Klein Hard Hat Review: Is this Vented Hard Hat Worth It?

This streamlined full-brim hard hat has a simple 4-point design and unique brow pad material. Find out how it fared in my hands-on—and head-on!—tests.
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Klein Tools Vented Hard Hat Review

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When it comes to jobsite safety, a hard hat is one of the most important tools one can own. These devices sit suspended over the top of the wearer’s head as protection from falling tools and materials that could hit hard and cause serious injury. I set out to test multiple hard hats to discover which was the best overall.

I performed 8 hours of testing with each model in our best hard hats roundup. I checked out their adjustment features, design, suspension systems, quality, and price points. Then I compared them based on fit and comfort, ultimately giving awards to the products that passed the established criteria based on their strengths. There were a few that didn’t make the cut, and they were tossed aside.

In the process, I awarded the Best Overall spot to a model from Klein, a hard hat featuring adjustable ventilation, a built-in light, and a slick suspension system. Check out why it took top honors in this review of the Klein Tools vented hard hat.

Klein Tools 60407 Vented Hard Hat With Headlamp: At a Glance

Rating: 9.3/10

Klein Tools Vented Hard Hat Review
Photo: Tom Scalisi


  • Adjustable vents open and close easily and allow the user to promote airflow, keep dry, or retain heat
  • A built-in magnetic work light clips into an accessory slot on the front or back of the hard hat
  • Foam-padded, 4-point suspension system evenly distributes the weight of this heavier model for comfort over the course of the workday


  • Noticeably heavier than many other models, including the other full-brim hard hats tested

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What is the Klein Tools vented hard hat?

The Klein Tools 60407 vented hard hat with headlamp is a piece of construction personal protective equipment that protects users’ heads. It is a Type 1 hard hat, which means that it protects the tops of users’ heads from impacts from above. It is also a Class C, which means that it offers general-purpose impact protection but no protection against electrical shocks. It meets ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 standards, which are the minimum requirements for hard hats in the U.S.

The Klein vented hard hat is also suitable for both forward and backward wear. Users can swap the suspension harness around inside the hard hat to reverse the direction of the hard hat, allowing them to choose between slightly different-sized brims in front of their faces.

Adjustable vents that the wearer can slide open or closed allow more or less airflow into the hard hat. There are accessory slots for face shields and earmuffs on both sides as well. A 4-point harness with foam padding helps keep the user comfortable, and a ratcheting adjustment in the back snugs it down on the head.

How easy is the Klein Tools vented hard hat to put together?

Most hard hats require the user to put the hard hat’s suspension together themselves. However, the Klein Tools vented hard hat came out of the box ready to go—a convenient plus in my book. The straps were already in place, with the smaller bill positioned toward the front (remember, this hard hat is reversible).

So the question really is: How easy is the Klein Tools hard hat to switch around? And the answer is: very easy! The lugs on the end of the suspension straps are thick enough to take some force, and they pop free of the small retaining lip inside with a bit of pressure. Once all four lugs are loose, the user can flip the suspension around and snap it back into place to reverse the hard hat.

At this point, the user would probably want to flip the work light around as well. That proved equally easy, as the top of the light has a small clip that the user releases to slide the light upward. It comes loose easily but stays secure during bending, jumping, or even dropping the hard hat, which I did in my tests.

Finally, when it comes to actually sizing the hard hat, the job is fairly straightforward. The headband itself is not adjustable, as there isn’t a continuous strap that wraps around the user’s entire head. Instead, it has a U-shaped headband that will tighten as the user cinches down on the ratchet clip. That ratchet clip is easy to manipulate, even with a gloved hand, making getting the perfect fit a breeze.

Klein Tools Vented Hard Hat Review
Photo: Tom Scalisi

How comfortable is the Klein Tools hard hat to wear?

Wearing the Klein Tools vented hard hat proved to be quite comfortable. It has a 4-point suspension system (although a 6-point would be better, admittedly) with wide nylon straps, a removable foam headband, and foam around the entire headband. The ratcheting mechanism at the back features a silicone strap that stretches across the mechanism to suspend the ratchet off the user’s head, allowing for comfort and airflow.

In my opinion, the foam head pad and headband are the MVPs of the Klein hard hat’s comfort. They cinch down comfortably but they’re also perforated, allowing for a bit of airflow and sweat absorbency.

By the end of my 8 hours of wearing the Klein, I did notice its weight. At 1.3 pounds, It’s heavier than the other hard hats tested, and by quite a bit. However, it’s comfortable to wear, and removing the headlamp does lighten the load a bit.

Is the Klein Tools vented hard hat good quality?

There were a lot of hard hats tested in the original article, so I had plenty of opportunities to compare their quality. This hard hat from Klein, made of polycarbonate ABS plastic, was absolutely at the top of the heap.

Let’s be clear: There were things that some of the other hard hats did better. For instance, there was a carbon fiber hard hat that was extremely light, but its suspension snapped immediately. Then there was another with an absorbent chamois headband, but it wasn’t as sturdy. There was also a fiberglass model that was equally durable (if not more), but it didn’t offer the bells and whistles of the Klein.

Overall, the design and “fit and finish” aspects of the Klein Tools vented hard hat do everything well. This hard hat is sturdy and durable, the headband is comfortable, and the ratcheting click adjustments proved easy to manipulate and stayed secure. When the light snaps into the groove, it stays in place. There weren’t any other hard hats that were as high quality across all of these spectrums. The only place I felt it was a letdown was that it isn’t low-temperature (LT) or high-temperature (HT) rated.

Is the Klein Tools vented hard hat worth the money?

It’s somewhat amazing to me that a basic hard hat that can cost as little as $13 can save a life, so while this one costs about four times as much, it’s not wrong to wonder if it’s worth the extra expense. But here’s your answer: Yes, the Klein Tools vented hard hat is worth the money.

To break it down to specifics: First, it comes with a headlight that sells separately for around $25. Second, it’s much sturdier and feels more substantial than any of the other ABS hard hats in the test. Finally, considering the comfort and design of the suspension, it’s hard to compare it with other models.

There are certainly less expensive models that will do the trick, but there are also more expensive models that can’t hold a candle to the Klein. For its price, it offers a nice blend of value, quality, and durability, and matching that with another model would be a challenge.

Klein Tools Vented Hard Hat Review
Photo: Tom Scalisi

Should you buy the Klein Tools hard hat?

While I stand by my opinion that the Klein Tools vented hard hat is a quality hard hat at a great price, it might not be for everyone. The following folks should probably look elsewhere:

  • DIYers who only need a hard hat for one small job
  • DIYers who suffer from a neck injury or don’t have the neck strength to handle the extra weight
  • Pros and DIYers who don’t like a full-brim hard hat and would prefer a basic visor-style model
  • Anyone who doesn’t need or see the value in having a work light attached to and included with a hard hat
  • Folks who require a Type 2 or G or E class hard hat

For everyone else, this hard hat is absolutely worth considering. It’s comfortable, packs a ton of value, and comes with a quality work light to illuminate any work area. It will stay put and protect the wearer’s head for many projects to come.

That said, for those who would prefer to spend a bit less, the Malta Dynamics 4-Point Ratchet Cap Style Hard Hat took our Best Bang for the Buck award. It’s a Type 1, Class E hard hat that is also LT and HT rated, which makes it quite a deal.

Where to Buy the Klein Tools Vented Hard Hat

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