11 Curb Appeal Trends for 2023

From dark and moody paints to simple and unforced landscaping, these exterior updates will help your home stand out from the rest.
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Investing in your home’s exterior is always a good idea, whether you’re hoping to impress prospective homebuyers or simply looking for a fresh look. In fact, 92 percent of realtors say improving curb appeal is a must before listing a home for sale, according to a recent report from the National Association of Realtors.

Creating exterior charm will take more than a few plants and a colorful front door. The latest trends make a departure from the traditional with moody paint colors, mixed textures, and unique landscaping ideas. From affordable additions to more extensive changes, these updates will look great to passersby or create some striking photos for a real estate listing.

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1. Natural Borders

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Fences are being swapped out in favor of a more natural approach. More and more homeowners are utilizing landscape features in a unique way to define their property line. They are opting for borders of hedges, bamboo, and ornamental grasses. Keep in mind that this approach may require regular upkeep, including pruning and shaping.

2. Copper Fixtures

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Unusual metal fixtures aren’t just popular for interior use. Pops of copper are popping up in exterior décor, from outdoor lighting and house numbers to gutters and downspouts. While additions like copper lanterns require an investment, their water and weather-resistant qualities offer durability and longevity, and their natural beauty truly stands out.

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3. Earth Tones and Moody Dark Paint Colors

beautiful dark blue colored house surrounded by trees with lights on in windows in the evening
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The latest paint colors are bold in a new way. Earth tones and dark shades are replacing bright hues for a look that is both striking and moody. Don’t be surprised to see an uptick in dark grays and greens that verge on black. Other popular earthy colors include beiges, browns, sage, and mineral blue. For neutrals, off-white continues to have a moment.

4. Organic Shapes and Curves

close up on beautiful natural garden with different colorful flowers in front yard of house
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The popularity of modern organic interior design is making its way outdoors. The look includes curving pathways in place of clean lines and manicured hedges. Garden lines are defined by native flowers and ornamental grasses, while pathways are laid with organic materials like gravel and natural stone. For a touch of this style, consider a wood and rope swing or rattan containers and clay pots with wispy flowers like lavender or baby’s breath (Gypsophila).

5. Wood Accents

beautiful front door made of dark wood flanked by two house lights on front porch
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Wood accents continue to accelerate in popularity, especially paired with earthy hues. Perfect for achieving dimensional texture, wood is being fabricated for garage doors, porch beams, window frames, and front doors. Opt for naturally weather-resistant lumber like cedar, cypress, and redwood when adding exterior accents.

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6. Mixed Textures

large luxury house exterior made of white stone and dark wood paneling
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The trend towards earthy and organic is also apparent in siding and architectural details. The industry is seeing an increase in combining textures such as stone, wood, metal, and brick on exterior facades. Mixing textures can highlight architectural details such as gables, dormers, and porticos. Stone cladding is popular, as is architectural timber used vertically on exterior surfaces for a board and batten look

7. Metal Roofing

view of top floor of large house with green metal roof with windows into attic space
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Metal continues growing in popularity as a roofing material, especially in dark shades such as steel gray and black. Whether for an entire roof or simply a dormer, porch, or awning, metal can give a home a modern, sleek look. Commonly made of aluminum, steel, or copper, these metal roofs are durable and energy efficient but also can be expensive and noisy.

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8. A Seating Area in the Front Yard

two red adirondack chairs in front law of grey house
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There’s no need to relegate outdoor seating to the backyard. A sweet metal table and stools, a pair of Adirondack chairs, or a wooden bench will add to the curb appeal while offering function to the front yard. This alternative not only maximizes small spaces, but it enables greater engagement with neighbors.

9. Monochromatic Color Schemes

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While contrasting materials and hues remain popular, there’s also a move toward monochromatic color schemes. This trend includes combining different shades of a color for siding, doors, trim, and shutters or color blocking on different parts of the home. Utilizing varying paint tones will offer visual interest and enhance architectural details.

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10. Native Landscaping

flowerbed with sunflowers in front of house
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Integrating plants and flowers native to a location has become increasingly popular. Native flora and fauna are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, making them easier to grow and naturally alluring. These plants will also attract and provide a food source to indigenous wildlife including bees, butterflies, and birds.

11. An Inviting Entryway

large elegant front porch on white house with blue door and blue flower pot and pillow accents
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From the front door to the stoop or porch, an inviting entry is sure to make a great first impression. Bold color choices and natural wood tones continue to be popular for front doors, while stoops and porches are being treated as an extension of the interior, with intriguing lighting fixtures, interesting containers, and colorful textiles.