DIY PVC Pipe Mirror

Crosscut PVC pipe comes together in a starburst mirror with a twist.

By Alicia from Thrifty & Chic | Updated Sep 16, 2020 7:18 PM

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DIY PVC Pipe Mirror

Who says PVC pipe can’t be really, really good-looking? Alicia from Thrifty & Chic makes a case for keeping PVC pipe on hand as an essential DIY material. Using crosscut PVC pipe and a whole lot of glue, she made this fresh take on the classic starburst mirror. After using PVC pipe for various household projects, Alicia realized she had a lot leftover for a new project. That’s when she got out her trusty saw and got to work. She mentions (and we will too!) that her way might not be the safest way to go about this project—but it certainly worked for her. Make sure to take appropriate safety precautions and always wear the right safety gear when operating a saw. Safety first and ingenious mirror ideas second.


PVC pipe
miter saw
hot glue gun and glue sticks
spray paint (optional)
safety glasses


You can spray paint your pipe whatever color you wish before you cut it.


I took the pipe, marked every 1/2 inch, and sent it through my miter saw. In order to get the best cut and not have it ping and then shoot out flying across the room, it is best to go at a slow downward speed. Just trust me on this one.

FYI: If you choose to use a miter saw, let it cool down a couple of times between cuts. It will thank you. Or if you don’t have a miter saw, and have a lot of time on your hands, you can cut these with a hack saw or even with pvc pipe cutters.


Now that you have all your cut pieces, lay them out into whatever desirable decor piece you would like.

Cut PVC pipe for DIY PVC mirror


Once you have this all laid out, start hot gluing them together. I started from the outside in. It just made more sense to do it that way. And as I was gluing, I made sure that pieces that had ink or marks on them were hidden beneath the glue so they wouldn’t be so obvious when I was finished with the piece—and mainly because, I was lazy and didn’t spraypaint or paint the pipe before hand to hide said marks.


Next, I took a mirror that I found at the craft store and glued that baby on also.

Hot Glue PVC Pipe Mirror


Once all was said and done….and dried. I had to clean off the hanging plastic that was left from the cutting and all the little shards of plastic that not-so-mysteriously appeared (as you can see above).

Finished PVC Pipe Mirror

Thanks for sharing, Alicia! To see even more of her inventive DIY projects, or to take a tour of her house, visit Thrifty & Chic!