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Hart Tools: Is Walmart’s New Tool Line a Game Changer?

Ever wonder about the quality and performance of Walmart’s tools? We tested their core brand to find out for ourselves.
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A large lineup of Hart Tools together on a workbench before testing.
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

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Walmart has always sold a variety of household tools, but its launch of Hart Tools in 2019 officially put it in competition with the flagship brands of other big-box stores. Now, consumers will have to weigh their options between this up-and-coming brand and those of other big-name stores, such as Lowe’s Kobalt tools and the Ryobi line from The Home Depot. So the question remains: How does Hart stack up?

Hart Tools is gaining momentum with DIYers, so the brand has naturally drawn our attention. At, one of our primary goals is to know the pros and cons of all the top tool brands so that we can reliably advise our readers as they shop for tools for their projects.

With that in mind, I conducted comprehensive testing on over a dozen Hart tools and accessories in my home, workshop, and on the jobsite. Find out how Hart tools performed in real-world testing and whether they deserve a spot in your tool box.

Hart Tools: At a Glance

Rating: 8.75/10

A person using a Hart Tools drill/driver kit to remove a lug nut from metal siding.
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila


  • Available retailers: Exclusive to Walmart
  • Product line overview: Power tools, hand tools, household appliances, lawn and garden tools, accessories
  • Manufacturer: Techtronic Industries (TTI)
  • Trademark design: Blue, white, and black color scheme


  • Product range includes power and hand tools, as well as lawn and garden and storage options
  • Battery-powered picks are typically much quieter to operate than gas-powered models
  • Cost-effective alternatives to better-known tool brands


  • Some battery-operated tools and devices do not come with batteries and chargers
  • Hart rechargeable batteries are not interchangeable with batteries of other brands

Get Hart Tools exclusively at Walmart.

A person using the Hart Tools 4V rechargeable scrubber to clean tile.
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

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The Hart 40V chainsaw on a pile of cut logs during testing.
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

What are Hart Tools?

Hart Tools are manufactured by Techtronic Industries (TTI) exclusively for Walmart and are available in Walmart stores and online at Since the tools are made in various locations, the country of origin is indicated on each device.

Hart power tools predominantly operate on cordless, interchangeable lithium-ion batteries within the same voltage range. For example, Hart 20-volt (V) batteries fit all Hart 20V devices, and the same applies to their 40V and 60V batteries. However, it’s important to note that these batteries are not cross compatible with other tool brands.

Beyond hand and power tools, the Hart lineup extends to lawn and garden equipment, including 40V leaf blowers, string trimmers, and even self-propelled lawn mowers. Additionally, Hart offers diverse storage solutions for organizing and toting tools and accessories.

A person using the Hart cordless stick vacuum to get dust and dirt from the corner of a work area.
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

Delving Into Design—Hart Tools’ Ergonomics

Even the most powerful tools can risk being pushed to the back of the tool box if they are uncomfortable or inconvenient to operate. Tool manufacturers have made great strides in designing their devices for performance, comfort, safety, and user-friendliness, and Hart is no exception; I was pleasantly surprised by some of Hart Tools’ ergonomic features.

  • The Hart Tools Stack System Toolbox is designed with user convenience in mind. It comes with three interlocking modular boxes that are easy to attach and remove from the rolling base. I especially like the metal telescopic handle and large 7-inch wheels that let me tip and easily pull the stacked boxes over concrete, gravel, and grass without struggling. For many DIYers, this stacking unit should provide all the storage they need to stow and tote project tools.
  • I was impressed with the user-friendly design of the Hart Stubby Ratcheting Screwdriver, which comes with six bits stored in a removable base. At just 7.5 inches long, it’s not going to help reach into deep spaces to insert fasteners, but it’s well suited for tasks like removing switch and outlet plates and tightening screws on furniture. The padded grip allowed me to get a firm, comfortable grasp. Ratcheting screwdrivers are a huge improvement over manual models, and this option from Hart is a perfect example.
  • Hart’s 4V Rechargeable Scrubber was another standout, making quick work of cleaning stubborn shower tile grout. The power button is intuitively located on the front of the nonslip handle. I found I could easily turn the tool on and off without having to use my other hand. Hart made it even more user-friendly by incorporating a USB port for charging the internal battery.
The Hart Tools mechanics tool set on a car's engine with its lid open and a person holding one of the included wrenches.
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

Performance and Power Particulars

Certain power tools require a high level of power output in order to be effective. In the early years, pros often dismissed battery-powered tools’ lackluster performance. Modern advances in lithium-ion technology make battery operation viable for even high-power tools, and a couple of Hart Tools met and exceeded my power expectations.

