8 Clever Ways to Use Post-It Notes

Sure, they come in bright colors and are handy for jotting down reminders, but there's more to the Post-it than meets the eye. Learn how you can use this standard office staple to make organizing, cleaning, and crafting even easier.

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Create a Cable ID


Cable clutter behind the entertainment center or underneath your desk can get confusing. Easily identify cords by labeling a Post-it with the electronic device that a particular cord belongs to, and then wrapping the paper around the appropriate cord. To organize a grouping for a machine with multiple cords, such as the
TV or DVD player, wrap a larger-size Post-it around all the wires to keep them together, under control, and out of the way.

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Clean Your Keys

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The little spaces between computer keys are catchalls for debris and dust. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution for cleaning these hard-to-reach spots. Gently run the adhesive strip of a Post-it in between and around the keys to pick up any lingering crumbs or dirt hiding below the surface. 

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Party with a Piñata


Nothing gets a kids’ party started like the promise of candy! Piñatas are practically an event essential, but they can be a little pricey for something you’ll use only once. Instead of spending extra at the party store, make your own with a few packs of Post-it notes, a knife, an old cardboard box, and a glue gun. 

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Organize More Easily


When you need to label books or office supply containers, don’t waste your money on fancy, expensive labels. Cut the excess paper off a Post-it, leaving just the piece with the adhesive, and stick it on whatever you want to label. The best part? It’s easy to change it up if need be.

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Prevent Drill Dust


Why deal with drill dust when you can catch it before it falls? First, starting from the bottom, fold a Post-it in half to create a crease in the middle of the paper, then stick it underneath the hole to serve as a little ledge. The Post-it will catch the falling dust and save you the hassle of having to vacuum up the mess. 

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Count Down the Days


Plans can change quickly, and that’s what makes this completely customizable calendar brilliant. With some
blank wall space and a few colorful notes, you can map out your month in no time flat. Last-minute schedule change? Simply toss the old Post-it and stick up a new one with the correct info.

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Mark Your Art


Hanging pictures, mirrors, or pretty much anything that needs to be marked and leveled can be a pain, especially without a second set of eyes. Try this blogger’s trick, and use small Post-its as placeholders for where the nails need to go. No stress and no pencil marks on the wall—easy!

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Protect Your Valuables


Fooling thieves is simple when your valuables are hidden in plain sight. Theft happens all the time at the office, yet it’s easy to get comfortable and leave important personal belongings on your desk. For a top-secret solution, stash your little treasures in a hollowed-out Post-it pad.

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