10 Furniture Pieces That Have a Special Space for Your Pet

Furniture used to be strictly for people, and pets were relegated to the floor. Not anymore! These days, our furry and fluffy friends have earned their place at the table—or nightstand, chair, or desk.
special cat furniture oak table with cat


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With its gabled roof, barn-red shingles, and classic arched doorway, Snoopy’s house is arguably the world’s most recognizable dog dwelling. Of course, it’s also famous as a Sopwith Camel fighter plane, searing the skies in hot pursuit of the Red Baron, and for its award-winning, over-the-top display of Christmas lights. Even in its most humble iteration, however, this little abode has been home to copious improbable items, including a pool table, a ping pong table, a rec room, a guest room, a Van Gogh painting, a spa tub, and a stained glass window. In other words, Snoopy’s doghouse is more well-appointed than many human homes!

Want to give your pet’s digs—and your own interior—a little refresh? We can’t help you squeeze a cedar closet, grandfather clock, basketball hoop, or servant’s entrance into an existing doghouse like Snoopy’s, but we can offer these nifty, offbeat furnishings that recognize your pet’s equal standing as a family member.

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Dining Table with Cat Perch

Dinos special pet furniture dining table with cat perch

Cats aren’t exactly known for their subtlety. Although some prefer solitude and staying out of the household hubbub, they can’t ignore their infamous curiosity. When something exciting is happening, kitties have a knack for leaping right into the fray—and that goes double when food is involved.

Indulge your feline friend’s attention-seeking streak with this dining table. A perch underneath its surface is perfectly cat-sized, and directly above is a cutout circle enabling your cat to literally stick his nose right into your business.

Get the Cat Friendly Dining Table at Dinos for $1,298.83

Bowhaus Circular Dog Crate

Bowhaus special pet furnutre circular dog crate

Who decided that dog crates—or all tables and cabinets, for that matter—have to be boxy? Sure, square corners and straight angles align snugly into the corners of a rectangular room, but where’s the fun in that?

The Bowhaus, a stylish circular crate-slash-side-table made of strong, lightweight fiberglass, boasts a sliding door and an attractive starburst design. The streamlined curves and comfortable round cushion make the interior as appealing to your dog as the exterior is to your family and guests—who will likely be surprised to see your pup popping out of his unusual pad!

Get the Bowhaus Dog Crate at DenHaus for $549.99

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TV Stand Kitty Townhouse

Yanko Design special pet furniture TV Stand Kitty Townhouse`

Cats love to hide behind things, stand on top of things, and cozy up to warm things. They can achieve all three objectives with this totally tube-ular TV stand, which takes a space that’s often wasted and turns it into a modern kitty hideaway.

Unfortunately, this piece is still in the concept stage, but consider it an inspiration to DIY something similar.

Elephant Stool with Hiding Spot

Amazon special pet furniture elephant stool with hiding spot

You’ve heard of the Trojan horse, but a Trojan…elephant? This whimsical footstool would be perfect for an animal-themed nursery or a budding zoologist’s bedroom. Kitty can sequester herself inside the elephant to stay close to her humans, yet stay unobtrusive.

Get the Critter Sitters Baby Elephant Faux Leather Footstool Cat House at Amazon for $89.00

P.S. There’s also a pig version!

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“Sharing Joy” Chair and Cat Bed


This conceptual chair named “Sharing Joy” offers your cat a snug nook for snoozing that also oozes charm and comfort for a sitting human. Perhaps one day this sleek, chic seat will be manufactured for sale, but in the meantime, why not try your hand at making a DIY cat hammock for your purring partner in crime? It’s easier than you might imagine, and if you upcycle materials from around the house (think old t-shirts, carpet remnants, or a bath towel) it can be eco-friendly and inexpensive, too!

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Litter Box Enclosure

Amazon special pet furniture litter box enclosure

The litter box enclosure that doubles as a side table, nightstand, or bench has been around for a while, but most pet parents sacrifice style when choosing a litter box. Not so with this mid-century modern number from Staart, which lends streamlined sophistication to most any room, despite its, er, humble contents.

Get the Staart Mid-century Modern Side Table Cat Litter Box Cover at Amazon for $125.37

The Dog House Sofa

special pet furniture the dog house sofa by seungji mun

“Together but separate” is the philosophy of this darling loveseat, which is designed to provide both person and pet with companionship and comfort, while also offering just enough elbow- and breathing-room.

The cave-like canine section is relatively small, so owners of big dogs might want to invest in something roomier, like a sofa with a chaise section, and simply place an ordinary dog bed or cushion on top. But it makes the purrfect place for a cat.

Get a Furhaven pillow-top dog bed on Amazon for $63.99 

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Entertainment Center Cat Condo

CatLife special pet furniture entertainment center cat condo

The best solution for people who are constantly trying to keep their kitties from climbing all over the entertainment center (which is probably everyone who has a cat and an entertainment center)? Let them climb on the entertainment center. Everyone wins!

Get the Cuzco Entertainment Center at CatLife for $1,038.58 

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Cat Labyrinth Bed

Cat Life special pet furniture cat labyrinth bed

Do you sometimes feel like you get too much high-quality, restful, restorative sleep? Ever awoken in the morning and said to yourself or your spouse: “Gee, if only my slumber were interrupted more frequently to prevent me from falling into that pesky REM stage.”

Well. Have we got a bed for you!

You cats will have an absolute ball in this tunnel-bottomed bed, or you could DIY one using your existing bed frame. Of course, you could always block off the entrance before lights out, but if you’re willing to sacrifice your 40 winks for your feline’s whims, who are we to judge? Not everyone needs to maximize their underbed area for its storage potential.

Get the Cama Gatrimonial Tunnel-Base Bed Frame from CatLife starting at $539.44

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Pet Bunk Bed

Wayfair special pet furniture pet bunk bed

If you’re not ready for furry furnishings, start with raising your pet up to your level. Much like a sidecar crib works to keep a baby safe and nearby, this add-on bed option is a sleeping space for “fur babies.” Features like steps for accessibility, safety rails, and a lower and upper sleeping area are bonuses, but we’re betting that from the pet’s POV, it’s the illicit thrill of sleeping on their humans’ bed that’s most appealing.

Get the Bunn Bed Sider 2 Step Pet Stair at Wayfair for $379.99

Prices are accurate as of publication date Jan. 21, 2023.