  • I put the Hart 40V 14-Inch Chainsaw to the test by cutting firewood that I typically cut with a gas-powered Husqvarna Rancher. While the Hart chainsaw’s shorter cutting bar is not suited for felling large trees, it cut through 8- to 10-inch logs without hesitation. That was impressive on its own, but what surprised me most was how much quieter it was than my gas-powered hog. It’s an excellent choice for those who need to cut firewood and trim sizable branches.
  • Demolition requires tools that provide enough power to cut through rafters, studs, wallboards, and the fasteners that secure them. I tested the Hart 20V Cordless Reciprocating Saw on wood and metal, and it held its own admirably. The saw came with a high-capacity 4.0 amp-hour (Ah) battery that offered ample cutting power for demo work.
A person holding the telescoping handle of the Hart Tools stack system tool box while wheeling it through a workroom.
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

Hart Tools for Household Uses

Cordless power is not limited to high-capacity tools for professionals; it’s also highly beneficial for household applications such as vacuums, scrubbers, and small screwdrivers. Having battery-powered devices at home offers convenience and quick access for minor repairs or cleaning tasks. Plus, it eliminates the hassle of cords.

Hart Tools offers several products suitable for household use, and I was delighted with the performance of their 20V Cordless Stick Vacuum Kit. Being the owner of several furry canines, I know that removing fur from carpets, floors, and furniture is a constant chore. I recently tested some of the best cordless vacuums for pet hair, so I had a good idea of what the top models could accomplish.

The Hart cordless stick vacuum is not explicitly advertised as a pet-fur vacuum, but it was able to easily dislodge fur embedded in a nylon carpet. It came with a hanging rack and accessories that allow you to convert it into a handheld vacuum for cleaning in corners. I paired the vacuum with a high-capacity 4.0Ah battery (sold separately), which provided ample suction power.

A person using the Hart cordless reciprocating saw to cut a wooden support beam.
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

Comparing Costs Across Brands

For budget-minded consumers, the importance of affordable tool options cannot be overstated. As long as the power tools and other equipment in question deliver a high level of performance, a reasonable price is a tremendous advantage. Hart offers tools and accessories at more affordable prices than many other manufacturers, offering cost-effective choices without compromising functionality.

I was impressed by the power and performance of Hart’s 20V Cordless Drill/Driver Kit, which sells for just under $100 and comes with a 1.5Ah battery and charger. The kit is similar to Ryobi’s 18V Drill/Driver Kit, which sells for about $40 more. That balance of value and performance is why the Hart drill kit is featured in our lineup of the best cheap tools.

Hart Tools also makes options for the mechanic in the house. I tried out their 90-piece Mechanics Tool Set when working on my truck, and I found it to be of good quality. It sells for about $50, while a similar set I own, the Neiko Mechanics Set, has fewer pieces and sells for nearly $200. I only used the tools briefly, but I didn’t notice a big difference in quality between the two sets.

The Hart Tools cordless LED light on a work table and shining on a cement wall.
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

Is the Hart Tools brand right for you?

Ultimately, the decision to purchase Hart Tools’ offerings depends on your budget and project needs. Hart Tools is a commendable choice for budget-conscious consumers, homeowners, and DIY enthusiasts seeking cost-effective, reliable tools for various tasks. The brand offers cordless power tools for convenience, and in hands-on tests, its products performed well, making them a good option for making home repairs and general maintenance.

However, professional contractors may find Hart’s offerings lacking the durability and specialization required for heavy-duty use.

It’s worth noting that the manufacturer of Hart Tools, TTI, also makes Milwaukee and Ryobi tools, along with a few other brands. That doesn’t suggest the quality of a Milwaukee pick will be found in a Hart tool, but it doesn’t exclude the possibility, either. If you’re interested in Hart Tools, I suggest purchasing a few you’re interested in and trying them out—the brand exceeded my expectations in several tests.

Where to Buy Hart Tools

Several Hart Tools products hanging from a Hart Tools mountable storage system.
Photo: Glenda Taylor for Bob Vila

Get Hart Tools exclusively from Walmart.

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