DIY Blue Mason Jar Chandelier

With some blue mason jars and some creative thinking, this uninspired lighting fixture was transformed into a DIY chandelier.

By Here Comes The Sun | Updated Jul 3, 2014 11:07 AM

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I can’t tell you how excited I am to share this project with you. I’m so in love with blue mason jars. I’ve been wanting to make some sort of mason jar light fixture for a while now but couldn’t decide what to make. I took a look at the hideous chandelier in my dining room and knew I could transform it into something amazing. Because blue mason jars make everything amazing. So I made my very own mason jar chandelier.

Blue Mason Jar Chandelier - Complete


Here is my chandelier before.

Blue Mason Jar Chandelier - Before


UGH. If that doesn’t scream builder grade I don’t know what does. IT HAD TO GO. Three years of looking at this thing was enough for me.

Old chandelier for repurposing
Blue mason jars (with lids)
Metal snips
Gorilla Glue

First we unwired it and took it down. Actually, first we turned off the breaker. THEN we unwired it and took it down. With a few unscrews we were able to remove the glass part and we were left with the basic chandelier. After cleaning the dust off, it looked great. You’ll notice it is pretty filthy in the picture above.

To fit the mason jars over the lights, we used the “candle holders” on the chandelier as a guide and drilled holes in the lids.  Then we used metal snips to cut the hole bigger so it would fit over the “candle holder” on the chandelier. We used Gorilla Glue to attach the lids to the rings. Just a few small dots of this stuff will be plenty.

Before placing the lids onto the chandelier, we rewired the chandelier and hung it back up. To attach the lids, I slid the candle holder back into place and the lid rested on the base of the chandelier. I then screwed the lightbulbs in and screwed the jars onto the lids. I didn’t use any glue to attach the lids to the light fixture base and it seems to be holding ok. I didn’t want to use any glue since I will need to put the original chandelier back together when we move but if your fixture is going to be permanent, then go ahead and use some glue. I’m always trying to make my projects renter friendly.

Blue Mason Jar Chandelier - Steps


I so love my new chandelier!

Blue Mason Jar Chandelier - Detail Installed


Thanks, Here Comes the Sun!