20 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas That Won’t Go Out of Style Anytime Soon

Give your cooking space a makeover with an attractive new kitchen backsplash that will retain its appeal for years.
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Blue-and-white mosaic tile kitchen backsplash behind a sink and dark-blue cabinets

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A kitchen backsplash protects your walls from food splatters, grease, water, and everything everyday life throws at it. The backsplash also goes a long way toward defining the room’s style—so even if a kitchen renovation isn’t possible, simply replacing the backsplash can upgrade the look and feel of your cooking space.

That’s where these 20 beautiful kitchen backsplash ideas come in. Suiting a host of popular decor schemes, they’re all stylish yet classic, so they won’t make your kitchen look dated a few years from now. Keep reading to find the perfect backsplash inspiration for your kitchen.

1. Countertop Coordination

Black quartz countertop with white marbling and matching kitchen backsplash

For a sleek take on a backsplash upgrade, simply extend the stone of your kitchen countertops against the wall. This creates a seamless transition between the two surfaces that will draw even more attention to beautiful granite, quartz, or other stone used for the counters. The bonus? Breezy cleanups, since wiping down continuous stone means none of the grout lines that come with tile.

2. Island Teal

Stylish kitchen with teal tile backsplash, white and blue cabinets, and retro appliances

As far as tile kitchen backsplash ideas that add striking color to your space go, consider teal, a gorgeous blue-green shade that evokes the ocean, warmth, and relaxation. Teal teams beautifully with the painted cabinets here, but will also work nicely against white and even dark wood cabinets.  As to the shape, you simply can’t go wrong with timeless subway tiles!

3. Wooden Backsplash

Minimalist two-tone kitchen with a wooden backsplash that doubles as an accent wall

A wooden backsplash can bring great warmth to a kitchen, so it’s an especially good choice in a modern space that might otherwise read cold. True, wood does demand special care, but today’s luxury vinyl planks are a durable, waterproof, low-maintenance alternative that offer the look of the real thing. Match the backsplash to the flooring in your kitchen or consider a contrasting wood species for more unique appeal.

4. Mosaic Tile

Boho-style kitchen with rattan barstools, marble kitchen island, and a gray-and-white tile kitchen backsplash

Pretty kitchen backsplash designs can really elevate a kitchen, but keeping the pattern simple adds longevity to the look. Note how well the unfussy geometric tile here contrasts against blue cabinets, making a statement sure to garner attention. Folks hoping for an easier DIY project may want to consider a peel-and-stick backsplash with realistic-looking 3D images that mimic tile remarkably well.

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5. Black and White

Render of stylish black-and-white kitchen backsplash accenting a dark-gray wall and base cabinets

Have some fun with a dynamic and decorative kitchen backsplash tile while keeping it classic in black and white. The unique shapes in this backsplash draw the eye and add a distinctive punch to the cook space. Consider coordinating the colors with the countertops, cabinets, and wainscoting, as done here, or go bolder for more of a contrast.

6. Colorful Tile

Colorful orange, blue, and white kitchen backsplash accented by a light-green window and dark-blue cabinetry
Photo: Julia Chasman Design | Photographer: Bret Gum

Warm and welcoming, this patterned tile backsplash in coral and blue is chock full of good cheer. The coral floral motif is a bit muted, rather than overly bright, to pair nicely with the darker blue cabinets, creating a look that’s eclectic but not kooky. Those searching for kitchen backsplash ideas on a budget could pull off a similar look with a peel-and-stick backsplash.

7. Brick Backsplash

Butcher block countertops with an exposed brick backsplash, fresh herbs, and hanging mugs and utensils

As rustic kitchen backsplash ideas go, exposed brick is a natural choice. Basic yet beautiful, it looks especially appealing next to butcher block countertops and stainless steel appliances. If installing a brick backsplash isn’t in the cards, peruse peel-and-stick alternatives that conjure up the same effect.

8. Gradient Backsplash

Bright kitchen with a backsplash made of small white, tan, and light gray vertical tiles that extend up the range hood

Gradient tiles can turn your kitchen wall into a subtly stylish statement piece. Choosing tiles in lighter and darker shades of the same color family will create a background that almost blurs together for a fresh and distinctive appearance. To tweak tradition further, arrange rectangular tiles in a vertical, rather than horizontal pattern.

9. Green Tile

Natural wood cabinets in a kitchen with a green tile backsplash and stainless steel appliances
Photo: CW Design, LLC

A green tile backsplash evokes a feeling of health, freshness, and vitality—just the vibe you want in a kitchen. And of course, green works great with light, natural wood cabinetry. What gives this cook space unique style is the larger take on subway tiles, which perfectly complements the simple Shaker doors and drawer fronts.

