Should you buy the Craftsman CMMT99448 102-piece mixed tool set?

Almost every adult needs a few screwdrivers, pliers, a hammer, and a good socket set. Many of us need them in several places at once. As a streamlined tool kit with a good assortment of high-quality tools, the CMMT99448 mixed tool set could be a smart buy for a wide range of customers.

New car or home owners should have a basic set of tools for quick and simple repairs. Families often find it necessary, or at least convenient, to keep multiple sets of tools in different locations for easy access in the house, garage, and garden shed. Business owners can usually use a few hand tools for various office projects. This kit could be an excellent choice for anyone who needs a few essential hand tools in a well-organized easy-to-store portable carry case.

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