Weekend Projects: 5 Favorite DIY Wall Clocks

Make a wall clock that will not only tell people what time it is, but also express your personal style, interests, and creativity. It's not hard to do—you just need a bit of inspiration and a little time.

By Tracy Anderson | Published Feb 7, 2014 9:24 AM

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Since their advent in the Middle Ages, clocks have been made in a seemingly infinite range of styles. Even in the present day, they continue to be reinvented, with do-it-yourselfers coming up with ever more creative designs. It’s easy to join the fun: All you need is a DIY clock kit—the kind sold in most craft stores. The rest just depends on your imagination. Need a little help getting started? Scroll down to see five favorite DIY clock projects, any of which could be re-created in no time.



DIY Clock - Dominoes

Photo: emmasnookandgranny.com

Is that old dominoes set gathering dust in your drawer? It’s almost begging to be part of a DIY clock project! After all, there’s a domino tile to correspond with every hour in the livelong day. Once they’re properly arranged, simply glue the dominoes onto your chosen clock face. Emma’s Nook and Granny cleverly used cookware.



DIY Clock - Frames

Photo: photojojo.com

Here’s a DIY clock that gives you hourly reason to appreciate your framed photos and keepsakes. To make yours, start by cutting a piece of white cardboard for the clock face. Proceed to mount the clock, hanging a dozen 2″ x 3″ frames around it. The only difficult part, the instructions note, is choosing what to put in the frames.



DIY Clock - Vinyl

Photo: stellajames.etsy.com

Where does the time go? We used to love our records, and now we drop them off by the boxful at Goodwill. Before purging your collection, why not set aside one of your favorites and make something to commemorate the good old days. Watch this video tutorial to see how easy it can be to transform an LP into a rockin’ DIY clock.



DIY Clock - Globe

Photo: handywoman47.etsy.com

Out of one cardboard globe, you can make two worldly DIY clocks within minutes. First, score the globe across its equator. Next, slice the sphere in half. Drill holes at the poles, then slide the clock mechanisms through. That’s it! Gift the extra to a friend or hang the pair side by side, setting each to a different time zone.



DIY Clock - Magazines

Photo: brandyfisher.blogspot.com

Believe it or not, the colorful coils of this clock come from old magazines! No tools are required for this DIY—just patience. What you do is tightly twist magazine pages around a pencil, closing each roll with a dab of glue. Once you have made an ample supply, glue the coils together in whatever arrangement looks best.