Genius! DIY Pencil Dish Rack

What would you do with 30 pencil stubs and an extra cutting board? This DIYer made something truly unique.

By Project Re Blogspot | Updated Dec 2, 2014 12:44 PM

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DIY Dish Rack


When designer Samuel Bernier found himself with an excess of pencil stubs (don’t ask!), he was determined not to discard them, but to put them to use in something entirely new. Voila—his DIY dish rack. Genius.

So does Samuel actually use the clever dish rack he designed and built. Short answer: yes. “I used it for a year while I was in Canada,” he says. But he had to part with his creation after a transatlantic move to Paris. “My parents now have it,” adds Samuel.

We asked him how the pencils hold up to the moisture that a dish rack naturally invites. “Pretty good actually, since they are painted,” he says. “The cutting board absorbs the water a little bit more, but it dries fast.”

But where does he get his inspiration? “Most of the time, it just happens,” he says. “I either have something to repair or something I just need, and since I’m a maker… I make those things the way I like.”

Check out his DIY dish rack tutorial!

Wood cutting board
Pencils (more than 30)
Hand saw or band saw
Safety mask
 1/4 wood drill


DIY Dish Rack - Materials


You will need to start drawing a lot or find somebody who does. Any wooden pencil with an eraser at the end will do the job. If you are the type of person who chews the tip their pencils… this project might not be for you.


DIY Dish Rack - Cutting


Cut all the pencil tips to the same length. If you cut them too long, your plates wont fit and if you cut them too short be careful with your fingers. I suggest a length of six centimeters.  You can use manual saw or band saw and put a mask to prevent inhaling pencil and graphite dust.

Once you have enough pencils (more than 30), find a good support. I used a wooden cutting board because it is cheap, easy to drill and looks good.


DIY Dish Rack - Printing Holes


I printed a drilling template to make sure  every hole was equally distant. I used a size 1/4 wood drill for 1.5 cm deep holes. Depending on the thickness of your plates, the distance between each hole should be between 3 cm and 6 cm.


DIY Dish Rack - Adding Pencils


Depending on the pens you used, you might have to adjust the holes. You should be able to insert the pencils in the board manually. One little truck is to use a sharpener to cut the edge of the pencil tips. This will make the insertion way easier.

Samuel is no stranger to the art of upcycling. If you like this project, check out his hack of an IKEA Frosta stool or his website for even more great projects!