Embroidery Hoop Pendant Light

This stunning light fixture may look like it comes from a high-end store, but it's actually an attainable DIY project, brought to you by this thrifty blogger.

By Megan Stein | Updated Jun 1, 2016 3:03 PM

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diy pendant light - open

Photo: designertrapped.com

When a showstopping West Elm light fixture caught her eye, Tasha from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body knew she had to have it in her own home. The steep price tag, however, deterred her from purchasing the pendant of her dreams. After a little consideration, and a lot of DIY magic, Tasha crafted her own version using a few thrifty (and inexpensive) materials.

diy pendant light - mid

Photo: designertrapped.com

Tasha began her project by gluing together two stacks of three floral rings, and staining them the color of her choice. After that, she removed the inner hoops from the outer hoops of four embroidery hoops, and cut each in half with a handsaw to form 16 total pieces. She stained the hoops to match the floral rings, and then used a nail gun to attach each hoop piece to the floral rings. Tasha finished by assembling the light kit within the frame and hanging her masterpiece in her family room.

diy pendany light - close

Photo: designertrapped.com

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