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10. Mirrored Backsplash

Kitchen with white cabinets, white marble countertops, and mirror tile backsplash
Photo: CM Natural Designs | Photographer: Chipper Hatter

If modern kitchen backsplash ideas are on your mind, mirrored subway tile just might reflect your style perfectly. As a plus, those looking for small kitchen backsplash ideas will love how mirrors will make a space look larger. For a totally pulled-together vibe, put a mirrored backsplash with other modern elements, such as stainless steel appliances, white countertops and cabinets, and large glass light fixtures.

11. Black Subway Tile

Bright kitchen with white cabinets, white appliances, and a contrasting black tile backsplash

White kitchens are clean and classic—but to give such a space an undeniable edge, consider a bold black backsplash. These large-format subway tiles with bright white grout lend a modern look that can be paired with veined stone countertops for extra impact.

12. Ornate Stove Backsplash

Ornate custom silver-and-white backsplash panel installed behind a gas stove in a white kitchen

Tile may be a simple material, but used imaginatively it can truly create a piece of artwork behind your stove. Choose tiles in colors that coordinate with the rest of the backsplash and arrange them in a design or pattern that suits your taste. To complete the look, add white tiles around the perimeter as a frame.

13. Cream Subway Tile

Modern farmhouse-style kitchen with butcher block countertops, green and blue cabinetry, and a cream tile backsplash

Who says a country kitchen can’t have a sense of easy elegance? Simple cream-colored, square-shaped tiles look lovely with wood countertops and hardware, but this neutral hue coordinates well with a variety of materials and finishes. And while cream won’t close in a small kitchen the way dark colors can, it’s softer than bright white—easier on the eyes.

14. Natural Stone Backsplash

Modern kitchen with a light-gray flagstone backsplash and stainless steel gas stove

The irregular shape of stones and pebbles creates a rustic yet refined look for those considering indoor or outdoor kitchen backsplash ideas. While the unique shapes make for an eye-catching pattern, going with neutral gray or tan colors keep the feel timeless rather than trendy. Plus, these unobtrusive hues work with a variety of other colors and materials, helping to achieve a charming and cohesive finished product.

15. Space Age Silver

Shiny silver tile kitchen backsplash flanked by an eclectic Scandinavian dining room in winter

There’s no rule that a backsplash must stop at the base of your cabinets. To truly wow, choose slim silver tiles that run all the way up to the ceiling.  The effect is a backsplash that looks almost like a continuation of stainless steel appliances, and the reflective quality will make your cabinets and countertops really pop.

16. Geometric Tile

Minimalist kitchen with grayscale rhombile tile backsplash and gray cabinets
Photo: Remodel and photo by Sweeten

A backsplash made of parallelogram tiles in different grades of gray can bring a sense of depth to the wall. This visually arresting focal point certainly attracts attention, but the gentle color palette keeps it from overpowering the other elements in the kitchen. Note how the flooring planks are also installed in an interesting, impactful design.

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17. Checkerboard Backsplash

Mediterranean-style kitchen with textured olive paint and glazed checkerboard backsplash

Checkerboard patterns are timeless, so they make a great way to give a kitchen traditional appeal. Customize the two colors in the pattern to coordinate with the other design elements, such as the tones of stone countertops. Don’t have the time or budget for a ceramic tile project? DIYers can create a similar design using peel-and-stick tile.

18. Hexagon Tile

Colorful kitchen with bright blue cabinets, mint-and-gray hexagon tile backsplash, and natural accents

Just because you opt for boldly painted cabinets doesn’t mean your backsplash must be bland. Here, hexagon tiles in a mix of green and gray tones are a great foil for the beguiling blue. Plus, the wall tiles help tie in other natural elements, such as wood and the greenery from hanging plants.

19. The Eyes Have It

White kitchen with a blue-and-white stove backsplash tile mosaic depicting photorealistic eyes

If you’re looking for unique kitchen backsplash ideas that add a breathtaking focal point to a basic space, do something dramatic behind the range. Here, the sleek stainless stove and simple cabinet doors, free of any hardware, demand an eye-catching look—and they got it, with an arrangement of unusual tile. Just keep the statement to a small area and do the rest of the walls in a more subtle way.

20. White Square Tile

Bright Scandinavian-style kitchen with a white tile backsplash and light wood countertops, cabinets, and shelving
Photo: Remodel and photo by Sweeten

Not every kitchen backsplash has to be dramatic—especially if other elements are vying for the spotlight. White kitchen backsplash ideas abound, but these traditional square tiles are particularly tidy and timeless, plus they serve as an ideal counterpoint to the patterned flooring. The vibe is calm, clean, and welcoming to family, guests, and of course the cook!