Weekend Projects: 5 Ways to Make Your Own Rug

In just a weekend, you can make one of these creative, one-of-a-kind floor coverings to add warmth and style to your decor.

By Jennifer Noonan | Updated Aug 10, 2018 11:07 AM

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When laid over floors or mounted on walls, area rugs imbue living spaces with warmth, style, and comfort. If you’re struggling to find a rug that perfectly suits the challenging color scheme you’ve chosen—or if your budget leaves little room for such nonessential decorative accents—don’t be discouraged! The fact is, you have virtually limitless options, bounded only by the margins of your creative thinking. In just a weekend, you can weave, paint, recycle, or knit your way to a DIY rug, be it solid-colored or geometrically patterned, compact or generously sized. Scroll down to see five favorite DIY rug projects to inspire yours!



DIY Rug - Painted

Photo: brassyapple.com

Use paint to transform a plain-Jane piece into something noteworthy: a custom-designed DIY rug. Simply apply painter’s tape to mark off the borders, then coat on your chosen colors with a paint roller. Although you can achieve elaborate designs, easy-to-do stripes make a striking, hard-to-forget visual impression.



DIY Rug - Cut Out

Photo: jessicahische.is

For this DIY rug, you start with a set of bound-together carpet tiles (use either a single color or a robust mix of your favorites). Then, working with a precision-cutting utility knife, proceed to slice away portions of the carpeting until you are left with a design that tickles your fancy. Angular or curvilinear? It’s all up to you.



DIY Rug - Seamed Samples

Photo: peppermags.blogspot.com

Here’s an ingenious DIY rug idea that you can realize for $20 or less. You know those carpet samples available at retail stores, either for free or a few bucks apiece? Bring home about a dozen, then use hot glue and carpet-seaming tape to bind them together. Guests are destined to be wowed by your DIY rug’s creation story!



DIY Rug - Tablecloth

Photo: dreambookdesign.com

You won’t believe how quickly a tablecloth converts into a DIY rug! The process involves only two steps: Apply polyurethane to the top and then use spray adhesive to attach a rug pad on the bottom. That’s how effortlessly you can make a bold decor statement with a modest investment of time and money.



DIY Rug - Lit

Photo: imudesign.org

Dust off your sewing skills to create a luminous DIY rug that will make any room glow from the ground up. Here, LED rope lights are patiently crocheted into a circle of thick yarn. For your efforts, you will be rewarded with a one-of-a-kind floor covering that your envious visitors will wish they could buy from a store.