5 Things to Do with… Hardware Cloth

By Chris Gardner | Updated May 31, 2021 9:45 AM

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Hardware cloth is a small, sturdy mesh product sold in rolls at your local hardware store or home center. Made from metal or plastic, hardware cloth cuts easily and can be used for all kinds of DIY projects around the house. Here are five ideas to get you inspired.

Hardware Cloth DIY - Planter

Photo: The Hunted Interior

1. Build a Planter

With hardware cloth to provide support for the soil and provide drainage, you can turn any number of unlikely containers into planters. I love this cinderblock planter (and table) project by Kristin from The Hunted Interior.

Hardware Cloth DIY - Chicken Coop

Photo: nwedible.com

2. Cover a Chicken Coop

Compared to chicken wire, hardware cloth is actually better for enclosing chicken coops, as it is more rigid and features a tighter weave that provides better protection against predators. Take a tour of Erica’s contemporary hardware-cloth-skinned coop at NWEdible.

Hardware Cloth DIY - Jewelry Organizer

Photo: JulieAnnArt.com

3. Organize Your Jewelry

Julie Ann created this easy DIY jewelry organizer from a section of hardware cloth and an old picture frame. Whip one up in an afternoon, keeping your jewelry accessible and tangle-free for years.

Hardware Cloth DIY - Basket

Photo: deannario.com

4. Make a Basket

Hardware cloth can be easily bent or rolled to make inexpensive, rustic baskets for incoming mail, old magazines, or any other household items with a tendency to pile up. For all the simple steps involved, don’t miss Deanna’s how-to.

Photo: YoungHouseLove.com

5. Light Up the Room

This laundry room-theme pendant light uses clothespins attached to a hardware cloth “frame.” You could expand the idea to use decorative paper, fabric, and all sorts of other fun materials in creating your own shade.