Bob Vila Radio: Fixes for Foul Trash Odor

The kitchen has a lot of smells—but you normally expect them to be of delicious foods and treats. If you're garbage bin is making a stink, try out one of these simple yet effective methods.

If your trash can persists in emitting an unpleasant odor—even when you change bags and wash it regularly—here are some easy solutions that’ll deodorize the can and clear the air.

How To Stop Bin Smelling



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First, choose more intense cleaning supplies. Try giving it a good scrub with white vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, followed by warm water.

If it’s still got a stink, add a little baking soda to the bottom of the can before you replace the bag. Baking soda can cause corrosion in metal cans so, before adding it to the can, wrap it in a paper coffee filter then cinch it with a twist tie.

Leaving a fresh dryer sheet on the bottom of the can will also help absorb odors. Switch it out when you take out the trash bag.

Another option is vanilla extract. Add a few drops to several cotton balls and leave them in the closed, empty can overnight.

Some other natural solutions you can try? Orange, lemon or lime peels, mint, or Pandan leaves (which are commonly used in Southeast Asian cooking). All mask bad smells with a pleasant aroma. Coffee grounds or tea bags, meanwhile, absorb unwanted odors.

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