Exterior Home Security

The Most Cunning Secret Hiding Spots We’ve Ever Seen

When it comes to hiding valuables in your home, you don't need a massive safe bolted to the floor in the bedroom—you just need to stay one step ahead of would-be thieves. All it takes is a little clever thinking. Read on for 11 wow-worthy stash spots and get some inspiration for updating your own around-the-home hiding place.

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Old Vacuum Cleaner


Stop by your neighborhood tag sales this weekend and chances are you’ll come across an old canister-style vacuum cleaner. Simply remove the bag inside and clean it up to create your hidden storage. Keep it in an untidy corner of the garage or closet, and you’ll further ensure thieves pass it by.

Bottle Rock


You’ve no doubt seen those fake rocks that hide a key outside your front door. The problem with those is, well, they always look fake. Instead, glue a rock using construction adhesive to the top of an empty pill bottle. Drop your key inside and replace the rock cap. Bury in the dirt so that only the rock shows.

Air Vent


You probably wouldn’t want to store anything in your actual air vents because it could interrupt air flow. Instead, consider installing a false air vent made to stash cash and other valuables. Thieves who need to be out of your house fast likely won’t take the time to unscrew them.

Electrical Outlet


Similar to an air vent, a false electrical outlets can fit small items like gemstones and cash. Just make sure you purchase a design that matches your other outlets and that you place it in a logical location. Also, when installing, cut only the wall where it is hollownot where there is a stud.

Bathroom Tile


If the tiles in your kitchen or bathroom measure at least 3″ by 3″, you can hide a small storage compartment behind it. Pull off one tile and cut a hole in the wall that’s slightly smaller than the tile. Then attach a small plastic bin to the back of the tile and replace. Use a suction cup to grab the tile when you need access.

Inside a Water Bottle


An innocent-looking plastic bottle can hold more than just water. Consider stocking your fridge with this one from Stun Security: With a sealed cap, you can fill it with actual water. But pull it apart, and a secret dry compartment behind the label is revealed, perfect for storing jewelry and other small items.

In a Clock


This generic wall clock from Street Wise both appears pretty thrifty and hides your cash. Lift the clock face to reveal a small storage area for cash, keys, USB storage devices, and other valuables. And so as to not draw suspicion, it actually works. Hang it high and raise your chances thieves will pass it by.

False Bottomed Drawer


Creating a false bottom in a dresser drawer is a quick and easy DIY project. Cut a piece of plywood to the right dimensions and glue wine corks, or something similarly sized, in the bottom corners of the drawer to support the false bottom. Keep the compartment shallow to make it less suspicious to an intruder.

Two-Faced Tubes


Repurpose a spent marker or a used-up lip balm into a sneaky hiding spot for cash or small notes. Carry it in your pocket or keep it on your desk – no one will ever think to check for valuables there.

Sliding Mirror


A wall niche is a design feature you can use to your covert advantage. You’d never guess that behind this trendy designer mirror is a secret compartment. Fitted with some drawer sliding hardware, it rolls away to reveal whatever you want to keep hidden.

Potted Plant


Hiding things in plain site is one of the best ways to beat a thief. This IKEA potted plant hack is a clever way to stash everyday valuables. All you need for this DIY is some dirt, a craft knife, a yogurt tub, and some hot glue. No one will guess what you’re hiding inside. Just remember not to water it!